LM Volume 5 Chapter 131

Volume 5 / Chapter 131

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Zone H area 1 turned into a battlefield. Thousands of Lifers tangle up in a fight. The points consumed reaches over the hundreds of thousands of points.

The world federation and Blood Kingdom’s power are level. They would of course be able to sweep through this if all of the strategists in Black City join, but they kept getting caught going back and forth because they were cut in half.

If Cha Jun Sung’s group had not blocked Blood King and Hell Sword from the center of the 2 groups, Blood Kingdom could have overpowered those under them.

They killed their enemies through any means possible even if it was cowardice and they were shielding themselves with their fellow members.

As people used to doing PKs, they were not picky about the means they used to extract results.

The fiercest place on the battlefield. Both sides’ Lifers did not approach within the radius of 10 fighting rankers. Tacitly, each side’s leader is trying to provide them with an appropriate environment.

“It’s fun! It’s fun!”

“Crazy asshole. You’re all crazy, but you’re the worst.”

War Hammer brought a hammer with a metal head as large as his body down on Palbi Blood. Due to the type of weapon it is, the hammer is slow though it has the highest power.

Bang bang!

Palbi Blood avoided it and a crater formed in the ground.


Ping ping ping!

8 daggers fly at War Hammer.


From behind War Hammer, Sonic Boom rises up and blocks all of them with his legs that are covered with alloy boots.


The daggers return to Palbi Blood as if they are alive. He is wearing gloves that make him one with the daggers.

There is a recognition device so they find the owner again even if they go a far distance.

“This won’t do.”

Death Fear, Dark Side, and Makung are busy with 4 rankers as well. They just need to capture Argos, but the situation does not look good.

It is manageable now, but it becomes questionable once other rankers join in.

‘If it becomes dangerous, I’ll have to fall back.’

There is no such thing as camaraderie in Blood Kingdom. The Blood Kingdom rulers only joined forces because their plays are similar and that makes their active area overlap. They do not risk their lives for each other. That will be the same for everyone.


Cha Jun Sung and Blood King fling out in opposite directions. Distance was forcibly created through the repulsive force of the vibrating weapon and battle suit’s strength.

Cha Jun Sung thought of a way to get out while Blood King thought about how to get Argos.

‘Kill him.’

Blood King decided to kill Argos.

It is a messy situation. The enemy desperately blocks them and they have considerable strength. From one side, it looks like the members of Blood Kingdom are being pushed back by the number of rankers.

They need to have the room if they want to catch Argos, but they do not have that now.

‘We’ll use that.’

They bought it in advance in preparation for the last and worst case scenario. Half of these people die if it is set off in the middle of the city. It is one of the strongest level C weapons with its kill radius reaching hundreds of meters and one-off power.

Beep beep!

[We’re using it. Everyone get out once I send the signal.]

Blood King changes the radio channel. It is the one that Blood Kingdom’s top cadres and mid-level cadres with battle suits use.

It is fully secured, so other guild members cannot get into it.

[You’re going to use it? Crazy! Send the signal properly!] [Gulp!]

There was even the sound of mid-level cadres gulping. It is obvious who would be using it, and they will use waste a lot of points with that one hit.

[Are you going to kill everyone?] [I’m setting it to kill Argos, but it’ll be good to reduce the world federation’s power too….. It’s good.]

Regular guild members? There are murderers everywhere. They can fill those numbers at any time.

They do not really want to use it, but it is the best method if they want to overturn the situation or complete the mission and retreat.

[I’m sure you’re all listening?] [Ah, everything is ready. We’ll lose a ton of points.] [We’re going to gain a lot, too. We’ll have to sacrifice to a certain point.] [Yeah. Call the location.]

Blood King called out the location. It is pretty far away and inconvenient to carry on the body. It is perfect to keep in one place to use.

[I input it. It will be fired in 5 minutes. Figure out how you’re going to avoid it.]

The responses ended there. The cadres are calculating the time. They need to get away at least 1 minute before it goes off. If they do not, there will be no distinction between enemies and allies, and they will all melt. The item is priced similarly to top level C weapons, and each missile goes for 5 million points.

The weapon that Blood King ordered to be fired is a white phosphorus shell. It is a compressed white phosphorus shell that is created through Life Mission’s science. It is a deadly weapon that even melts the battle suit when hit.

The person firing it is Japan’s Murayama Tanaka, the one helping in the shadows of Blood Kingdom. Cha Jun Sung and the world federation are focused on the battle without knowing this fact.


Beep beep!

Tyrant input the location coordinates. The white phosphorus shell will be dropped precisely in the center of where Cha Jun Sung’s group is in the middle of battle. White phosphorus is also known as the white devil. With 1 hit of this, that area will be reduced to ruins.


As the coordinates are saved, a vertical launch device calculated the distance and adjusted the direction. The missile(?) is as large as a car and weighs 2 tons.

Tyrant moved the vertical launch device without anyone’s help. This is not possible with body modifications. He is of course a battle suit owner.

There is something like a handle on the launch device so that one or more people can hold it.

“He he. They were having fun all on their own and they’re finally letting me cut in.”

Tyrant’s style is similar to that of Blood King’s, but he acts in the shadows for whatever reason.

