SoJ Episode 7 Chapter 122

Episode 7: Tidal Wave of Monsters / Chapter 122: Alien Troops from Earth (7)

TL: emptycube / ED: Hungry Panda


The smell of burnt corpses wafted in the air. When the blue flames blazed in the air by themselves, they emitted this disgusting stench.

Looking from the center of Dark City, there was a blue horizon. The hellhounds endlessly ate the city and spurted blue flames. Their front lines kept getting pushed back, and the city burned from its borders.

“Didn’t they say that the supercluster towards the middle has already pushed back the invasion? But why are the reinforcements coming?”

“I heard they were planning on a counterattack…”

“Those crazy! When everyone here is about to die?! Shouldn’t they think about counter attacks or whatever after they push them back?”

“If you say it like that, then what city isn’t being invaded? Stop complaining. You probably don’t know because you’re from Dark City, but this is happening in other places too! Don’t you even know how much preferential treatment Dark City has received until now?”

“What are you talking about? Why are you bringing this up now?”

“Hey. Hey, stop it. Don’t exhaust your energy and focus on recovering your karma.”

The region at the back was like a gigantic hospital. When walking down the streets, from heavily wounded people to those who had exhausted their karma, all sorts of people were taking a break and receiving treatment here. Perhaps it was because of the bad progression of the war, but the mood was disjointed and verbal disputes broke out here and there.

“They say the Steel Battleship took heavy losses this time.”

“So, a highest-ranked monster is still a highest-ranked monster even if it is restrained?”

“Looks like it. Because of it, the front lines retreated a ton again.”

“Apparently, the Great Warrior of the Steel Battleship Kanon died in battle this time.”

“Kanon did? Wasn’t he the pride of the Rondo planet? He became a great warrior of the Steel Battleship while being from a tribe on the outskirts…”

“That’s what I’m saying… Not only that, apparently, a lot were wounded as well.”

“The Steel Battleship… This… Will we lose?”

“Hey! Don’t say such ominous words!”


Choi Hyuk walked down the street by himself.

‘Steel Battleship… It’s been a long time.’

During this time, team 17 of the 3rd garrison had already gone on multiple missions. Although Choi Hyuk looked forward to a fight against a highest-ranked monster every time, perhaps it was due to the previous incident, but they were only sent to places far away from the highest-ranked monsters and he didn’t get the opportunity to.

Lankin looked at Choi Hyuk, who seemed somewhat impatient, and continuously warned him by saying, ‘Don’t think such useless thoughts. Enduring is winning. The position of earthlings is already low, but if you act out, people aren’t going to look favorably upon it.’

Of course, Choi Hyuk paid him no heed.


As soon as he entered the treatment center, he could feel a refreshing karma. The lobby was filled with warriors of the Steel Battleship, who were taking a break.

“A single defeat is only a single defeat! What’s our motto?!”

“The more we’re tempered, the stronger we get!”

“Fight! Fight! Kill! Kill! While you gradually increase in numbers, we’ll gradually become stronger! If you can’t kill us! We’ll kill you!”

“Fight! Fight! Ooohhh~ Battleship of steel!”

They even started energetically singing a military song. As elite fighters of the alliance, despite facing a loss, their fighting spirit was overflowing.

Someone among them stopped Choi Hyuk, who tried to go up to the upper floor.

“Hey, who are you? You can’t go there.”

It was an alien with enormous antlers. He was a member of a tribe known as the Large Horned Tribe. It was a tribe he had met a few times during missions. The one blocking Choi Hyuk’s path possessed deer antlers like those on Keushisuit but the antlers were much larger. Looking at how he seemed to be a middle-ranked warrior, it seemed he was a hero of the Large Horned Tribe.

Choi Hyuk blankly stared at him and said,

“Move. I came to visit someone.”

“Hey, this place has been assigned exclusively for the Steel Battleship. Isn’t it the basics to reveal your affiliation if you want to go in?”

“Choi Hyuk, overseer of Earth, affiliated with the Virgo Cluster.”

