SMM Chapter 30


30.What is his identity?

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“I don’t want you to go.”

She could still feel his hot breath on her lips as he said that.

She felt that his voice was impatient and her body tensed.

It wouldn’t be strange if something occurred between them for couples at their age.

At this moment, her mind was filled with dozens of thoughts.

‘What was my underwear today? Is it the one that I was going to throw away?’

‘It was hot today and I sweat a bit. Is it alright if I don’t wash up first?’

‘Should I tell him that this is my first time?’

When Manager Moon’s arm that held her shoulder tightly went gentle with slackness, she lifted her head gently.


Manager Moon, who had buried his face on the Shi Won’s shoulder, gently snuck his head over and met her eyes.

It was only short time period, but Shi Won noticed that his gaze was filled with desire and lust.

Manager Moon slowly erased his gaze and properly organized her clothing.

“I’m sorry.”

‘Huh? What?’

“I was so sudden…”

‘You suddenly stop and say sorry?’

“Why did you come here so late at night?”

‘So you mean, I came here at this late night and you say you are going to stop?’

“You must be tired.”

‘No. I’m not tired at all.’

“You have to go. Get up.”

‘Huh? To where? To bed?’

She got up from the sofa because Manager Moon pulled her hand.

He softly wrapped her waist in one arm and gently put his lips on her forehead.

She still felt the sound of his heart beating fast through his chest and still left the warmth of his breath on her forehead.

Nonetheless, Shi Won looked up Manager Moon with a soulless face who gently let his hand go from her waist and led her to the front door kindly.

“Would you like to go to work with me tomorrow morning?”

“Oh…. yeah….”

Shi Won nodded her head and thought ‘is it important to go to work tomorrow at this time for you?’

“You need to go now and sleep for tomorrow.”

He wrapped her shoulders with his both hands and pushed her to the front door kindly.


A small sigh came out from the mouth of Shi Won.

Manager Moon looked at what was happening and leaned his head slightly.

She humbly accepted the fact that nothing would happen today.

“I’m going to sleep well today! Relax!”

“Uh… Shi Won.”

She pretended not to hear his voice calling her as she went down the stairs and went into her house.

She threw her shoes off in front of the door and threw herself onto the bed.

She just blankly stared at the ceiling without blinking.

Suddenly she jumped out of her seat and pulled out her blouse top button to look into it.

“What… I was wearing something pretty today.”

She threw her body into the bed again and closed her eyes.

At Manager Moon’s place, she reminded the feeling of his fingertips touching her skin and the strange feeling of his lip that tickled her body.

“Huh! Did you think I would be impressed if you let me go home after doing nothing? Why didn’t you take me there? I am I not attractive?”

She waved her legs in the air toward the ceiling.


She closed her eyes again and put her hands on her chest, taking in a deep breath.

As time went by, the excitement began to fade away.

“Ah.. Did I irritate him at the end for no reason? Did I look like a woman who’s too sexually explicit?”

She was worried.

She turned around, hugged her pillow, and blinked her big eyes several times.

“Ah… How do I face him tomorrow?…”

She began to bite her upper lip.

“Ouch.. I don’t know!”

She regret what she had done.

When she thought about it again, it was not long since she had met him and she had to applaud Manager Moon’s gentle efforts to avoid impulsively reacting to her sudden appearance.

She knew that it was hard to bear for a man.

“Ahh… Han Shi Won…You are rotten.”

She kicked the blanket again.


“Uh… Shi Won…”

Manager Moon looked at the door that was closed firmly after Shi Won ran out of his house.

‘I’m going to sleep well today! Relax!’

Slowly, he remembered the sentence she threw at him with a sharp voice.

Before reaching the limit of his patience, he sent her back.

He did not think the time factor was that important, but he had the impulses of a male and he didn’t want to make any mistakes regarding Shi Won.

But her opinion was important, and judging from the length of the time he had met her, she would not have been ready.

Manager Moon stood in front of the door and fell into deep thought.

Should he go after Shi Won or not?


After a short while, a laugh came out.

He turned and laid down on the sofa where he kissed her.


He couldn’t stop laughing.

He finally figured out why she had been staring at him for a while after he stopped kissing.

“Ah… Han Shi Won. I’m really crazy about you.”

He turned his body and laughed to himself.

Manager Moon remembered her whole body trembled when he touched her softly with his fingertips

and Manager Moon’s blood pressure rose again.

“Haa.. She is so pretty. She made me hard ……..”

He smiled as he laid down on the couch for a while.


