Myoniyoni Translations is currently recruiting new Korean translators. We know that there aren’t a lot of KTLers out there and that it will hard to find one. However, that won’t stop us from trying! /o/

We are a rapidly growing translation group and we believe that we have done a decent enough job that we have the expertise to help other Koreans who have been on the fence about joining this wonderful and expanding community.

We are looking for dedicated members to join our group.

Positions we are currently looking for:

Translators: Needs to have a good grasp of both Korean and English. We currently are not looking for machine translators. There will be a translation test.

Editors (2): Spirit Sword needs an editor and one more to edit different novels currently being translated on our site. Needs to be fluent in English and knowledgeable in grammar. There will be an editing test.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested.

For those that have read through this long post, thank you!

(Brackets indicate number of available positions)

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