“Virgo Cluster? You’re from the same place as me? There’s a place called Earth there?”

Asked the alien, tilting his head.

“Hey, hey, don’t you know? The planet that newly joined the alliance this time! That’s Earth! That guy was on air and is famous.”

“Ah, really? Well, I didn’t know since I was busy with missions.”

He stared down at Choi Hyuk.

“Go up!”

After saying that, he returned to his group and began singing again.

Although he didn’t know if they were like this because they were elites, their attitudes were always overbearing and provocative.

Choi Hyuk sighed and went up to the upper floor.


Commander Mack wasn’t as injured as he expected.

“I’d be sorry if I was heavily injured when Warrior Leader Kanon put his life on the line and protected our retreat,” she said as she swept her hair up. Although her voice sounded calm, a dangerous energy was emitted and swayed from her golden horns. It seemed she was extremely angry.

“Truly… This is what war is. You never know who will die. No matter how many times I experience this, I can’t get used to it.”

She shook her head.

“Don’t die easily.”

Thud. Her fist hit Choi Hyuk’s chest.

“Understood. That’s why could you dispatch me somewhere else?”

Mack, who had been emotional, burst into laughter when she heard Choi Hyuk’s words.

“Puahaha! And here I thought this was a hospital visit! Of course, it wasn’t, no way the heartless Overseer Choi Hyuk would do that. Puhah! But you came to the wrong house. I don’t have any power. Just where do you want to go?”

“The Steel Battleship. I bet there are a lot of vacancies as well.”

“… What are you saying? I just told you not to die easily, yet why do you want to come to the Steel Battleship? Are you crazy?”

Mack gave a hearty laugh. Then she said in a serious voice,

“Although it’s not like I don’t know that you like to fight, but don’t show your hot-bloodedness this time, and even if that monster comes near you, run immediately. You only have one life.”

Then, after staying silent for a moment, she covered her eyes with her palms and said,

“It has become stronger. Maybe it’s because it’s a new type, but it was a bit clumsy at first then it gradually became more skilled. As expected of a monster that was created with us as a reference. It adjusts and grows stronger. Because of that, an error appeared in our tactic… Kanon dying is really… Either way, be careful. Currently, it’s not a big exaggeration to say that the fate of the earthlings hangs on you. You have to live for the earthlings to grow stronger. And even increase your position within the alliance.”


Choi Hyuk called Mack. Choi Hyuk unleashed his karma so that Mack could see every nook and cranny.

“I told you you can- Huh?”

Mack, who had been shaking her head, felt Choi Hyuk’s karma. Then she perceived the ‘change’ within it. A trace of karma that a middle-ranked warrior could never have. When using a drawing as an example, it was ‘incomplete’ with only a few lines drawn, but it was a karma that gave her a terrifying feeling with just that.

Choi Hyuk said,

“Commander, I’m not fighting to protect someone.”

Mack couldn’t reply. Only, she thought that even Choi Hyuk himself might be included in that ‘someone’.



Commander Mack reported Choi Hyuk’s request to her superior.

Not long after, Choi Hyuk separated from the expedition from Dragonic and was dispatched to the Steel Battleship. He was even sent under the premise of the successor of the Great Warrior Kanon.

Although he was still a middle-ranked warrior, he had realized the level of the high-rank warriors. Also, he possessed a universal treasure, a Sword of Vow. These two points were the secret to his lightning quick promotion.

Of course, this didn’t mean Dark City placed high expectations on him either. He was only being used because he could be the slightest bit of help in the fight against the highest-ranked monsters.

“Middle-ranked warrior. Listen well. Your aim is to keep Narci in check. Don’t do anything beyond your capabilities.”

The name of the highest-ranked monster the Steel Battleship was facing was Narci. The one in charge of Choi Hyuk was the Great Warrior Karik of the Giant Orcs. He remembered Choi Hyuk.

“Normally, this isn’t a fight that a middle-ranked warrior can join even if you’ve taken a glimpse of the next stage. Be careful on your own. Stay put until you receive orders. Okay? Don’t die in vain after finally getting rid of your Consumables fate and reaching here.”