[I’ll be going down soon]

After preparing go to work, Shi Won looked at Manager Moon’s messages and picked up her bag.

She couldn’t get a wink of sleep last night and her heart was heavy.

*Knock Knock*

She slowly opened the door.

She was able to see his lips moving up nicely and she felt better again.

“Good morning.”

Manager Moon went through a door that was fully open, bowing his upper body and gently twisting his head, leaving a touch of his lips on her lips.


She didn’t know why she couldn’t sleep all night for nothing. She was happy just by looking at his face.

Her eyes were beautifully curved and she had prettily applied her lips with coral pink lipstick. “Let’s go.”

She grabbed his hand and smiled at him.


Holding both hands, they sat side by side in the trash car and made eye contact.

“But won’t people get suspicious if we go to work together?”

She turned her head completely toward Manager Moon and asked him.

“Why? Are you worried?”


“Are you sure? You are the one who grabbed me and recited the danger of in-office-love??? For an hour.”

“It was long time ago.”

“Now what? What is different?”

“Now I think I am prepared to endure the dangerous situation,” said Shi Won, putting a cute smile on her pretty voice.

She waited in anticipation for his reply, but Manager Moon smiled at her and turned his head to the front again.

She was not feeling bad, but instead she felt that something was not good.

Is it because last time he said that he would tell her later?

She swallowed her curiosity because she believed in his promise to tell her later.

He parked in the company underground parking lot and they got on the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the first floor.

“Uh.. Shi Won! Ah! Manager Moon, good morning.”

“Assistant Manager Han, Manager Moon, good morning.”

Assistant Manager Kim and Manager Park got on the elevator and greeted two brightly.

“Yeah. Hello.”

“Good morning Assistant Manager Kim.”

The elevator door closed the moment when she thought that they might have doubted that two people riding together opened again.



“Hello, President.”

In the appearance of the sudden chairman and his secretary, all four people quickly stopped moving and greeted him.

There was an elevator that chairman used separately, so they were surprised at the sudden appearance.

The chairman, who was about to take the elevator, gently lifted his head and looked at four people. Then he paused and the chairman’s face firmly hardened.

However, he quickly raised his lips and bowed his head in receiving the greetings.

“Haha. Sorry, I have something urgent to do.”

“No, no.”

They replied, glancing down at the chairman’s question.

“Ah! Manager Moon.”

The chairman suddenly called Manager Moon, and the three people’s eyes turned to the chairman at the same time.

“I want to see you sometime in the morning. I’ll let you know the time through the secretary.”

“Yes. All right.”

The three women’s eyes met simultaneously in the two men’s conversation.

When the elevator arrived, four people greeted the chairman in a friendly manner and got off the elevator.

They waited until the elevator door closed, and Assistant Manager Kim snatched Shi Wons wrist.

“Shi Won! Coffee. Let’s have coffee! Manager Moon, please go in first.”

Manager Moon nodded and turned to the office.

Three people sat in the rest area at the end of the corridor.

As soon as Assistant Manager Kim sat on the chair, she opened her eyes widely and dragged her upper body to the center of the table.

“Shi Won!! Manager Park! Did you see it? Chairman was surprised when he got on the elevator?”

The two nodded.

“And did you see his face? Jackpot! I really think the rumors are true. Even he wants to see Manager Moon privately.”

“Honey. What? The chairman’s son?”


Shi Won asked them with curiosity.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why don’t you think so? Shi Won?”

“What do you think? Their last names are different. Why would he hide his son?”

Assistant Manager Kim dragged her lips slowly.

“I heard a rumor….”

“What was it?”

Shi Won had a lot of paperwork to do so she annoyingly looked at the clock.

“I heard that Manager Moon is the illegitimate child of the chairman.”

Manager Park said it was ridiculous.

On the other hand, Shi Won opened her mouth and stared at the two.

“It’s a rumor… Shi Won!”

Assistant Manager Kim called Shi Won who looked like she was out of her mind.

“Uh… Uh…”

“What do you think? That’s a rumor. But I wonder if such a small thing like that would come out. Right? What is Manager Moon’s identity?”

“Huh… It should not be…”

“What? What should not be…?”

“Oh… nothing…”


Manager Park hit Assistant Manager Kim’s forehead with her hand.

“Assistant Manager Kim! Do you just talk about rumors with your friends?”

“No. We talk about a lot of important issues.”

“Important issues? Stop chattering and let’s get back to work. Stand up, Assistant Manager Han.”

After Manager Park’s call, Shi Won reset her mind and turned to the office.


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