SoJ Episode 10 Chapter 170

Episode 10: Calculations of Revenge / Chapter 170: Each’s Calculations (3)

TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk


“It is an honor to work with you again! And on a mission to punish the damn mutts of the universe-!”

A man with flames blazing in a whirlwind spoke, seemingly moved. He was Whirlwind Fire of the Flame Wing Tribe. He had, among others, participated in the mission colonizing the Shapley and Laniakea Superclusters. Beside him stood Black Snow, a high-ranked warrior of the Dark Tribe, who had pitch-black, transparent hair that floated in the air, greatly contrasting with her pale face. Seeing as how darkness sneakily covered her pale face, it seemed she was shy.

Warriors who were recommended by Flame-Hell had gathered in the square on the lowest level of the Tower of Warriors to greet Choi Hyuk. In other words, a formal meeting was held before the expedition. Whirlwind Fire and Black Snow were the two warriors who had arrived first. As soon as they met Choi Hyuk, they emitted a blinding white light, not hiding their goodwill.

However, a phrase caught Choi Hyuk’s attention.

“The mutts… of the universe?”

Of course, the expression had been automatically translated by the Net of Fate, but Choi Hyuk became interested as the swear suited Korean sentiments very well.

“Isn’t the ‘Blue Mane Tribe’ the name of the species we received the killing order for?”

Whirlwind Fire became more excited at his question that he said,

“Yes! So the mutts of the universe!”

Yet, as he didn’t know the circumstances, Choi Hyuk gave a questioning look.

Finally realizing that Choi Hyuk didn’t know much about the universe’s history, Whirlwind Fire showed a flustered expression. As he wasn’t sure of how to go about it, Black Snow, who had been standing by docilely, acted.

Darkness softly flowed from her hair and created a dark space akin to the universe in front of Choi Hyuk. A few lights shined like stars inside it before creating a 3D shape like a hologram.

The shape formed by this mystical process was familiar to Choi Hyuk.

“… A dog?”

Like tribesmen, he had fancy ornaments hanging from his neck and head and his teeth and claws were dyed, but no matter how much he looked at him, the Blue Mane looked like a dog or a wolf.

Black Snow explained in a slightly excited voice,

“Yes! They are the ‘Blue Manes’. Now that I think about it, I heard that there were animals similar to them on Earth. It’s common in the universe. Species created resembling species that possess a great fate.”

Saying this, Black Snow’s gaze alternated between Whirlwind Fire and Choi Hyuk. This was a silent explanation of how the dogs and wolves on Earth resembled the ‘Blue Mane’ Tribe like how earthlings’ faces and bodies resembled the Flame Wing and Dark Tribes.

Choi Hyuk slowly nodded.

At a glance, the wolf-like ‘Blue Mane’ looked lofty and strong, enough to incite a vague sense of curiosity for him by looking at his appearance. Yet, the mission Choi Hyuk received was to ‘annihilate’ them.


They were in the middle of a war against monsters, yet to annihilate a karma species? It was more dubious as he had suddenly received this mission without a word of explanation. But now, it seemed this species was infamous enough to be called the ‘mutts of the universe’.


Hearing her explanation, the reason why they were called ‘mutts’ and were excluded from the alliance went way back. Before the alliance was founded, contact between other species was rare and many weren’t aware of the existence of other species. This was before the concept of ‘karmalings’, grouping all species into one.

Back then, the ‘Blue Manes’ were as famous as the Flame Wing Tribe, which had awakened karma. If the Flame Wing Tribe was famous for their incredible military strength, the ‘Blue Manes’ were famous for their nomadic lifestyle, going around the universe, and their loyalty, paying back any goodwill they received. The Blue Manes were quite popular.

It was around this time when species from a different dimension invaded. Unlike the massive invasion of the monsters currently, their actions were similar to seeking refuge, but either way, this was the karmalings’ first encounter with species from another dimension.

They were powerful, possessed reason, and they had set up tactics in order to dominate this new universe. The ones who first submitted, wagged their tails at their technology, and swore allegiance were the ‘Blue Manes’.

