GS: Chapter 264

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Hi, everyone! Here is the second chapter of the week! 🙂 Hope you enjoy! And once again thank you for all your support! -Nadu

IBHB Chapter 11

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IBHB Chapter 11 o/ Eevee here. 2 assignments down, 2 to go. It’s currently around 11:30pm where I am right now as of posting. One of these days I will actually adhere to a proper sleeping schedule. Also, for a project with an ‘irregular’ update schedule, I sure as hell am updating regularly once a week… (lol, love you guys. …

Absolute on the Mound: Hiatus

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Hi, everyone! So we have some bad news today. Absolute on the Mound (AotM) will no longer be a ‘current’ project as we haven’t been able to contact Abayo for a while. Currently, we will not be continuing the novel unless we hear back from Abayo or find a new translator to translate AotM. If anyone is interested in translating …