New Chapter + Long Announcements (Please read)

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As you all probably have probably noticed the site has changed! Well we thought we would change the color scheme of the site in hopes others will have a ‘cool’ day (hot in Canada now). q.q

Also we did purchase a domain so we are now ‘’ and please do consider turning off adblock to help keep the site running (I do not know if ads are running right now, they are just blank spaces for me).

I went through all of our chapters re-edited them so they are more consistent(?). I still have more stuff I probably need to do (i.e. Magical Item info), but they will all be done soon! Also the author changed the chapters titled ‘Hidden Piece’ to ‘Star of David’ and the changes have been made to the ToC.

Also thanks to Psycho, we decided to change Continuous Victory Effect to Achievement Effect (more true to game elements). And please let us know if you find any errors as well! >:D

We also have a few more changes we want to add, but those will probably be announced later~

Now that you have (hopefully) read this, here’s the chapter! (I totally did not hold the chapter hostage to make you guys read the whole post)



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