KotB: 114 + Enter TayMor

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Hi! (^_^)/ *screams happily in excitement* I’m TayMor the Baby Translator (Please call me Tay)! I am exploding with happiness for being able to post my first [ever] translation to you guys! I’m looking forward to bringing you quick and accurate chapters and I hope to assist Nadu in getting chapters up on schedule (^_^)!! Just so that I don’t spazz …

KotB: 113 + Announcement

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Hi, everyone! So I have a couple of announcements to make while we have another release to catch up to regular chapters (3 more to go by the way~). I have passed the exam I have studying for in May+June regarding my profession. yay \o/ Because I passed, I’m going to study for my second exam and write it in …

GS: Chapter 253

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Hi, everyone! Here is the first chapter of the week! 🙂 Hope you enjoy! And once again thank you for all your support! -Nadu

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 6-2

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V1 (Main) Chapter 6-2   Hai, hai, Eevee desu. Okay, so you know how I got the author’s permission to TL this? Apparently he’s this close to signing a formal contract with Naver as one of their affiliated authors, final results TBA around September. While he has no problems with my continuing to translate this even once he gets licensed, the …