LM Volume 5 Chapter 128

Volume 5 / Chapter 128

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Only 10,000 people entered Mechanic City at first.

With time, this number grew exponentially. Struggling Lifers were finally getting over the subtle boundary they were caught on.

That number is now over 10,000. It will become stagnant later, but it is expanding by the thousands according to the current trend.

Is it still a small number compared to the amount of area, but the situation is better than when they are alone in the area. If they just walk a little, they will run into several people.

January 4th. Zone H area 1.

Tens of thousands of Lifers are gathering to Black City. The world federation will be getting the card from Argos with everyone watching today.

It is a place where an incredible number of people are watching. They cannot have other thoughts.

The world federation had no thoughts of doing that, but people do not have the same thoughts. Honestly, Lifers were hoping that the deal would not go through.

They have the foolish dream that an opportunity might come to them.

There is no decided time. They decided that if Strategist is waiting in Black City, he will go at random to go through with the deal.

As is evident from this, Argos is considering his safety the top priority. It is a pity that he is so suspicious.

“How is it?”

“There really are a lot of people. Lifers are waiting in Black City’s vicinity.”

Park Jin Hyuk is watching the situation in Black City as per Cha Jun Sung’s request.

It is a big crowd. Any place where people can rest like restaurants, cafes, and parks, are full of people. There are even people standing in alleys and on the street.

“Jun Sung, what are you thinking?”

“I think something is going to happen.”

Koharu asked what she is curious about, but Cha Jun Sung just spoke vaguely. The party is waiting on the road where Argos is supposed to be attacked.

It is located about 30 minutes away from Black City. It is the time that it would take not on foot, but with transportation or battle suit.

“A force in the world federation is waiting every distance, and it seems like they’re concerned about security. There is a significant number of people with battle suits as well.”

As the head of the force, Strategist will have dispatched rankers just in case. He would have handled it well because he is smart.

‘This is clearly the optimal place.’

The roadside is relatively quiet. It is a good place to attack. Argos is not a strong user. He is a bus Lifer. He does not have stark protective means, so is weak enough to be overpowered if left defenseless.

Blood Kingdom’s influence is rigid, but they cannot go out into an all out war with the world federation.

Even if it is Mechanic City, which does not reach a nation’s power.

It is a place where they can end it with a swift attack. If rankers belatedly realize the situation and rush in, it will already be too late. That is why they lost the card.

‘Hercules will take Argos away. How long will the 5 of us be able to hold them off for?’


This is the strategy. Once they see Argos, Hercules will fall back. Then, they will buy time and go towards Black City.

If they fight in one place, they will run out of supplies. Blood Kingdom’s side has more rankers and they have a lot of people with battle suits, so they cannot even run away. They need to go as much as the world federation comes.

‘10 to 15 minutes according to a simple calculation.’

Since both sides are narrowing the distance, they will have to withstand 15 minutes.

‘I’ll be at the very front.’

It is a dangerous mission. Since it is something that he himself is bringing onto them, he will take responsibility for the front.

‘Since we can’t recognize him first, we’ll wait until they move first.’

Cha Jun Sung does not know Argos’ identity. He does not know how but if the Blood Kingdom attacks him, it means that they know who Argos is.

A large number of people are needed to take on world federation Lifers. If hundreds appear near the road, it will be immediately recognizable.

Cha Jun Sung’s group is watching below from the roof of a 40 floor building. They can get caught, but it does not matter. It is probable that Blood Kingdom will just pass by because they have their focus on Argos. They will have no idea that Cha Jun Sung’s group will provide an obstacle to them.

‘When is he coming.’

Cha Jun Sung is getting fresh air while waiting for a sign.

Koharu, Kyoko, and Violet do not show signs of fear of a dangerous situation, and are chatting amongst themselves. Park Jin Hyuk is the only loner.





Blood Kingdom mobilized thousands of guild members for the seize operation. They spread out wide and blocked the entrances into Black City.

They have not made it impossible to get into Black City. If they do that, the world federation will pressure them by widening their protection range.

Blood Kingdom only watched. They compared the appearances of people entering Black City to Argos. The world federation knows this as well, but they only defended the inside more and did not try to push Blood Kingdom out. They think that it is fine to leave them since there is no room for them to challenge.

“What a drag. Will we even be able to find him?”

“We’ll have to.”

Hell Sword sighed out of boredom. Dark Side said something without heart and watched the Lifers walking below them.

Death Fear and Palbi Blood, and Blood King and Makung got into pairs and watched their assigned areas. The pairs were designated by style.

They are in the same guild, but there are those who cannot mix like water and oil. Palbi Blood and Blood King are the types who cannot mix.

Dark Side is about 700 meters from Cha Jun Sung. It is a distance where they are not discovered in a field scan or search and they are unidentifiable by the naked eye, so they do not know of each other’s presence.

“The fact that he’s doing such a public deal means that’s how little he trusts them.”

He created this ordeal because he wanted to make the deal in front of everyone, but it is inevitable that he cowers when he has the card.

There is a saying that a guilty conscience needs no accuser.

“Do you think it’ll be possible to find him by knowing that his nationality is Swedish, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, and will be cowering?”

“There’s no reason to pick him out 100%. We’ll try anyone who seems suspicious.”

Even now, they are consistently picking out the people who seem to match the description to question them.

It is in vain. Each person they grab a hold of says that he is not Argos. There is a difference when people lie.

Unless they are actors, average people can tell that difference as well. Those who have gone through body modifications have the increased physical ability to notice the slight change in expression that occurs when someone lies.

“Blonde, blue eyes. Huh?”

[Team 1, catch a man trying to go through the road.]

Hell Sword subconsciously turned his head and discovered a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has his arms crossed with his body hunched forward, and is walking toward Black City. It is a very passive behavior.

Dark Side saw him as well and sent a party of 10 people to the man.


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