SoJ: Episode 2 Chapter 26

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! ūüėĬ†

Order Request has been changed to Scrolls, as it makes more sense to the context of the story.

And for those who might get confused with the different factions mentioned in this chapter.

Shinmyung Stronghold is the Stronghold Muyoung fought with against the crooks. Kang Dongsoo is the leader of Shinmyung Stronghold.

Kangil¬†Riverpark Stronghold,¬†Seonsa¬†Hyundai I’Park Stronghold and the hospitals haven’t been mentioned before.

I don’t think Cheonho Hyunhae Department Store Stronghold has been explicitly mentioned but it was supposed to be the biggest group whose headquarters was Hyunhae¬†Department Store.


Edit: Barrier of the Weak -> Weakening Barrier


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