SMM Chapter 33

Title: Heart Bomber

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Today’s cafeteria menu was especially delicious, so Shi Won went back to the office in happy strides.

I stared at Manager Moon’s empty seat.

‘He should be back after he eats lunch right?

‘With the little remaining lunchtime I had left, I browsed the internet to look at interesting gossip and news.

‘It’s been quite a while since lunch ended and Manager Moon hadn’t returned yet.

‘What in the world are they doing for so long?’

She was about to send him a text message but caught herself from doing so, worried that she would be something important.

“Assistant Manager Han. I saw what you posted yesterday and approved it. So you go ahead and decide the rest with Manager Moon.”

She was startled upon hearing the team leader’s voice, but he went back to his seat.

“Umm.. team leader? Where exactly did Manager Moon go?”

“Ah. Did he not return? He’s probably discussing the details for his business trip to America like his passport and the duties he’ll be assigned with while there.”


Shi Won quietly returned to her seat.

She propped her chin up on one hand and blinked.

‘Was that woman from earlier also from the American company? But why’s she so close to him even though they work at different companies?’

As time went by, she slowly got more curious about that woman.

Any woman would feel nervous if an unknown woman that acted so familiar with them.

Anyway, it soon became 6 o’clock.

The employee’s faces were plastered with grins as they planned to leave exactly at six because the team leader said that he had an appointment and left early.


One by one, the employees said their goodbyes for the night and left. Shi Won got ready to leave by grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder, but didn’t leave yet.

“Five more minutes. I’ll just wait five more minutes then leave.”

Five minutes passed by in the blink of an eye.

“Ten minutes. I meant to wait for ten minutes.”

Ten minutes passed by again.

“That’s it! I’m done! I’m finished!”

Shi Won got up from her seat and grabbed her bag once again to leave.

“What are you done with?”


She turned around and saw Manager Moon, whose expression made him seem as if he was waiting the whole day for her.

“What were you saying you were done with?”

They were the only people left inside the office so she was able to speak to him informally.

“Sit down.”


“Just sit down at your seat.”

He was wondering why she wanted him to sit down and complied.

She turned on her computer and began typing.

[Who is that woman?]

Manager Moon’s monitor lit up brightly with the message.


So that’s why she wanted him to sit at his desk.

Manager Moon held back his laughter and began typing.

[She’s an employee from the States. They wanted to have dinner together.]

[What’s your relationship with that woman? Why is she so familiar with you?]

[She’s an upperclassman from college.]


She seemed to understand for a moment but seemed to remember something and began typing furiously again.

[Why did she call you ‘Honey’?]

[‘Honey’? She did? When?]

‘Hmph… pretending not to know…’

[That’s the first thing she said when she came into the office.]

[Really? I didn’t hear her. Must’ve been a habit.]

[Then exactly why is that word coming from her mouth directed at you?]

He didn’t know what to respond with because he didn’t have an answer.

[Did you really not have a relationship with her in the past? You weren’t friends with benefits or something?]

She could hear the sound of him typing back at her in the silent office.

[Name: Yoo Ha Na. Age: 32. Family status: Married with one daughter and one son. Are you happy?]

‘Ah… She’s already married. But why is her figure so good? That’s unfair.’

She mentally berated and beat herself up. She had an unpleasant expression on her face.

[Are you not going home? Do you wanna leave early today?]

Seeing Manager Moon’s message, she immediately turned off her computer and got up from her seat.

“I’ll be leaving first, Manager.”

She bowed goodbye, pushed in her chair, and rushed her legs to leave the office.

He thought it was adorable how she rushed to leave the office in embarrassment. He thought it was regretful that he wouldn’t be able to see her cute figure for a month.

“Seriously. One month… it’s too long.”

He got up from his seat and prepared to leave.

When he reached the underground parking lot, he saw Shi Won waiting for him in front of the elevator.

He lifted his hand at her but suddenly heard a voice.

“Uh! Assistant Manager Han, are you leaving? Did you bring a car?”

It was Manager Park Eun Hye. As she walked towards them, Manager Moon quickly shut the elevator door and went back up.

