SMM Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Addicted to Han Shi Won

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Editor: Isalee

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“Manager Moon speaking.”

Due to his deep-seated voice, Shi Won turned her head slowly to look at the back of his head.

“Are you stupid? You should have sent it out after the corrected error.”

‘Oh my gosh. What’s wrong with him?’

She turned her head away from him quickly because he seemed to be in a bad mood.

A message came from Assistant Manager Kim.

[Unni, what’s wrong with Manager Moon?]

[I don’t know. Something went wrong? I won’t talk to him today.You want to have coffee with me?]

Shi Won quietly pushed back her chair with her hands but when she was about to get up, she was surprised to see that Manager Moon was staring at her. She immediately stopped moving.

He was frowning and he turned back to his computer monitor to resume work.

‘Is something wrong?’

She considered whether she should ask him if he needed help or not but she didn’t know if it was something that she could help with. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to help him so she just went to the company cafeteria.

“Is there something wrong with Manager Moon?”

Assistant Manager Kim asked Shi Won as she put the coffee in front of her.

“I don’t know. He seems to be in a really bad mood.”

“Yeah, he seemed to be in a good mood for a while, but he returned back to the scary Manager Moon.”

“Be careful unni. You need to remember if you did anything wrong to him.”

Shi Won looked at Kim Na Rae who looked at her teasingly, and Shi Won just nodded; but only Manager Moon was on her mind.

‘He looked really happy until just now. What happened to him?

‘In the morning we talked to each other on messenger, but after a while he seemed to be very gloomy.’

After they finished their little chat, they returned to the office.

“Shi Won!”

She saw Do Hoon who laughed and waved at her.

“Ah, oppa! Ah… Assistant Manager Kim. What brings you here?”

She saw that he walked right over to her as soon as he saw her while he was speaking to other co-workers.

“Ah. I just had something to say to you. Let’s talk outside.”

He grabbed her shoulders with both hands and pushed her gently over to the office door. She looked really awkward and looked at Do Hoon.

“Uh. I can walk by myself. Please let go of me.”

She said softly and Do Hoon immediately let go of her and showed her both of his palms and gave her a friendly smile.

Shi Won was thinking about Manager Moon, so she turned to where he was.

He wasn’t paying attention to them and was focused on work.

They exited the office and Shi Won asked, “What did you want to say?”

Shi Won didn’t want to spend time on this because she was worried about Manager Moon; so she wanted to quickly get an answer and go back.


Seeing her act like this, Do Hoon chuckled.

“Why are you in such a rush? Can we not have a relaxed conversation?”


‘He’s not wrong.’ But he came to her office department and called her over so amiably, so she felt that it was kind of burdensome.

“I have work to do so hurry up.”

Do Hoon looked as if he gave up and heaved a sigh.

“It’s not that important but, I got a message earlier. Everybody is busy on Wednesday so they want to change the meeting to tomorrow. What do you think?”

Shi Won raised her eyebrows and looked at Do Hoon.

“You came here just to say that? You should have just sent a message. I’m fine with tomorrow. Just get a time that everyone is okay with. I’ve been gone too long, I have to go back to the office.”

Shi Won’s voice was the same as usual but the content of the conversation seemed as if their relationship was between co-workers instead of friends, so Do Hoon felt a bit bad.

“Okay, go inside. Work hard!”

“Yeah. You too.”

Shi Won gave a terse reply and turned her body to go back inside.

She saw Manager Moon speaking to the team leader with a serious expression.

After a while, he came back to his seat and looked really busy. Shi Won stared at him.

Manager Moon felt her gaze and turned to look at her.

“A problem just came up, so I have to go fix it at the other company. I’m going home right after I’m done. So just call me if you have any problems or questions while I’m not here.”

‘That’s why he was in a bad mood…’

His tone wasn’t very angry but it was very business-like.

She understood that they were in the office but she felt sad because of the way he was talking to her….

‘Psh.’ She wanted to hear him say that he would miss her while he was gone.

Disappointed, Shi Won went back to work.

He blinked his eyes and he stared at her intently.


Manager Moon’s expression looked really dark but after staring at her, he began to smile a little.

Shi Won’s disappointment only lasted a short while because of his smile.

She was unable to hide her smile from him.

Seeing the team leader’s expression who was looking at him like ‘Why are you still here?’, Manager Moon went back to his usual expression and left.

Manager Moon got in the elevator, pushed the button, and stared at the elevator door.

He laughed because of Shi Won’s face since it easily changes based on her emotions.

“Oh my God. Who do you think I was mad at?…”

In the morning he was in a bad mood because Do Hoon told him that he liked Shi Won.

He was too distracted by what Do Hoon said to him — about how Shi Won knew that Do Hoon liked her. And he even came to the office and had the gall to call her without her title, Assistant Manager, just by her name and that made him angrier.

But seeing her pretty face made him forget what happened and he became happy.

‘What would she think if she knew what I was thinking?’
He had an addiction to Han Shi Won.

Addiction: A person who can’t live without something.

Although he saw her a few minutes ago, He already began to miss her.


“Unni. Aren’t you going yet?”

“Assistant Manager Han, aren’t you leaving?”

Shi Won was sitting on her chair and staring at her monitor, so Assistant Manager Kim and Manager Park asked her.

