KotB: Chapter 81

Hi, everyone! Thanks for waiting patiently for the next chapter of KotB! I am always trying to translate whenever I can, so please do understand I’m trying to get chapters out ASAP! The next chapter will probably be out today or tomorrow¬†so wait for that! ūüėÄ Thanks for all your support! And I hope you … Continue reading “KotB: Chapter 81”

LM: Chapter 113

Hi, everyone! Sorry this is a bit late, it is completely my fault so don’t blame LightNovelCafe. XD I have talked to¬†LightNovelCafe and we believed battleshoot should be changed to battlesuit. This error happened as the author spelled it out phonetically and it could be spelt like battleshoot or battlesuit in English. But I have … Continue reading “LM: Chapter 113”