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Hey y’all, Eevee here, it’s been a while since I finished Demon King and Hero. Like what, six months? But now I’m back with a project that’s (supposedly) one of the best web novels on Naver that hasn’t won a permanent license. A story about an engineer and his trials and tribulations in a world of fantasy. Even if you’re hesitant about whether to dive in or not, just let the cover bait you in like it did me and oh boy was it worth it.

Myoniyoni Translations presents:

The Legendary Engie

Author synopsis:

“So you’re an engineer? Then do you know how to make a car or artificial satellite?”
“If I knew that then I wouldn’t be here.”
“Then what are you good at?”
“Hm… Problem solving? All-nighters?”
The realist of all realist engineers is here!


Currently translated chapters:

Volume 1 Main,
[Chapter 1-1]
[Chapter 1-2]
[Chapter 2-1]
[Chapter 2-2]
[Chapter 3-1]
[Chapter 3-2]
[Chapter 4-1]

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