No or Late KotB and SoJ Chapters rest of this week!

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Hi, everyone.

I am sorry to announce that we might have late chapters or might have no chapters of SoJ and KotB, depending on our condition.

I went to the emergency this morning because I was really in pain..

Myoni went with me..

So.. I’m still sick… and Myoni is tired af because of me…

So… I’m sorry to say that there might be no or late chapters for both novels this week.


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  1. Im moved. T____T even when you got hospitalized you still think of us. Go and get better even if you have to sacrifice virgin to evil god.

  2. Sleep more, rest more. If you’re sick, remember that your bad health will impact all parts of your life.

    So get healthy first, and then worry about everything else. Best wishes!

  3. Oh, by the way. A bit of missing word error. ” have or have late chapters ” Feel like you meant to put regular before the or. Think this would be the best fix. “I am sorry to announce that we will not have regular nor late chapters of SoJ and KotB.”

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