IBHB Chapter 15

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IBHB Chapter 15   Sorry for the delay. Decided I had enough of my laptop being crap on me, did two clean wipes of it (backing up and restoring my documents alone took the better part of 24 hours), and finished reading ISSTH. I should actually get to translating instead of trying to S rank Ahri… Probably more productive too. …

KotB: Chapter 133

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Hi, everyone! First, thank you for all your comments! I enjoyed reading them! Honestly, I didn’t think last chapter was a cliffhanger… o.o;; Hope you guys are enjoying these few chapters! I am still terribly sick so not sure when the next chapter will be out but will get it out as soon as I can! Hope you enjoy!  Thanks! …

TaMa: Regular Chapter 139

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Hey everyone! Chapter 139 is out now for you guys! Sorry I’m late, I was finishing up my last midterm exam this week ^^;; So the next chapter will be a day late or so as well. However, please enjoy this chapter and thanks for reading!

IBHB Chapter 14

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IBHB Chapter 14   Whoops. Sorry for the lack of uploads this last week or so. Was dragged around by family for a wee bit. Which reminds me. Stalked the NU forums a while back. Saw discussion on Chapter 12. Reminder. This. Is. Not. Yaoi. In this episode, Ericia truly lives up to her namesake and the readers wonder if …