SoJ Episode 10 Chapter 166

Episode 10: Calculations of Revenge / Chapter 166: Gathering and Scattering (6)

TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk


Choi Hyuk was very satisfied as he looked at the scene in front of him. The white light (goodwill) emitted by Sino and Demaetsu, who had sworn loyalty to him, wavered as they turned dark. The rare yellow light (sacrificial will) wavered as the speckled lights that made up Flitch fell into a state of chaos.


Sino despaired,

“I can’t believe it!”

However, Choi Hyuk’s eyes were so dark they didn’t seem to reflect light.

“Believe what?”

Sino, who was at a loss for words, protested while prattling on randomly,

“That…! We are high-ranked warriors of the alliance! You can’t deal with us like this!”

“Didn’t you do it too? To us?”

“That…! That…! That was because earthlings were awfully weak…!!”

“You guys are awfully weak right now. In my eyes.”

“No! No! Do you think the alliance will allow this sort of crime?”

Events that took place in the monsters’ universe… While there might be suspicions, there wouldn’t be any evidence remaining. Although she knew this, like a child’s tantrum, Sino desperately made arguments that even she didn’t believe. Seeing her like this, Choi Hyuk felt that she wasn’t even worth sympathizing with. Instead, feeling a thick sense of boredom, he turned to Flitch and Demaetsu. While thinking, ‘Do you guys think so too? Then I guess I don’t have a choice,’ Choi Hyuk fiddled with his sword. Demaetsu’s expression changed.

“So! We are high-ranked warriors of the alliance- Kack!”

Sino had been repeating the same words when a thick, saw-edged sword sliced into the back of her neck. With a ‘Rip!’, it tore into her neck.

“Is this what you want?”

Demaetsu asked with a tense expression after slashing Sino’s neck.


Sino tried to push Demaetsu away with her karma, but it was too late. The fatal injury she received while her guard was down wasn’t something she could recover from on her own. Her eyes trembled. She looked at Demaetsu and then at Choi Hyuk, and was on the verge of tears.

“Must… Must you do this…?”

Then Choi Hyuk smiled brightly, like a spectator who had finally seen the mind-blowing scene of a movie that had been teased for the past hour.

While smiling, he said with a slightly regretful face,

“Must I? I know, right? I’m sort of regretting it. Was his name… Mino? If I knew you had a fiancé, I would have brought him here and killed him in front of you. What a shame. But don’t worry. You’ll meet him soon enough.”

“No… Please… Please…”

Her crying face-


Rolled on the floor while spurting blood. Demaetsu shook his saw-edge sword once. Blood splattered, and with her head separated from her body, Sino’s lips mouthed, ‘Mino…’ before becoming forever still.

“Ha… Ha… This is…”

With a dispirited expression, Flitch’s gaze alternated between Choi Hyuk and Demaetsu. Choi Hyuk simply smiled and Demaetsu said, “Sorry, Flitch,” as he raised his sword and took aim.


Joyful chuckles erupted from the Berserkers surrounding them and rang out like echoes.

Just now, Flitch had been picturing a sweet future.

A completely new life. In the mission he underwent with Choi Hyuk, he found himself standing in awe at ‘greatness’ for the first time in his life.

In the beginning, he didn’t want to be disregarded by others. Then, because he wanted to be envied by others and to satisfy his ego, he moved to Alliance City and chose the path of a strategist. However, since becoming a strategist, he hadn’t ever felt such a thrilling sense of satisfaction as he had from his mission with Choi Hyuk.

What Flitch saw this time wasn’t a normal life, such as being well-off and having a good death. In Choi Hyuk, he saw the making of a truly great achievement that would leave an everlasting mark on this vast universe. He also had a hunch that if he worked together with him, then he would be able to live his life while making and becoming a part of history – a completely different story when compared to his life until now. He had a feeling that he might be able to find something worth devoting his life to.

Even the speckled lights he was composed of, which worked together for survival and had a sense of superiority, seemed almost entranced as they resolved that they would submit to Choi Hyuk’s greatness and devote their lives to him. ‘No! Did you forget what that bastard did?!’ The speckled lights who had lost their close friends from Choi Hyuk’s attack, burned with hostility, but they were a minority. Many speckled lights were dyed with a golden light (sacrificial will).


