VS Episode 32 Chapter 4 ~ Episode 33 Chapter 2

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(6/6) Regular Episode 32 Chapter 4 Episode 32 Chapter 5 Episode 32 Chapter 6 Episode 32 Chapter 7 Episode 33 Chapter 1 Episode 33 Chapter 2 Sorry for the late chapters! I was planning on uploading them on monday but something came up and I couldn’t even touch my computer. (I still should have notified this somehow). Will make sure this …

KotB: Chapter 156

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Hi, everyone! Here is the regular chapter for this week! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter as well! 🙂 Please support us by whitelisting ads, leaving comments, and liking us! Patreon and donations are also a great way to support us as well~ 🙂 -Nadu

TaMa: Regular Chapter 179

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Hi everyone! So sorry this chapter’s late :’) I accidentally fell asleep after telling myself I need to upload a chapter… ^^;;; Anyways, here is chapter 179! Please enjoy and thanks for reading! o/

SoJ: Chapters 184 and 185

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Hey guys, sorry these releases are late q.q I lost track of time while doing a project ;; Please enjoy these two releases of SoJ \o/ And please thank Isleidir for helping me get these chapters out! Chapter 184 Chapter 185 -emptycube