Myoniyoni is currently recruiting translators and an editor for VS!

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Myoniyoni Translations is currently recruiting new Korean translators and an editor for Valhalla Saga.

We are a rapidly growing translation group and we believe that we have done a decent enough job that we have the expertise to help other Koreans who have been on the fence about joining this wonderful and expanding community.

We are looking for dedicated members to join our group.

Positions we are currently looking for:

Translators: Needs to have a good grasp of both Korean and English. We do hope that you have a novel that you wish to translate as translating what you like is, in our opinion, what makes translating web novels fun. We currently are not looking for machine translators. There will be a translation test.

Editor for Valhalla Saga: We are looking for someone who possesses native-level English proficiency and MUST be able to keep up with Subak’s fast release schedule (6 chapters/week). There will be an editing test.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact us through our contact form here!

EDIT: VS editor position is now filled! Thanks to all those who applied!

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  1. I would have signed up to become an editor, but I’m in school and my work would be inconsistent with school projects and all.

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