He cannot expose himself and make a fuss like they can. If he does, there will be a lot of restrictions put on him in reality. There will be disadvantages, whether they are from the world federation or the Japanese government.

That is why he is leading a dual life. It is thrilling in its own right, but he has been complaining because he cannot get directly involved. He is finally able to fulfill that desire today.

Tyrant strokes the vertical launch device. It is an item that the rankers of Blood Kingdom bought just in case. They had hoped that they would not need to use it, but the situation has changed.

The guild said that they would help fill up the points that he loses from firing the white phosphorus shell, but it does not seem like they will need to do that.

Tyrant is personally the master of Anger, Japan’s top guild. He basically bought all of the items he needs and he can accumulate a couple 10 million within a few months.

On top of that, there will be as many Lifers who die as there are points he loses from firing the shell, so he might even come out even. He will know for sure once it goes through.

Tyrant mounts the white phosphorus shell. It is almost as big as a person. It does not go off as soon as it is launched, but divides into hundreds of small bombs. Each of those bombs has 10 times the power of a grenade. It is like a missile.

It divides in the sky and as it falls to the ground, the primary explosion goes off with fragments flying.

The real part is next. The white devil billows white smoke, and the phosphorus component is here. If left at room temperature, it burns. The principle of it is similar to modern weaponry, but its force is entirely different. It is said to be the basic form, but it can melt through a battle suit. The best they can do is to not be hit with it.

“Koharu is there?”

Blood King’s group does not know that Koharu is Amhu, but Tyrant knows.

It had been difficult to see her lately, but he did not know that she had gone over to Overload. They often worked together in the virtual, and they are now completely stuck together.

“Bitch! I’ll cook you with Overload.”

If he cannot have her, he will crush her. That way, no one else can have her. ‘There’s no meaning if she’s not mine’.

He he!

[The white phosphorus shell will launch in 5 seconds.]

The countdown began. The numbers go down. When 1 became 0, what is known as the worst non-nuclear weapon in reality, penetrated the air.





Tyrant is dozens of kilometers away from the street in zone H. But it was delivered to the Lifers with a vibration that he could feel weakly.

“What’s that sound?”

Blood King and Cha Jun Sung look up. The battle suit’s enhanced hearing catches a loud roar. There is no way to tell what it is. It is not something that can be detected by sound.

A gauntlet comes flying from the front. He quickly turns his head to the side and brings his left foot up. A curving high kick is about to hit Blood King’s face, but the opponent’s other hand blocks Cha Jun Sung’s attack.

Cha Jun Sung is immobile while mid-kick, and Blood King body checks his chest. It is an iron force that he only saw in the game. Cha Jun Sung is pushed back by the force, and uses the booster on his back to steady himself.


Blood King is a fighter. He drags close encounters out over a long period of time. Cha Jun Sung is also confident in fighting from the kick boxing and kendo he learned, but he gets pushed back when the distance is so small. Everyone has a distance that is more of an advantage to them. Cha Jun Sung’s is one where he can brandish his sword freely.

“What a pity.”

“A pity? What is?”

“I wanted to keep fighting, but the situation won’t allow for it.”

Cha Jun Sung does not understand. Is he trying to run away? It seems likely from the way he is slowly backing away.

[There are 2 minutes left. We’re getting out.] [It’ll become hell on earth.]

They can hear the shell slicing through the air with their battle suits.

Blood Kingdom’s cadres know what it is, but the world federation and Cha Jun Sung’s group do not, so they do not pay mind to it and continue to focus on fighting.


“Huh? You assholes! Where are you going!”

“Don’t chase him.”

War Hammer yells at Palbi Blood, who suddenly stopped fighting him and left. War Hammer stops Wind Wing from chasing him. It is not just Palbi Blood who is retreating. All of Blood Kingdom’s cadres are leaving at the same time.

It could be a trap. They cannot act alone, and must identify the situation first.

“Why aren’t the regular guild members leaving?”

“They could be cooking something up.”

War Hammer thought there might be something to what Wind Wing is saying and observes the situation, but the phenomenon unfolding before them is strange.

“They’re surprised?”

The guild members are taken off guard. They do not know what to do, as if they are children who have lost their mothers. The cadres left all at once and the command system collapsed.

As time passes, the phenomenon spreads like fire and swallows Blood Kingdom.

The world federation’s Lifers fight accordingly and the situation is reversed.

“I hope you come out alive.”

“I won’t lose you this time.”

In the two heart method, he raised the time limit to the highest vibration.

If the power is turned on, retention time is barely 5 minutes, but he cannot lose this opportunity. The battle suit’s energy is now under 10%.

“Look up.”

Cha Jun Sung stays aware of Blood King as he looks up at the sky. Something big that looks like a bullet is coming down like fireworks.

[Unidentified objects approaching. Scanning….. Scan complete! Lifer Cha Jun Sung! You need to get away immediately! That is a compressed white phosphorus shell!]

Cha Jun Sung’s eyes tremble. He has never come into direct contact with a white phosphorus shell before, but he knows what it is. It is coming here now?


Blood King laughs as he gets farther away from Cha Jun Sung. Cha Jun Sung needs to catch him, but there is now something more urgent.


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