Welcome LightNovelCafe!!!

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Exciting news today! LightNovelCafe has decided to join Myoniyoni Translations! She will be translating God’s Song and Life Mission on this site /o/ As an added bonus, she will be releasing chapters for each Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. (Friday’s chapters are up now) The ToC for Life Mission is complete, while the ToC for God’s Song is still under …

KotB: Delayed due to sickness

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Sorry guys, Yoni has a severe cold right now and isn’t even able to talk properly. She is continuously working on them so both KotB (reg + sponsor) should be out during the weekend. Also, she blames me x.x -Myoni Update: We will also most likely be moving to Disqus over the weekend.

SoJ: Regular Chapter 25 + Announcement

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Hi all o/ There is currently an issue with Jetpack and the site can’t connect to it. For the time being, some features (mainly comments and likes) might not work as expected. Fortunately, we are planning on switching to Disqus to prevent further issues. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy this chapter! [Chapter 25] -Myoni Update: Jetpack is …