SMM Chapter 29

Chapter 29: I don’t want to send you away

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Editor: Isalee

Do Hoon put on a confused expression as if he didn’t know what she was talking about and Shi Won mumbled under her breath.

“So the cause of his mood yesterday was him. No wonder he was angry.”

Manager Moon was practically angry the entire day because of him.


“Do Hoon oppa…”

Shi Won said in a serious voice.

She called him and looked at him for a moment without saying anything.

Then she erased her smile and said,

“Thank you.”


“You told me that you liked me two years ago and you want to tell me that it’s still the same.”

“Shi Won…”

He knew what she was going to say next so Do Hoon quickly said her name but Shi Won didn’t stop talking.

“I don’t know what Manager Moon told you but that’s not important.”

“….What do you mean?”

“I like him.”


“I like Manager Moon very much.”


She looked at him straight in the eyes seriously with a small smile on her face as she told him her true feelings.

Do Hoon’s face darkened as he saw her speak her emotions so freely.

But she didn’t care about what he thought.

The purpose of this conversation was to tell him her feelings for Manager Moon so that he would understand that she didn’t have feelings for him.

The fact that Shi Won knew that he liked her but didn’t do anything proved that she didn’t like him.

She never hid her true feelings from the four men that she dated. She realized this after four failed relationships.

Her frankness with her feelings in her relationships was something that was always constant with all the men that she dated, and because of this they all broke up with her.

But she never thought that her love was misplaced.

She just couldn’t find anyone that could be honest with her.

She was just too blunt with her feelings and couldn’t hide them well.

“Let’s just stay as we are now. Let’s keep the distance between you and I.”

She remembered Manager Moon telling Do Hoon, “Good luck.”

If he didn’t say that, she probably would have needed to say that herself.

“I’m telling you this again, but I like him a lot. I’m sorry. But even now I’m more concerned about how he felt yesterday than how you’re feeling right now. I’m sorry if I sound harsh right now, but this is how I truly feel. So please don’t talk about this to him anymore.”

Do Hoon had no words to say back as he stared blankly at her.

“Let’s go back in. They’re probably waiting for us.”

Shi Won kept talking as if nothing was wrong and they walked back to the restaurant.

In the meantime, she missed Manager Moon dearly.

They moved from place to place, drinking beer and reminiscing about old times. However, Shi Won only heard a cacophony of sounds as she was only thinking about Manager Moon.

Suddenly Shi Won got up from her chair.

“I have to go. Let’s meet again at our next meeting.”

Everyone’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re leaving already? Let’s go together.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m a bit tired. I have something important I need to do.”

Shi Won ignored the pleas of her co-workers and hailed a taxi home.

‘He should have told me…’

He acted as if nothing was wrong today even though he was so upset yesterday because of Do Hoon.

He also even knew that she was going to be with Do Hoon today for the dinner get together.


She smiled at the lights passing by in the car.


[Ding dong]

He quickly got out of the shower, surprised at the doorbell and checked the doorbell camera.


She opened the door slowly as she heard the door unlock and peeked inside.

“Ah! You scared me!”

A white object suddenly appeared in front of her.

“You came back?”

Her eyes traveled up and down his body because she didn’t know where to look.

Manager Moon was shirtless as he opened the door. He only had his shorts on.

She was finally able to see the firm, hard chest that she felt whenever he hugged her.

She saw his tight chest and well defined abdominal muscles.

He must have been telling the truth when he said that he worked out at lunch.

He gave a short laugh and slowly put on his shirt.

“Come in.”

“Wh-why are you naked?”
“I’m naked in my house. Is there a problem?”

“But! But! I rang the doorbell. You should have put a shirt on.”

“You don’t like it?”

‘Of course I like it. Anyway.’

“Excuse me.”

Shi Won looked around the house, walking in front of Manager Moon who stood beside the door.

“What are you looking for? Are you looking for a girl?”

“N-no… You probably wouldn’t have let me in if there was a girl in here.”

Manager Moon nodded and closed the door.

Looking around at the unfamiliar environment, he smiled and walked over to her as he hugged her shoulders.

“Did you miss me?”

She felt a little dizzy, as if she was drunk because of the fragrant scent he had from finishing his shower.

“Yeah, there’s that but…”

He pulled her in closer and began rubbing her neck gently.

“But what? Did you drink?”

She could feel his voice and breath on the nape of her neck.

His fragrance made her feel dizzy and his sudden action surprised her.

Manager Moon was aware that this made her feel kind of awkward so he slowly pulled back.

