Myoniyoni Translations is still recruiting!

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Hi, everyone!

I realize that not a lot of information was given in my last recruitment posting so decided to repost it with more details. We are currently looking for KR translators and editors.

We are looking for KR translators who can translate from KR>EN and willing to commit and dedicate a part of their regular schedule to translate for at least a year. There is no deadline for applying for a translator position, however, there is a translator test they must complete before they join and start hosting their translations on our site.

We are looking for at least two more EN editors (proofreaders). This position is for those grammar savvy people who are currently enjoying our novels and willing to volunteer their time in editing our translations for fluency and grammar. However, there is an editor test you must complete and pass. The current deadline for applications and the completion of the editor test is Saturday, December 10, 2016, and the results of the editor test will be given next week.

For more information, please look at our recruitment page or email us at [email protected]

Thank you to all those who applied for each position and hope you will continue to enjoy translated novels on Myoniyoni Translations!


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