“Uh.. Manager Park. No. I accidentally pressed the wrong floor thinking it was the first floor.”

“Really? I left something back at the office. Let’s go up together.”


Shi Won got off at the first floor and parted ways with Manager Park.

At the first floor exit, she saw Manager Moon’s figure pass by, laughed, and quickly chased after him as she received a text.

[Today, we’ll have a night time date. I’ll wait at XX cafe. Come quickly.]

She saw his text and slowly walked a distance behind Manager Moon, whom she could see walking toward their destination.

Summer arrived and the sun was still hanging in the sky as the temperature was getting warmer as the days went by.

His back seemed so close, yet so far. Whenever he took a step, she took two and soon the distance began to increase.

Seeing him take each step, her heart fluttered for some unknown reason. She decided to speed up and catch up to him.

She caught up to him and poked his back twice with her fingers. He stopped walking and turned backwards. When he saw her face, he let out an attractive laugh. His laughter contagious; she couldn’t help but laugh also.

One step. That was the distance between them.

She felt that this was the perfect distance between them so that she could observe his face, look into his eyes, and feel his shallow breathing.

His hand gently swept her hair once as he put his hand over her shoulder and firmly grabbed her shoulder.

“Let’s go.”

We began walking down the street and she began asking questions about his day.

“Were you in meetings all day?”


“What kind of meetings take that long?”

“Because of the merging of the two companies, I started on this last year and want to make sure that everything goes perfectly.”

“But earlier, is that woman really married?”

Manager Moon let out a short laugh and nodded his head.

“But she’s so beautiful and she calls everyone ‘Honey’. Won’t her husband feel bad?”

“Is that all you thought about all day?”

“What? Ah. You and her?”


“Of course. I thought you threw me away when she called you ‘Honey’. I still get mad thinking about it. I haven’t even called you that yet.”

“Manager Park calls you honey everyday. Is that different?”

“Are males and females different?” Shi Won said, proving her point.

Manager Moon accepted what she said and hugged her shoulder even tighter.

They walked together for a long time while she was lost in her thoughts.

“What are you thinking about so seriously?”


“Shi Won-ssi?”

Shi Won swiftly turned her head and faced him.

She stared at him for a long time, looking up and down at his face.

Waiting, Manager Moon raised his eyebrows, seeing that she had something she wanted to say to him.



“Honey, did you miss me?”


“Is it no good?”

She looked around sideways at their surroundings and turned back to him, but stared at him while walking.

He stopped walking and looked at her.


He looked at her with a blank expression as if he was confused with her actions.



He suddenly buried his face into her shoulder, which surprised her.

“Wh-wh-what are you doing?!”

“Wait. Just let me stay like this for a while.”

She turned her head and saw his face laying on her shoulder.

She slowly saw redness creeping up his face and his ears.

“Puut! Manager.. Possibly… are you like this cause I called you that?”

“Ah! My heart! It hurts!”

“What? Your heart hurts?”

Shi Won abruptly started laughing out loud.

“Stop laughing. This is serious. Who in the world suddenly does something like that?”


“What now!”

“Heum heum.” Shi Won’s throat let out a sound of approval.

“So, do you hate it?”


Shi Won smiled and let out a laugh just like him in a low voice and his heart began beating quickly.

He thought of a word that perfectly described her in this moment. “Heart bomber.”

He looked down at her as she looked at him playfully, not knowing that she was a ‘heart bomber’.

She had no clue about what she did to his heart and kept on going.


“What’s wrong? Honey?”

Manager Moon suddenly leaned in closer and pulled his face next to her ear.


He used one hand to pinch her cheeks while staring at her intently.

Then he used both his palms to gently hold her cheeks.

“Who’s so pretty?” Manager Moon said as he kissed her gently and gazed at her with the most loving eyes in the world.

The two of them were experiencing something that only couples did and they were in their own little world, ignoring everything around them, only focused on each other.

It was at this moment.

A familiar voice shouted their names.

“Shi Won… unni? M-Manager Moon?!”

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