That was why, when he swore loyalty to Choi Hyuk, which was before he had made a judgment in which he calculated the pros and cons, he was being ‘sincere’. It might perhaps be the first time Flitch had shown his true self to someone.

However, his sincerity was ripped to shreds as soon as it was born.

Right now, Demaetsu, who was holding his sword smeared with Sino’s blood, was standing in front of him.

“I’m sorry.”

He swung his sword, but Flitch couldn’t even move a finger.

As a coalition of speckled lights, Flitch was usually someone who would make decisions objectively, but, when the majority of the speckled lights that had supported Choi Hyuk fell into a state of panic, he fell into a greater state of confusion than other species.

Even now, inside Flitch, speckled lights that couldn’t believe their current situation were despairing. In the end, the groups who revolted were those who were hostile towards Choi Hyuk. ‘Damn it! I knew this would happen! Knock them down!’ As if undergoing a coup d’état, they took charge of the body, and only then could they react to Demaetsu’s attack.

While it was very late, it was enough.



Demaetsu screamed. Wedges made of light stabbed into his every joint. While faltering because he wasn’t in his complete state, Flitch arrogantly said,

“Huu… Demaetsu. Did you think it would be easy because I was disturbed? Did you look down on me because the Speckled Light Tribe has the weakest fighting capabilities among the top four tribes? As an insignificant keunib… You dare bare your teeth at me?”

However, Demaetsu didn’t give up easily.

Grit, grit.

Demaetsu ground his teeth as he broke and pulled out the wedges of light, which had stabbed into his body.

“You do look easy. I mean, would the geek of the Speckled Light Tribe have experienced fights before?”

“Just die.”

As a minority of speckled lights had overturned the base system and became a dictatorship in this situation of emergency, it was as though Flitch’s personality had changed.

Demaetsu attacked violently and, despite faltering, Flitch displayed refined fighting techniques overflowing with killing intent. The fight went back and forth for a while, and Demaetsu, who had launched a ferocious attack on Flitch, trembled suddenly before falling down face-first. Lights bloomed from his body like flowers and hovered over Demaetsu’s corpse.

“…I, I am going to die like this…?”

The keunib, who prioritized surviving, squirmed miserably as he died.


A short period of silence passed.

“Whew… Whew….”

Flitch glared at Choi Hyuk while the speckled lights trembled.

“It’s done, right? It’s fine if you use me as a slave. Just let me live like you promised.”

Choi Hyuk looked at Flitch with an entertained expression.

Reflected by his Eyes of Distinction, the speckled lights emitted a spectrum of different colored lights. His head was red with killing intent, his chest area was a murky yellow color (sacrificial will), trembling with uneasiness, and the rest was a mix of black and white, making a dirty grey color. The ones who were currently in charge of Flitch were the minority emitting the red light. They were itching to kill Choi Hyuk. However, it seemed like they wanted to live as the tone in which they spoke to Choi Hyuk was respectful.

Choi Hyuk grinned.

“No, I clearly told you that there should only be one remaining.”

Flitch quickly looked back at Demaetsu and Sino when he heard Choi Hyuk’s words. However, they were undoubtedly dead. The black light (hostility) from Flitch’s body became thicker.

“… I am clearly the only one left. Please keep your promise.”

Yet, Choi Hyuk grinned as he shook his head and pointed at Flitch with his finger.

“No? There are still a ton left, right?”

Flitch, who didn’t understand what he was talking about initially, showed a dumbfounded expression before his body trembled as though it had been struck by lightning.

“You… You bastard, just what are you saying?”

Choi Hyuk didn’t hesitate at all as he declared,

“Decide, Flitch. No, you guys. Whether only one of you will survive or if all of you will die as Flitch.”

Choi Hyuk was talking to each of the speckled lights that made up Flitch.



“Crazy bastard!!”

Unable to bear it any longer, Flitch shouted. To tell the countless speckled lights that made up a single individual to struggle against each other… It was unimaginable. This had never happened before since the birth of the universe and the formulation of Speckled Light Tribe.

Flitch was overwhelmed by the rage from all the speckled lights. There was no longer a single white or yellow light coming from his body. Much to Choi Hyuk’s satisfaction, Flitch’s body was filled with deep red and black lights.