The ‘Blue Manes’ provided them with the information they had obtained while traveling throughout the universe and used the trust they had accumulated to cause the collapse of other species.

Before the Flame Wing Tribe eventually annihilated those from the other dimension, numerous species suffered as their slaves.

Black Snow seemed angry, her body trembling, as she continued,

“But even after that, they were brazen-faced, not reflecting on their actions. When the monsters invaded, they rejected the alliance’s proposal to join them, forgiving their past actions, and hid even further. They hid beneath the alliance’s shadow and focused on their own safety. On top of that, there were rumors that they attempted to cooperate with the monsters. They can’t be forgiven.”

Choi Hyuk unconsciously mumbled,

“They are traitors like Ye Wanyong{1}…”

“Ye Wanyong? I don’t know what that is… But they are mutts.”

Seeing Black Snow grinding her teeth and Whirlwind chiming in while nodding his head, he could tell that the hostility toward the Blue Mane Tribe was universally great.


A question arose from listening to them.

“Why hasn’t the alliance subjugated them yet?”

When Choi Hyuk asked, Black Snow and Whirlwind Fire looked at Choi Hyuk with eyes shining with respect.

Whirlwind Fire said,

“Before the foundation of the alliance, we didn’t dare to. While we did kill them whenever we saw them, because they were fundamentally nomads, they fled from planet to planet and from galaxy to galaxy. Only after founding the alliance did we truly have the capability to subjugate them… But we didn’t have the capacity to because of the war against the monsters. While the Blue Manes weren’t an incredibly powerful species, they couldn’t be ignored. To completely subjugate them would require a large army, but the alliance didn’t have the capacity. But the one who reversed this situation is you, leader!”

“… Me?”

“Yes, of course, after the massive invasion last time, the monsters’ activities reduced drastically, but it wasn’t like we had spare reserves since we had to recover lost territory and keep the monsters in check. However, didn’t you completely capture the Shapley and Laniakea Superclusters by crossing over to the monsters’ universe, taking out a demise-ranked monster and by destroying all the Kahur Kabkuns that were densely packed together? Thanks to that, the monsters’ strength in our universe has reduced significantly and the alliance has leftover defensive resources. Only now do we have the time and resources to subjugate the mutts of the universe!”

“… Is that so?”

While his evaluation had strangely mixed Choi Hyuk and Flame-Rain’s achievements, Choi Hyuk didn’t consider it a problem.

Rather, others mocked them. While they murmured to each other, he could hear them all.


“Haa… Whirlwind Fire. You really got to acknowledge his ability to boast.”

Someone plainly remarked. When Choi Hyuk turned around, that person turned around towards them. There weren’t just one or two. The warriors who had begun to fill the Tower of Warriors were looking at Choi Hyuk, Black Snow, and Whirlwind Fire.

A significant number of them were from the Flame Wing Tribe. The plaza surged with flames as though torches had been lit throughout.


They were the next generation elite warriors that Flame-Hell had selected. Flame-Hell wanted to develop them into a force that supported him. Since he included this many Flame Wing Tribe warriors when developing the next generation of alliance warriors, it clearly showed his intentions of wanting to keep the Flame Wing Tribe at the center of the alliance.


Either way, Choi Hyuk predicted that there wouldn’t be any trivial clashed since Flame-Hell wanted his help by sending them, but there seemed to be a few warriors within the plaza who didn’t look upon him favorably.

Their murmurs, which they didn’t try to hide, were picked up by Choi Hyuk’s ears.

“Highest-ranked Warrior Choi Hyuk… Of course, he’s amazing, but isn’t his ability too low to lead a troop like this?”

“My words exactly. They should have brought at least a transcendent warrior in the rankings.”

“Did you hear what they were saying before? He didn’t even know who the mutts of the universe were. While I know he’s talented and has contributed a lot… Will he be able to command properly like this?”

“There are rumors that the head of the Blue Mane Tribe is at the transcendent level…”


They were blunt.

During the first meeting with their troop leader, the man who would be commanding all of them, they slandered him without any hesitation with attitudes of ‘your capacity is only this much if you can’t even handle this,’ and looks of ‘what are you going to do about it?’

