LM Volume 5 Chapter 130

Volume 5 / Chapter 130

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Cha Jun Sung, Koharu, and Violet were busy blocking attacks flooding in from everywhere. Park Jin Hyuk covered them from above, but it was hard to expect much from that because dozens of people have gone to fight him as well.

Fortunately, they had kept running away as they fought, so they had not been surrounded. If they had gotten surrounded, they would have either been taken captive or killed before long.

Cha Jun Sung’s group watched each other’s backs. They each took on a different direction and made sure no one’s backs were showing. No matter how many there are of the enemy, there is a limit to the number of people who can attack at the same time. They cannot use firearms or bombs as they normally do either. The only thing without restrictions are their vibrating weapons.

Bang bang bang bang!

The party members honestly do not know exactly what it is that Cha Jun Sung is trying to do. All they know is that on the day of the deal, they watched from a rooftop, saved a man being attacked, and they are now fighting with Blood Kingdom.

They are not sure if he meant to fight from the beginning, or if he just came to save the man while watching.

Even still, they did not ask questions and followed his lead because they trust him.

On the other hand, Violet found meaning in the chance to kill Blood Kingdom rather than her trust in Cha Jun Sung. She does not need a reason for a situation like this to arise. It is just important that there is a chance to clean these guys up.

The battle became more violent as more Blood Kingdom fighters swarm in. Cha Jun Sung’s group started to use more power as well. It was not visible to the eye, but they were sweating profusely and their hands and feet were becoming tangled. A few attacks scratched their battle suits.


“What – what is it!”

Lifers walking on the street are startled by the wave of battling coming towards them, and scatter in different directions. They felt like they would be torn up and killed if they got swept up in the fight.

[Battle core energy 32%. If you keep going like this, you will not last more than 4 more minutes.]

Odin warns him. It has been less than 10 minutes since the battle started, but he already used 68%. According to a simple calculation, 4 more minutes is the limit.

He fully activated the combat function in order to detect the attacks coming from all directions, and strengthened the outer armor to 100% to withstand the external attacks. He would have distributed the energy to last a long time if they had been fighting one-on-one, but the consumption is severe because he has it on even while he is running away right now.

The energy of a basic form battle suit is premature. The total amount is small, and it is consumed quickly and it is slow. This makes the output of power weak. That is why they desperately need to upgrade to the next level.

[Jin Hyuk! Come down!]

Cha Jun Sung called for Park Jin Hyuk. He needs to join them now. Unless the world federation’s contact network is down, they will meet midway.


Park Jin Hyuk threw his body from a skyscraper. Right before he hit the ground, he used the booster to slow down and set down.

“What’s the plan!”

“Once the world federation joins, let’s join them and sweep these guys.”

They will not be cowards and run away after leaving their opponents to someone else. Imagine if that happened to you? How angry would you be?

The world federation’s power is much stronger than that of Blood Kingdom’s. If they get help, it is likely that they can make Blood Kingdom collapse.

“I don’t think it’ll be that easy.”

A thin thread snaked out from the air and tried to wrap itself around Cha Jun Sung’s body. He put his sword up  and swiped at it with his strength.

It did fling out, but did not break. It was a level C weapon. The thin thread is made up of nanos of machinery.

“Death Fear.”

“Are you Overload? It’s a pleasure.”

While attacks were coming in from everywhere, Violet pushed the enemy back and blocked the attacks with her javelin. At some point, the number of enemies reduced and four rankers approached Cha Jun Sung.

“Palbi Blood?”

“Oh! It’s an honor. You recognize me.”

Palbi Blood is taunting him. Cha Jun Sung wanted to punch him in the face, but he held back.

‘We’re surrounded.’

In a short moment, in the time when they were trying to block Death Fear and Palbi Blood’s attack, they were surrounded by Blood Kingdom’s guild members. The rough estimate is that there are a couple hundred of them, but there must be thousands coming in from afar.

‘Four people in just the front.’

The direction they are looking in is the front, but the back is the direction that they are running away to. Rankers and people with battle suits are gathered in one area. If they get through the rear, they can still run away.

Cha Jun Sung nodded to his party members. They know what he is thinking just by looking into his eyes. As soon as he acts, they will align.

“It’s been a while.”



A path forms in the rear. It is not a path for Cha Jun Sung’s group, but one for 2 people walking towards them.

Park Jin Hyuk grinds his teeth. Makung, who he lost to, is walking through the path. And he was with him.


“It’s not my real name, but since you’re calling me that.”

Blood King is chatty. They thought that it might not be his real name, and they were right.

‘The retreat is blocked too. What’s the world federation doing?’

Cha Jun Sung is thinking. Now, there are 6 of them. Run away? They cannot. They have gone beyond the limit of not just rankers, but also regular guild members.


He reduced his battle suit’s energy to save it. It is a temporary measure. He needs to charge it if he wants to recover, but they will not allow for that.

“How did you know that we would raid here?”

“Do I have superpowers? It was a coincidence.”

“Is that right? Well, it doesn’t really matter.”

Hercules pointed a cannon at the approaching murderers. Those with battle suits laughed, but those without were scared and retreated to the back.

It has the power to go through steel. Even those who went through body modifications will die if hit.

“Is that Amhu and Empress of Light? Hi, kid. You grew a lot after body modifications.”

“Shut it, you asshole.”

Park Jin Hyuk threatened Blood King with a new gun he had bought, but there was no use. The flow was gone over. Cha Jun Sung’s group cannot overturn it with their strength.

“There’s no time, so let’s end it quickly.”


The 6 rankers including Blood King activated their battle suits. They are thinking of coming at them all together.

[You guys!]

It is not the radio. It is the sound of someone who has amplified his voice with a speaker.

Boom boom boom!

Rankers from the world federation climb a wall and are running at them. Under them, Lifers from the world federation are flooding in.

“We’re late. There’s nothing we can do about it. We’ll divide the power in half.”

Blood King gives out orders. One side will block Cha Jun Sung’s group and capture Argos, while the other blocks the world federation.

“It’s 1, 2, 6 people? Only four of us will go.”

They can tell who is who by the weapons they are coming with. Their goal is not to kill them. Their goal is to buy time. Four people are plenty to buy time.


Death Fear, Dark Side, Palbi Blood, and Makung lead the murderers to face the world federation. The world federation also discovered the murderers and flooded in.


Argos was terrified from seeing Blood King for the first time after only hearing about him. He could not understand why this was happening to him.

“Hell Sword, focus on dragging that guy away. I’ll block these people.”



Hell Sword flew to Hercules. Simultaneously, murderers attacked Cha Jun Sung’s group.


While Cha Jun Sung, Violet, and Park Jin Hyuk fought the murderers, Koharu fell out and blocked Hell Sword’s path.


“Let’s go.”

The melee began.


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