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Spoilers: If you haven’t caught up, there will be spoilers in this list! (updated to ch 111)

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Name Description Appeared Died
Choi Hyuk Born a fighting genius. The King without Subjects. Innate Skill: Eyes of Distinction. [Stats: Ch 53]

Currently, an overseer of Earth and is considered the strongest earthling.

Chu Youngjin Lee Hyejin’s boyfriend. Innate Skill: Berserker. Used to follow Jung Minji until she died. Choi Hyuk’s follower.

Was exiled from Earth forever after the doppelganger queen incident.

Kang Dongsoo Formed a suicide squad at Shinmyung Middle School. Leader of Shinmyung Stronghold. 15
Baek Seoin Innate Skill: Intuition. Met Choi Hyuk on the third day. Choi Hyuk’s first follower. [Stats: Ch 36]

Now holds the vice-overseer position under Choi Hyuk.

Lee Jinhee Likes parkour. Uses gladii. Choi Hyuk’s second follower. [Stats: Ch 36] 19
Ryu Hyunsung Knight Captain of Korea National Sport University. 22
Bae Jinman The only healer in Kangdong District. Guardian. 26
General Cha Taeshik Leader of the Alliance of Comrades in Arms. 29
Shin Woojin President of Korea. Realizes that he can’t control the new survivors. Tries his best for the people. A ‘preliminary’ sovereign. Established the ‘Superpower Headquarters’ (‘Super Soldiers’ for short). 34
Karik Giant Orc. Gave Choi Hyuk and the other sovereigns details regarding the game and the mission they would have to complete. 35
Lt. Col Lee Kangjin Was a captain, is now a Lt. Col. Also, wields a two-handed sword. Innate Skill: [Weakness Detection]. 40
First Sergeant Jang Sudong The only one left from Captain Lee Kangjin’s original troop. 40
Keken Lowest Ranked Warrior. Used silver threads to attack. 42
Flame-Rain Female alien with human-features. Uses flames. Wanted to befriend Choi Hyuk. 43
Mechas An alien built of metal pieces. Showed Choi Hyuk around the Logistics Tower. Was indebted to Flame-Rain. 49
Lantz The great chieftain of the El Tribe. 53
Handke Artillery Captain. Outsiders call people like him ‘magicians’. 57
Alexei Romanovich Ivanov Joined the Berserkers because of Lee Jinhee. Only allows her to call him ‘Lyosha’. 60
Jessie Popular sovereign in America. Posts on Youtube. Trait: “Superstar”. 60
Lumin Leader of the Lumin Clan. 62
Richard Sovereign of Balance. First mentioned by Lao Ban on Chapter 55. Most likely first appeared in Chapter 35 as the grey haired man. 35 / 63
Leah Aide to the Sovereign of Balance. 63
Naro Articial Intelligence of the narolings’. Learned Korean in a day. Controls the fortress-city spaceship. 67
Penelope South American woman. Took care of the beginner warriors at the start of Dilemma. 70
Camilla Leader of the Camilla Clan. The Sovereign of Paradise. Has the ‘Savior’ fate, and only those with more than 80% aptitude in this fate can join her group. Most likely first appeared in Chapter 35 as the Latin woman. 35 / 72
Nasir The Sovereign of Opportunity. Did not participate in the first advancement evaluation. 74
Le Guin A healer from the Camilla clan. Treated people alongside Lee Jinhee and Bae Jinman after the advancement evaluations. 78
Tangka Leader of the four aliens who got in a brawl with the seven overseers from Earth. A member of the Armoured Soul Tribe. 89
Bilu One of the four aliens who got in a brawl with the seven overseers from Earth. A member of the Dark Tribe. 89
Whalubo One of the four aliens who got in a brawl with the seven overseers from Earth. A 1023-quasarling. 89
Lamiain Dalaenalae One of the four aliens who got in a brawl with the seven overseers from Earth. Came from the Large Magellan Cloud. 89
Commander Mack The commander of the Virgo Cluster. Blue hair, golden horns. Possesses an ability known as ‘Laying down fate’ which can invade and change other’s karma. 90
Dark-Sound A member of the Dark Clan, a more ‘pure-blooded’ clan amongst the Dark Tribe. One of the Exalted Wings, the first one Choi Hyuk met. 91
Flame-Sky The late king of the Flame Wing Tribe. Was considered the strongest, but died in the war against the monsters. First mentioned in Ch 91
