LM Volume 5 Chapter 127

Volume 5 / Chapter 127

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It is a gigantic gymnasium. It is arranged so that tens of thousands of people can watch from spectator seats as though watching a baseball game.

Over 10 Lifers are sitting in those seats and watching the tremendous battle below.

Bang bang bang!

2 Lifers use battlesuits and are in an endless conflict.

They seem to be basic battlesuits, but one had different kinds of weapons, changing his battle style every hour, and even pulling a new weapon from his space compression bag every once in a while.

Another person had a long and wide sword to cut down weak points, but fell into a close encounter. They were England’s Weapon Master and China’s Chamma Sword.

“Those 2 are the only left.”

“Since they each won once, it’s the final.”

Sonic Boom and Nuclear had their hands behind their heads and watched the fight.

“Who will win?”

“Chamma Sword?”

“I think it’s Weapon Master.”

This battle is a scramble for the card. There are a lot of rankers, but there is just 1 card. Someone – no – everyone except 1 person will need to give up the card.

The majority gave up possession of the card for different reasons, but 4 people did not. Weapon Master, Chamma Sword, Boom Buster, and Dual Blade.

There can be no end with words, so they decided to reach an end with the abilities of Lifers and came to fight like this.

The 1st round was Weapon Master and Dual Blade, the 2nd was Chamma Sword and Boom Buster. In each round, Weapon Master and Chamma Sword won.

The 1st round took a fair amount of time. It is because Dual Blade was strong. However, the 2nd round ended in much less time.

Boom Buster was unable to get distance in the battle against Chamma Sword and was suppressed.

The same battlesuits, body modifications, and level C items. All conditions are the same, but the strange thing is that it was separated into ranking like in Life Mission. They were able to see the lowest rankers being pushed back by the highest.

The principles behind it are unknown, but it is like a kind of psychology. Or there is a difference in the type of person regardless of the items.

“It’s brutal.”

“There’s no choice but to be. The person who wins is the one who gets the card.”

Weapon Master is an aristocrat in England, so he does not like when others are positioned above him. That is why he cannot give up the card.

Chamma Sword? He seeks pure strength. He does not put anything to it. ‘Get stronger’. That is all.

Rankers generally gave up the card because of the burden. If one of them gets it, the others will complete missions with the card holder at the center. If that happens, level B missions and the store will open.

It is just a matter of whether it is opened first or later.

They are birds, but they want to be baby birds and not the mother birds. There is 1 card and 15 rankers. Even if they make a fuss, 14 people become convictions. In this case, it is better to give the card up tidily and lean on 1 person.

This place now is not the inside of a mission or in reality. It is a training room in zone H. Why would they bear the danger and use weapons when they are really fighting? They can show their abilities to the fullest even if it is virtual.

“Won’t it be dangerous even if we do it in our zone? He revealed the location and date. Is he insane?”

Nuclear is grumbling. It would have been good for everyone if it had been handled quietly, but Argos had revealed the whole thing on Lifer World.

He cannot trust the world federation. He means to do the deal in a public place in front of countless Lifers.

“You can’t say that from the position of the person with the treasure.”

“It’s weird.”

“He didn’t think much of it when he didn’t know the value, but he must have seen the whole world as the enemy from the moment he found out the value.”

Strategist is a Ph.D. who majored in psychology.

In an extreme situation or when a decision needs to be made, people show 2 reactions. They either hide themselves and shrink back or open up boldly.

Argos simply thought that it would be better to reveal rather than hide it for his own safety.

‘On January 4th, a tremendous number of Lifers will gather to zone H. I’m sure they’ll come too.’

People tend to interfere in matters that are not much of a big deal. He expects that Lifers who think something interesting might happen will swarm in.

It is obvious that Blood Kingdom will also be there to try to steal the card away.

“What if he rejected an escort too?”

“He said he would come on his own. He is acting under his helper name and PDAs cannot be hacked, so unless he reveals it himself, there is no way to figure out his identity.”


Nuclear batted his eyes and asked. There are a lot of implications in the word ‘really’. In this circumstance, it means ‘Is that 100% correct?’.

“….. No.”

The world federation found out that he is Swedish. There is various information beyond that.

They were going to tell Argos, but did not want him to get the wrong idea that the federation had been looking into him.

“We’re going to have 2 rankers and Lifers dispatched to each zone so that we can gather in if something happens.”

“It’s complicated. Let’s do it simply. Huh? It’s ending.”


When Nuclear clucked his tongue, Weapon Master’s Blunt weapon hit Chamma Sword’s stomach.

The battlesuit parts shattered and flew out dozens of meters like bullets, embedding in the gymnasium wall.

Weapon Master barely steadied himself and moved to end it. Chamma Sword did not even budge.




Chamma Sword was embedded in the wall and fell to the ground.

He did not move from his knees and looked for the chance to counterattack.

Weapon Master and he are on the brink of being logged out. Their battlesuits have been destroyed and their bodies inside have reached their limits.

The training room is a type of game. If this was real, they would have felt tremendous pain. Right now, it is just a sting.

Chamma Sword stuck his sword. Weapon Master slowly approaches him from the front.

‘If he just wins….”

If he gets the card and overturns the ranking, he will become the strongest ranker of the rankers in the world federation. He can see 3 effects with 1 win.

‘I’m going to win.’

Weapon Master thought the same thing. No one likes to lose. He has never lost before. He was born to a noble family and won in whatever he put his hand in.

The only thing he lost in was Life Mission. 2nd place ranking. He is not in 1st place on the ranking. He fought Overload to try to raise his ranking, but he lost and joined the reality version. He needs to look forward and keep moving.

Excluding him, Chamma Sword is the highest in the world federation, coming in 7th place. That is why he can come this far and fight against him.

‘The last is this guy.’

A long sword comes out.

It is the sword he can handle best of all of the weapons he has.

The moment he nears, Chamma Sword is sure to attack. He wants to end it easily from afar with a bow, but his pride will not allow for that.


After he walked about 10 meters, Weapon Master activated his booster and narrowed the distance in high speed. Following that, Chamma Sword pulled his sword and brandished it upward.

Chamma Sword’s sword cut Weapon Master’s arm. Weapon Master barely moved his body to the side and avoided having the sword cut across his chest. Weapon Master’s sword penetrated the opponent’s heart.

“I won. Ten xiao.”

“I lost.”

Chamma Sword’s body starts to fade. It shows he is being logged out as the training mode ends.

“Weapon Master won. Once the card deal is over, he is the card’s owner.”

As soon as Strategist said that, he logged out. The owner has been decided. All that is left is the matter of getting the card.


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