While repeatedly telling him, Karik patted Choi Hyuk’s shoulder.


Then Choi Hyuk didn’t overexert himself and fought following orders. He would stay hiding in the back until he received orders, then he would slash from afar. Since they fought so carefully, it wasn’t very dangerous, and there wasn’t any way to contribute enough for it to become dangerous.

“Huh? Who’s that?”

“Ah, you know. The middle-ranked warrior who made a Sword of Vow. He joined the fights in the past few days and helped us. You didn’t know? He’s sort of like Kanon’s successor?”

“The hell, what Kanon’s successor? I didn’t even know he was here.”

“That’s because he’s still a middle-ranked warrior. There’s nothing that can be done. It’s already amazing he’s able to endure being so close to our fight and not being squashed by karma.”

“Well, that’s that. We’re going to retreat for a while again, right?”

“Yeah. The Steel Battleship has accumulated damages, and we also exhausted our karma…”

The great warriors of the Steel Battleship didn’t pay much attention to Choi Hyuk either.


Then their fourth clash against the monster began.

This was the fourth battle since Choi Hyuk had joined the Steel Battleship.

This fight was different from previous fights right from the start.

Until now, they had retreated their front lines to drag out the fight so that they could preserve their power. However, this time, the highest-ranked monster Narci was the first to push its way through to a location they couldn’t back away from.

“Why? Just why? Why is it forcing its way towards here while receiving attacks?!”

The method of leading Narci to a specific direction had been simple up until now. In the direction it wasn’t supposed to go, they concentrated enough power to make it unable to bear the damages and threw tasty bait (someone’s sacrifice) in the direction it was allowed to go. Although they would definitely suffer losses, it was a tactic that allowed them to avoid decisive losses.

However, at this moment, it was receiving concentrated fire on its body, ignoring the easily destroyable targets in front of it, and making its way towards Dark City’s strategic point, ‘the Dark Ocean’. It was the very same location Choi Hyuk had created his Sword of Vow in the past.

Narci naively pushed its way through as it said.

<<Why aren’t you letting me go this way? Is there something over here?>>

As expected of a monster that was created in imitation of karmalings, it knew how to think and also possessed a sense of curiosity. Its movement patterns were completely different from previous monsters. It was much more difficult to control than previous monsters.


The highest-ranked monster Narci possessed enormous freezing wings on its back. Due to its swaying blue wings, even the space around them froze and broke apart. Anything that touched these terrifying freezing wings would freeze, and it would spread everywhere. Warriors said that its wings were similar to the flame wings the Flame Wing Tribe would release during a fight. Only, their properties completely conflicted with each other. Its freezing wings were unbelievably compatible with the blue flames the hellhounds emitted.


A scarlet flame wing sprouted from the Giant Orc Karik’s back. Expected of a giant orc serving the Flame Wing Tribe, he could use their flame wings. Though it wasn’t a complete pair with only a lone wing on his left shoulder.

However, although it wasn’t complete, it was a higher-level flame than the ‘Flaming Wing Dance’ Choi Hyuk used. The intense flames from Karik’s flame wing and its feathers obstructed Narci’s freezing wings. Even though it fluttered as though it would die out, Karik’s flame somehow managed to block the freezing wing’s advance. It didn’t touch Choi Hyuk at least.

“Be careful. It’s different from before. Don’t take even a step over my flames.”

The Giant Orc Karik warned Choi Hyuk.

{The monster is engaging in combat! We won’t avoid! Our goal is to make it back down! We can’t give it the Dark Ocean!}

The vice-captain of the Steel Battleship shouted resolutely. As the captain, who was the other highest-ranked warrior, was fighting another highest-ranked monster by himself elsewhere, the vice-captain was the one in command of the Steel Battleship.

The Dark Ocean could be said to be the entirety of Dark City’s worth. The Steel Battleship decided to defend it.