“Come inside.”

She took off her shoes and went inside.

“You can sit over there. What would you like to drink?”

“Just water.”

He walked toward Shi Won who was sitting on the couch with a glass of water and sat right beside her while looking into her eyes.

“Did you have fun?”

Shi Won nodded with a sip of water.

“You came earlier than I thought.”

“I did not have much fun.”

“You said you had fun.”

“I did. But it got boring.”

Manager Moon looked like he did not understand what she was talking about.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Yesterday. I heard that you met Do Hoon.”

Manager Moon’s eyes frowned very slightly.

“Oh. Yes.”

“And then?”


“What did you talk to him about?”

Manager Moon looked at her with soft smile.

When he did not say anything, she opened her mouth again.

“You told him good luck. Are you serious?”

Manager Moon held his laughter because of her question.

“Why did you say good luck? If I go over to Do Hoon, what would you do?”

Manager Moon raised his eyes for a moment and thought.

“Kim Do Hoon does not look charming enough.”

Complete confidence.

“Do Hoon is really popular. If the female co-workers hear what you are saying about Do Hoon, you will be sentenced to death by them.”

“You don’t like Do Hoon even though Do Hoon likes you.”

“Did you trust me? Why are you saying that now?”

“Well, there is something like that though…”

“Yes, so?

He grabbed her small hands with his.

“I was trying harder.”


“When Do Hoon works hard, I’ll work harder so I can catch your attention.”

‘Huuu…This guy really.’

After he finished talking, Shi Won tried to stay calm but she couldn’t help but laugh at what he said.




“Academy, where is it?”
“What are you talking about since yesterday?”

He looked at her with curiosity.

“That’s okay! Don’t be curious, I just said it. Anyway, please hold me. I am tired today.”

Manager Moon’s face suddenly smiled as Shi Won extended both arms.

He stretched his arms and pulled her shoulders firmly as she leaned against his shoulder.

“I think I can live a little bit now.”


“Why are you laughing?”

“I’m really happy right now.”

“Good for you. Do you know how worried I was today?”
“I told you I’m okay. You don’t have to worry about it.”


“There is no time to worry about that when a pretty girl is in your arms. I would rather be kissing her.”

Shi Won expected him to say something like that.

Her glittering clear eyes, along with her pink lips that gently rolled up were lovely in his eyes.

“Who is so pretty?”

“Uh. Why are you laughing?”

“I’m so happy now.”

“Good for you. You made me extremely excited. Then give me a kiss.”

But he didn’t give her time to answer as Manager Moon’s lips immediately covered hers.

She smelled a cool mint toothpaste as he ran his lips across her mouth.

Then she gently opened her lips, slowly lowering her eyelids as she held his neck with both hands.

His sweet kisses seemed to be addicting, like the same sweet words that would melt her heart everyday.

Now there was no awkwardness in the breath that they shared with the movement to covet each other’s lips.

The hot breath spread into their mouths.


When a strange noise ran through her lips without knowing it, Shi Won stopped her lips and opened her eyes widely.

The movement of his tongue, which entered her mouth and swooped in as if he was swimming was filled with desire to crave her more than ever.

The movement filled with the desire repeatedly softened with the serene breathing, and it was strong again when the stimulating movement of breath hotly spread to his mouth.

She closed her eyes again and accepted his frenzied movements as her heart began to run beyond the normal range.


His hands came into her clothes and began to touch her soft skin.

When he touched her skin, she felt a sense of exhilaration flowing through her whole body as if her spirit had been put down for a while before she came back into her mind.


She tried to pull his lips, and he didn’t stop her, pulling her with his hands tightly.

She wanted to feel more of this sensation.



She was trembling as if her whole body was vibrating with his sound that sucked her texture.

It was hard to think because of his lips that descended from her neck along with his hands moved up slowly from her waist.

She barely gathered the courage to call him with a trembling voice.


Manager Moon who was buried in her neck stopped his movement for a moment with a rough breath.


Manager Moon gently removed his face from her neck and took a breath.

‘When he breathes in and out, why does my heart go up and down so much?’

“Oh… now…”


Before the end of the conversation, a long,deep voice filled with many meanings flowed through Manager Moon’s lips.

Manager Moon tried to calm down as he gently took off his hands from her body and didn’t say anything for a while.

After a few moments, he looked at her as she was unable to move, not knowing what to do.

He pulled her with a smile filled with regret.

He pounded her back and held her tightly.

“Huh…. I don’t want you to go……”

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