Gallahan The merchant/smithy. Forged Chu Youngjin his Weapon of Calling. Hates the higher-ups and the inequality between the four strongest tribes and the others. 94
Kim Honghyun An expert who had chased Chu Youngjin during the doppelganger queen event. Became the vice-director of Chu Youngjin’s troop along with his younger brother, Kim Saehyun. 104
Kim Saehyun An expert who had chased Chu Youngjin during the doppelganger queen event. Became the vice-director of Chu Youngjin’s troop along with his older brother, Kim Saehyun. 104
Zero A member of Richard’s secret organization, Der Schatten. 110
Name Description Appeared Died
Lee Mingi One of the three bullies in Choi Hyuk’s class. The know-it-all bastard. Killed by Jung Minji. 1 4
Yang Gilsoo Lower ranked than Choi Hyuk. Killed by Lee Mingi 1 4
Bae Hyunsung The last of the three bullies. Killed by Choi Hyuk. 1 5
Kang Minho Leader of the three bullies. Likes to act strong. Killed by Choi Hyuk. 1 5
Min Byungsae Well liked in class. Killed by the math teacher. 6 6
Social Studies Teacher Received the [Necklace of Protection]. Killed by Choi Hyuk. 8 8
Kim Piljoong The school president. Friends with Son Dukpil. The Hunter King. Killed by Choi Hyuk. 9 11
Song Minsik The Wild Dog King. Killed. 11 11
Kim Taesik The Weed King. Killed. 11 11
Choi Junsung So-called strongest in school. The Slaughter King. Killed by Chu Youngjin. 1 12
Lee Hyejin Chu Youngjin’s girlfriend. Killed by Choi Junsung. Replaced by a red longsword. 9 12
Lee Hyunah The Queen Bee. The Assassin King. Killed by Choi Junsung. 9 12
Hwang Mangi The gym teacher. One of the king in [Throne Game]. Killed by Choi Hyuk. 9 12
Kim Hyunbaek The Heckler King. 12 13
Jung Minji Class president of Choi Hyuk’s class. The Crazy Knight King. Killed by Yoon Girim. 1 31
Park Solam Ethics Teacher. Follows Jung Minji. 10 31
Choi Miyeon Choi Hyuk’s Mother. Was presumed dead at the start of the game. Died saving others. Saintess. [Didn’t bother posting her employees, just know they all died too.] 1 33
Yoon Girim Last one remaining in class. Dropout. Was under Jung Minji’s protection. Betrayed and killed her for Song Simin. 3 34
Song Simin The Slave King. Major role in killing Jung Minji. 12 34
Min Kyungchul The Student King. From Doonchon High School. 20 34
Ma Dongshik The Pig King. Fought with Lee Jinhee. 20  34
Keholeun Lowest Ranked Warrior. Looked frail but used a machine, Karma Device-01, to fight. 39 41
Major Kang Choongil Known for his commanding ability. The current leader of the squadron. Killed and eaten by Keushisuit. 40 41
Youngest The youngest soldier in the squadron. First one from the squadron to kill the target. Killed and eaten by Keushisuit. 41 41
Keushisuit Lowest Ranked Warrior. 5 meters tall with antlers. Used metal gauntlets. 41 42
Cha Ohjin Leader of the slaving hunting group. Killed by Ryu Hyunsung. 55 55
Lao Ban The Sovereign of Dark Secrets. Obsessed with money. Operates a slave market within his colonized land. 50  59
Ye Long The Cruel Killing Sword. Strongest under Lao Ban’s command. 55  59
Tsu Chin Lao Ban’s most cautious follower. 55  59
Lee Kijin Another Berserker. An elite with similar abilities to Alexei. Druggie. 60 66
Lee Jinhee’s Parents Her mother died as one of the 1/5 non-awakenees who were sacrificed. Her father died in battle during the second advancement evaluation. 74 74
Freeman The Clown Sovereign. Did not participate in the first advancement evaluation. Most likely first appeared in Chapter 35 as the old black man. 35 / 74 81
President Frank The President of the United States as well as a sovereign. Killed by Freeman. 80 81
Name Description Appeared Died
Math Teacher Left the Ring of Rebirth. 2
Jinsu Someone named Jinsu 7
Baek Saelom Got called out by Jung Minji 9
Son Dukpil Friends with Kim Piljoong. Presumed dead. 9
Kwon Saehyuk Handsome. Follows Jung Minji. 10
Kim Chulho 31-year-old. Unemployed. Seriously don’t know what happened to this dude. 14
Seon Jisoo A leader who doesn’t know where her daughter is. 29

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