The monster’s freezing wings spread continuously. It froze space as well as the dark matter, which Dark City was composed of. Space and the parts of the city that had frozen at last shattered and fell, and these freezing shattered pieces froze even more of the city once they fell to the ground. Would it look like this if the sky collapsed? Would the world’s extinction look like this? Those who lived near the Dark Ocean all screamed in confusion as they died. The highest-ranked monster Narci advanced, strolling with five hellhounds.


The Steel Battleship emitted a noise as it blazed up. It covered Narci and the hellhounds with a strange symbol. It was a karma technique that restrained the highest-ranked monster’s abilities.

Then the high-ranked warriors’ simultaneous attacks began.


Sound disappeared this time as well.

It was a clash between Narci and the Steel Battleship that had completely suppressed Choi Hyuk last time.

However, this time, Choi Hyuk wasn’t suppressed. He observed their clash more clearly from a closer distance.

A world frozen white by Narci’s freezing wings was nullified as it was ripped and torn apart by the high-ranked warriors’ attacks.

{Push! Karik! We’ll fire the Steel Battleship’s main armament so smash its heart. Choi Hyuk, move behind the Steel Battleship!}

As soon as the vice-captain’s orders were sent, Karik, who had been protecting Choi Hyuk, spread his wings and shot forward.


At the same time, white flames poured out from the Steel Battleship, which had been blazing white. Its main armament was created after researching the powerful breaths of the ancient dragon race. Its flames remained in Karik’s sword. As highest-ranked monsters could just avoid the flames shot by the main armament, Karik, who was good at handling flames, directly contained the flames in his sword.


Narci, that had continued to advance while overexerting itself, screamed as it was hit by Karik’s lightning fast attack.

<<It hurts!>>

However, it soon swung at Karik as though the attack wasn’t effective. Karik barely managed to avoid its attack, but his right shoulder was ripped off. Karik’s body froze. His brightly shining scarlet flame wing coldly died out as well. Although he wouldn’t die, a single attack gave him an injury that made him incapable of fighting.

However, battles were cold-hearted. The vice-captain wasn’t perturbed as he called out a name.

{Next, Mack.}

Mack, a descendant of the Dragon race, stepped forward after Karik, who handled flames. Even though the main armament shot flames, it was still created by imitating the Dragon race’s breaths so Mack could also handle it well.



The Crystal of Sentiment ‘Mack’s Desires’, containing the white flames, emitted a light next to her blue hair. Her horns, which stretch out behind her, were engulfed in flames brighter than ever.


<<Kikiki! Again?>>

Mack charged forward resolutely, and Narci received her attack while finding it fun.


Narci’s freezing wings blocked Mack’s flames. Although Narci wasn’t able to shake Mack off, Mack too couldn’t penetrate through Narci’s wings. This deadlock was also an opportunity to attack.

{All attack!}

The great warriors’ attack rained down.


The monster Narci screamed as it was hit. However, it didn’t take a single step backwards.

<<It hurts. But this time, it’s you.>>


Mack attempted to break away from Narci, but her arm was grabbed. Just by being grabbed, her blue hair froze. Frost covered her crystal. The flames on her horns seemed like it would extinguish at any moment. Her situation was different from Karik’s. The attack didn’t glance off her, and instead, her arm was caught.


The vice-captain shouted. However, there wasn’t anyone who could land a proper strike on Narci at this time. Even their main armament, which they had fired twice consecutively, was reloading currently.


The one who acted in this moment was Choi Hyuk.

No, he had been secretly advancing ever since Mack started launching her attack.

Following a route he had thoroughly analyzed through the previous three fights, hiding in the shadows of the Steel Battleship’s concentrated fire on Narci, he approached right in front of Narci without even his allies being aware of his actions.

From Narci or the other great warriors’ perspectives, they hadn’t been able to notice him as his aura was too weak compared to the auras unleashed from their clashes.



{Choi Hyuk?! Hey, you crazy bastard!!}

Just as Narci and the vice-captain became aware of Choi Hyuk’s existence-


The Sword of Vow ‘Choi Hyuk’ Imprint’ had already been unsheathed. Then it drew a very smooth line.


Narci’s scream followed after.


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