SoJ: Reg Ch 33 + Retribution

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Episode 3: Age of Ghosts / Chapter 33: Break Time (1) (333 lol)

Clarification on Retribution and Stats in general.

Retribution is a stat/limiter. When people increase their Retribution, their cognitive ability and reflexes improve. However, the rank of the Retribution affects the karma points a person invests into a stat. If the rank of the Retribution is lower than the stat the person is investing points in,┬áthe stat doesn’t increase by the full 1 point but by a fraction (Choi Hyuk tried to do it before and his stat increased by 0.1).

Also, each time a stat increases a rank (1-star -> 2-star), the amount of stats needed for the next rank increases by 100 (300 for 2-star). (This is just how it is now, I have no clue if this system changes later on.)

Hope you enjoy o/

Side Note: I know there is a sponsored chapter due but 90% chance the next chapter will be on Thursday.


[Edit] Sorry guys. The ‘followers’ Choi Miyeon had have been changed to admirers.

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  1. I was really curios if having a higher rank in Retribution would increase stat gains. So 3 star Retribution ranking means you get 10 points in every point added to a 2 star stat

    1. Post

      No, it probably doesn’t go the other way. That would defeat the point of specializing certain stats if all they need to do is increase their retribution points and spend 10 points on all their other stats to get them to the next rank.

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