Choi Hyuk found this interesting rather than being taken aback.

‘The Flame Wing Tribe’s evaluation of me is stingier than I expected. Then… Does Flame-Hell trust my abilities so much that he risked opposition? Or is this also a test…?’


Revealing an amused expression, Choi Hyuk pointed to a warrior. He was the warrior who had mocked Whirlwind Fire.


The warrior who mocked Whirlwind Fire came forward.

“Yes, I am a high-ranked warrior of the Flame Wing Tribe, Sand Fire.”

While his attitude was polite, he gave him a challenging look.

Choi Hyuk asked,

“It seems everyone is doubtful of this mission and my abilities, what about you?”

Then Sand Fire replied without a moment’s hesitation,

“I think… that we should just act like we are completing this mission before giving up.”

“Sand Fire!”

Whirlwind Fire shouted, seemingly unable to control his rage.

Yet, Choi Hyuk didn’t pay him any mind and asked again, filled with curiosity,


Sand Fire stood confidently and replied freely,

“First, while the head of the Blue Manes is a coward, his ability to command is outstanding. Unlike what is known publicly, this isn’t the first time we are attempting to subjugate the Blue Mane Tribe. Previously, they dragged the war on with their unique guerilla tactics, and in the end, the alliance, which prioritized the war against the monsters, had no choice but to retreat. I wonder if Leader Choi Hyuk will be any different. Second, it has been confirmed that the head of the Blue Mane Tribe is at the transcendent level. Compared to him, you are a highest-ranked warrior. I don’t think any further explanation is necessary. Third, you can’t obtain our loyalty. Look at your troops first. You only have eight high-ranked warriors… No, since three left recently, five. Only you and Naro of the Armored Soul Tribe, who can’t even control his own strength yet, are highest-ranked warriors. Compare that to the hundreds of high-ranked warriors and seven highest-ranked warriors dispatched this time. This is a type of allied force so it isn’t fair for Leader Choi Hyuk, whose force is the smallest, to be the commander-in-chief. There won’t be anyone who truly follows you.”

In the end, he was saying that he couldn’t acknowledge him because his commanding ability was doubtful, he lacked military power, and he seemed to have been appointed by pulling strings.

Having witnessed Choi Hyuk kill a highest-ranked monster with a single slash when he was only a high-ranked warrior, Whirlwind Fire and Black Snow wanted to retort, but since Choi Hyuk’s reaction was so calm, they didn’t know what to do, only reading Choi Hyuk’s mood.


After listening to Sand Fire talk in high spirits, Choi Hyuk nodded as though he understood.

Then he said,

“Okay, we go to battle tomorrow at this time. Gather here.”

Sand Fire was the one who was taken aback.

“… Pardon?”

Yet Choi Hyuk didn’t say it again.

He simply announced while turning around,

“You all know my face, right? It seems Exalted Wing Flame-Hell has prepared some refreshments, so eat and drink moderately and then gather here tomorrow.”

Choi Hyuk raised two fingers.

“Listening to you, it seems like the key point is to end the war before it drags on. Two months. I will end this war in two months so look forward to it when you arrive tomorrow.”

After saying this, Choi Hyuk smiled unsuitably before leaving with light steps.

“Ah! Leader!”

Black Snow and Whirlwind Fire followed after him as though they were his attendants.



A silence hung in the plaza where the rest of the warriors remained.

A portion of them, who came here ready for a fight, were taken aback by Choi Hyuk, who didn’t play along, and the rest seemed to find this situation fresh as they began to enjoy it. Soon, someone erupted into laughter.

“Puahaha! He’s quite intense!”

“Two months? Can he do it? If he does, he’s a hero!”

“Kekeke, I bet he’s bluffing.”

“Woah… Our leader is charismatic.”


Choi Hyuk was working hard to capture the hearts of these young warriors like Dark-Sound requested.


{1} Known as one of the ‘Five Eulsa Traitors’, who signed the Eulsa Treaty making Korea a protectorate of Japan in defiance of Korean Emporer Gojong.


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