Happy Birthday to Yoni + Ninja Chapter

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Happy Birthday to Yoni! As a (birthday) surprise, we are releasing another chapter this week. We will post another chapter this Friday as well. 🙂 Thank you for all your ratings and reviews on Novel Updates! And thank you for all the likes and the comments on our site and Reddit! /o/ Please enjoy the Chapter!  

Chapter 6 + Updates (New Novel)!

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Huehueheuheueheueheuehue! Here’s an early release of our regular chapter of King of the Battlefield (KotB)! Announcements: We are introducing a new novel, Top Management, as our second novel. It will not affect our translation speed in any way. Top Management will be released Wednesdays every week, starting next week. 🙂

Chapter 5 + Edits

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  Here’s Chapter 5! Some edits… Water Producing Treasure has been changed to Water Producing Magical Item for our sanity. The changes were made last week so newer readers will already be on track. Thank you Psycho for your suggestion, we do think that the Korean format (Lastname_Firstname) fits much better. So all names have been changed. Example: Taehwan Kim …