“Are you doing this because we were in charge of Earth’s recruit training? Aren’t you a psychotic bastard? No. Are we the only ones that did stuff like that? It’s pretty much the alliance’s handbook! At least you earthlings weren’t mined! To be honest, do you think we couldn’t have mined you if we wanted to? We’re the ones who gave you opportunities! Now it’s not enough to just get revenge, but you’re telling us to fight with each other? Are you mad?!”

Having lost his reasoning, Flitch began swearing a ton.

{Bastard, you should be ripped apart by a monster’s jaws.}

{A species perfect for mining.}

{Lowly bastards that began fighting with each other only after a little encouragement.}

{Should have crushed you all with your planet and shoved it up a monster’s ass.}

It wasn’t only Flitch, all the speckled lights that made up his body swore noisily. While their voices were too quiet to hear properly, a few of them were discernable.

Choi Hyuk nodded his head.

“Good. Keep talking.”

Flitch became even more furious.

“You crazy bastard. Also, is it really our fault that you guys killed each other? Guardian Bae Jinman? Don’t you remember how he awakened? We made escape routes like that for all of you. If you had stronger cooperative mindsets, then no one would have died during the Ring of Rebirth. What do you think would have happened if you had just joined hands? There are species that underwent the same training and survived with no one dying. Why are you blaming us when you guys were the ones that were so lowly that you killed each other?”

Choi Hyuk looked at Sino and Demaetsu’s corpses.

“Hmm, I wonder. At least, you don’t seem to be different from us.”

“Euck!! That’s! That’s because! You!”

Flitch was so mad that he wasn’t able to speak properly. In the end, the speckled lights exploded forward and shouted at the same time.

{How is that our fault?!}

{You ordered us!}

{Yeah, if you have a problem with that, then why don’t you get rid of the entire alliance?!}

{Are we simply pushovers?! You split-personality bastard who’s strong against the weak and weak against the strong!}

{Why? Scared of the alliance?}

{Yeah! Isn’t everyone like that?! You also acted that way to the Kundle Tribe! Why don’t you get rid of the alliance and commit suicide?!}

While hearing them swear simultaneously, Choi Hyuk’s eyes curved into crescent moons. The Berserkers were surprised to see him like this. It was because they had never seen Choi Hyuk smile so brightly that his eyes curved into crescent moons.

Choi Hyuk joyfully said in a tone that seemed like he couldn’t take it any longer,

“Yeah. That’s exactly right. Heh. The alliance…”

Flitch, who had been running amok, stiffened like a rock after hearing Choi Hyuk’s short but completely screwed-up laugh.

“You… Don’t tell me you… You’re crazy! Completely insane! Aaack! Aaahck!!!”

Flitch trembled from shock and fear. Still smiling with crescent-moon-shaped eyes, Choi Hyuk walked to him with surefooted steps and began stabbing his body repeatedly. “Now, only one, only one will remain. If you don’t move fast, then you might be next.”

Choi Hyuk began to grab and crush Flitch’s body with his bare hands. Those who were unlucky turned to mush and dripped down.


{Kyak! No! I want to live!}

{Run away!}

{Don’t push me! Don’t push me!}

The speckled lights scattered and ran away. However, as they were connected to each other by a powerful force, they couldn’t go far and were killed while pulling and pushing each other.


{Ha… Ho-how could you…}

{I want to live! I want to live!}

In order to make room to run from Choi Hyuk’s hands or perhaps to be the last one remaining, the struggle between the speckled lights began.

Perhaps the fight broke out more quickly because the speckled lights that made up Flitch were especially cowardly.

As soon as the fight began, everything afterwards proceeded naturally. The speckled lights that had lived their entire lives as the group intelligence known as ‘Flitch’ began distrusting and killing each other to survive.

Choi Hyuk didn’t make any more moves. He simply observed the speckled lights kill each other.

With a smile, Choi Hyuk said,

“Yeah, that’s exactly what you did to us.”



{This is different from what you promised! It’s different I tell you! Come back! Come baaack!}

A pale speckled light shouted after being abandoned in the monsters’ universe. However, as he was so small and weak on his own, his voice couldn’t be properly heard.

Like promised, leaving only one speckled light alive, the Berserkers left the monsters’ universe.

The shouting and despairing speckled light couldn’t endure the extremely cold and foreign environment for long and soon turned into grey dust.


This was how the first revenge came to a close.


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