“Unni. We’re going to eat dinner, do you wanna come with us?”

Shi Won didn’t answer and mindlessly stared at her monitor.

“Hey, let’s go, we’re gonna eat Gobchang [1].”

As usual, Shi Won really liked Gobchang, but she shook her head.

“Why? Did something happen?”

Manager Park asked and Assistant Manager Kim answered.

“I don’t know. Their area is in a bad mood today. Let’s just go.”

“Hey, we’re gonna go. Hurry and leave soon.”

She waved at Shi Won and she waved back at them as they left.


After Manager Moon left the office, there was nothing that put her in a bad mood.

But she was in a bad mood because he was gone.

‘Han Shi Won, you must be crazy…’

She usually waited to go home from work, but right now she was just in a shitty mood. Usually she was hungry, but for some reason she wasn’t in the mood to eat.

She saw him laugh before he left, but she ended up thinking that he wasn’t in a good mood.

“Uh! Manager Moon!”

She heard the team leader say his name in the hallway and she immediately lifted her head.

“Yes. Did you finish work? Not yet? How long will it take?”

‘He must not be done yet.’

“Okay. Just go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Shi Won got up from her seat and walked towards the team leader who hung up the phone from Manager Moon before playing a mobile game.

“Team leader, Manager Moon isn’t coming back?”

“Ah, he’s going home right away after he’s done.”
The team leader gave an indifferent answer and went back to his game.

Shi Won looked at the team leader quietly for a while. He raised his head and asked,

“Is there something you wanna ask me?”
“What time is Manager Moon going to finish his work?”

“I don’t know. It’ll probably take another one or two hours. Why? Do you have something to say to him? Just tell him tomorrow.”

The team leader looked at her with an expression saying that he was busy, so Shi Won sighed and looked at him as if he was pathetic.

‘Why in the world doesn’t he go home and play games? And why doesn’t this married man ever want to go home?…’

Shi Won grabbed her bag and got ready to go home.

She got on the bus and got off the bus stop one block before her usual stop. Shi Won looked around and smiled.


“Yes. Everything is done. I sent the mail so you can check it. Wait a minute. I’m getting a phone call.”

“Yes. This is Moon Suk Han. Ah! Were you looking for me? You can come to my company tomorrow. I can check the rest of it tomorrow.”


As he was driving home, he gave out a tired sigh and took off his bluetooth earpiece.

Today was a crazy day. He was overloaded in work and felt depressed.

He didn’t even have time to send one text or phone call to her.

He felt frustrated that he wasn’t able to know that it was going to be busy today or if she went home.

That’s why he felt suffocated.

He didn’t eat dinner but he didn’t feel like eating anything either.

He knew that there was nothing going on between Do Hoon and Shi Won, but he still couldn’t help but think about it and feel bad about it. He wanted to see Shi Won and hold her tightly in his arms.

Soon, he arrived back at the apartment.

As soon as he was about to enter the parking lot, he saw a familiar figure.


He slowed down the car and looked at the rear view mirror. It was Shi Won walking.

He quickly parked, got out, and ran over to her.

“Huk… Huk…”

He bent over gasping for air because he ran so fast to get to her.

Shi Won got up from the bench and was flabbergasted at seeing him.

“Manager! You should have walked, Why did you run?!”
“Of course I must run! I wanted to see you as soon as possible.”

He caught his breath and their eyes met.

Shi Won smiled prettily at him.

The soft breeze made her skirt flutter and her hair move across her face.

In Shi Won’s hands were Baby’s breath and he looked at them curiously.

Shi Won lowered her head to look at the flowers and smiled as she got closer to him.


Translator’s Notes:

[1] Gobchang – Grilled/fried pig intestines — Wiki:

[2] Baby’s breath – a flower that usually represents pure and everlasting love. These tiny flowers make wonderful bouquets, usually used in weddings. Image:


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  1. I was really enjoying this, but now they have this unncessary love rival. If he feels uncomfortable, its easy to just mention it. He doesnt have to tell her to never talk to whatever the f**k his name his, but she should be able to take his feelings into consideration and distance herself from that person. But then again, this is a novel to fulfill a womans wish of having several men fawn over her, so its highly unlikely that this would end in a realistic way, by communicating with each other. Because, it really isnt that hard to just say “hey, im kinda uncomfortable with you hanging out with love rival #3009.” Also, she knows about this other persons feelings which would make it even more reasonable as to why Manager Moon is uncomfortable. But, then again, this caters to a female audience, so…yeah, not gonna happen

    1. Bruh…what rival? That Du Hoon or whatever he’s called? Haha…no. She already rejected him before. He isn’t a rival, tbecause to be a rival he has to have an actual chance with her. He doesn’t. He’s just a clingy, stubborn man who apparenty isn’t able to take a hint.

      Plus she DOESN’T hang out with him. Remember that they dont even see each other that often. But they were friends, and they are going to some reunion if i recall that right. But after that i doubt they are gonna meet much. Manager Moon just doesn’t like how he obviously likes her but he cant say anything like “back off bro she’s mine” to him since neither he nor our MC want their relationship known for now.

      Its not that he feels threateneed but that he’s annoyed he cant speak up and tell him to find his own woman.

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