LM Volume 4 Chapter 99

Volume 4 / Chapter 99

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[TN: Hercules vs infestors]

Hercules had the booster on, but lowered its speed as it approached the corner, drifted and accelerated. It is rushing to the engine room.

The map to get there is saved in its artificial intelligence hardware. He had left to get there upon Lim Si Hyun’s command to get to the engine room in the shortest time possible.

It did not go below 60-70km/hour and destroyed any obstacles in front. Like this, it was able to go a distance in a short amount of time when it would have normally taken half a day.

-[Enemy appearance! Battle mode!]


Hercules changed the vibrating weapon to a buster as it was running. It is more effective to crush a parasite than to cut it.

The left hand is the buster and the right is a flame thrower. The flame thrower must be used carefully. If the engine room catches fire, the ark will be in danger.

The front is blocked by a large door. Heat seeps out of it, contrary to the freezing sleeping room. It can clearly sense something inside.


Hercules turned the buster on the door as he approached it. Its body hit the place where a deep depression was made.

As soon as it destroyed the door, the infection pocket was inside as if it had been waiting for Hercules to come.

Just as cyborgs have sensors, mutants also have senses.

-[Kill the enemy!]

When Hercules tried to lift the buster, a thick tentacle swiped at its chest. Hercules went flying back at the tremendous impact.

Bang bang bang!

Being thrown out of the room was faster than the time it had taken to go in through the doors. Hercules rolled back like a can and stopped when it hit a wall.

The infection pocket comes out of the room. It likes warmth, but it had become too hot when the engine had been activated. It needs to find a new habitat.

Hercules gets up. The impact was like that of being hit by a Destroyer. It had fallen to a surprise attack, but it can just be careful from now on.

The buster fired in shots. There was a shockwave and the air flaps. The infection pocket’s stretched flesh crumples like waves.

It has hundreds of tentacles. The thickness vary with thick ones and thin ones. The thick ones generally attacked while the thinner ones were used to move the body alone.

-[Calculating the attack pattern….. Calculation complete. Tentacle-oriented monotonous attacks.]

-[Odds for battle 99.9%!]

The infection pocket’s body is not suitable for battle. It was born for the purpose of breeding parasites, not to fight.

Hercules used florid movements like a boxer to avoid the tentacles. It has controlled its movements to the least.

The infection pocket produces infestors. It felt that it cannot win this way and is trying to infect Hercules, but it is of no use.

Hercules left the flame thrower on the jet function and sprayed the fire in a wide space. The fire power is low, but it is enough to burn insects to a crisp.


The buster changed into a fist and drove a nuclear punch into the infection pocket. It has enough power to go through steel. It ripped mercilessly through the flesh.

While embedded in the infection pocket, the fist became the buster again. If it cannot provide shock from the outside, it is using the judgment to dig inside.

Shots? Rather that a few shots here and there, it is time to make it throw up blood with one good hit. It is the quick fix for ones with vitality.



The infection pocket’s body expanded like a balloon and came back down. The shockwave had forced it to expand. If that much had happened to the skin, there is no need for words with the guts.

Bang bang!

Tentacles are thumping all over Hercules’ body. The metal armor looks like scrap metal, but it was not able to create much impact on the body itself.

Its vitality is as long as its body is large. It only screamed with a few shots, and did not show signs of dying. If that is the case, Hercules can fire dozens of shots.


The infection pocket’s roar of pain became a soundwave and spread far. It had been making the sounds already, but it was different this time.

It holds its fear that it really might die like this and its wishes for its children to hurry up and return.




Lim Si Hyun’s group had been moving endlessly when they stopped at a faint sound. It is the sound of Hercules fighting with the infection pocket.

If they want to provide Hercules with an unimpeded environment for battle, they need to find a good place to wait for the infection hosts. The amount that they can take on is 2.

There would have been a lot of damage if they had not known that they were coming, but they can reduce that damage because they know where the hosts will be coming from. They could even get rid of any damages all together.

“The party will set up a booby trap. There’s no time. Finish it up within 5 minutes.”


Lim Si Hyuk set up in a spot approximately 300 meters from the engine room. The hosts’ route overlapped with theirs. If they wait, the hosts will pass by.

Claymores are a basic and they also had grenades and fever shots. One of the parties consumed a fair amount of the bombs in setting up just one booby trap.

“Um. If all of these go off, an entire part of the ark will be destroyed.”

A commander of the ark soldiers swallowed a moan. He knows that parasites are dangerous, but this is excessive preparation to catch 2 of them.

“Even the best need to be alive to do anything. There’s no use if we’re dead.”

Once the parasites are taken care of, the ark can be repaired at any time with the enormous amount of materials on the ark. There is enough to construct a small town.

In a situation where they might die, they cannot neglect their preparations against the enemy just because a part of the ark might be destroyed. With everything, they need to be alive to act.


Something breaking? Cracking? The sound generated from inside is getting closer. Following that, the unpleasant sound of the infection hosts’ breathing also grew louder.


The party members line up. The Lieutenant also held up an SMG as a soldier.

Flame throwers are effective against parasites, but the distance is short. If they want to cause damage from afar, a gun is best.

The infection hosts that are close to 4m tall, are the essence of fear.

The party members were scared, but the Lieutenant who had experienced the nightmare 4 years ago was worse. It would not be a trauma if it were easily forgotten.


Pew pew pew pew!

More than 40 guns fire bullets. Regardless of penetration, the force that pushed them back was impressive. If they had been humans, they would have become sludge.


The infection hosts cover their faces and rush in. The bullets do embed, but it is not to the point where they cannot see. No matter how much they fired, they only left minor wounds.

“Set it off!”

Bang bang bang bang!

The party members got down on the ground. It is a narrow, open area, so they do not have enough cover. That is why they had set up the booby trap in a place a bit higher up.

The radius of a fever shot’s heat is set to 15m, but they always need to be careful because fragments from grenades and Claymores can go dozens of meters.

As long as they do not get hit from too close, the metal armor would protect them.


Even if they are level 4s, the damage must have been pretty severe since the bombs were fired in a small area. They were covered by fire and smoke, but it felt like they had suffered a lot of damages.

“Throw concussive shell from the head.”


As the concussive shell went off, the fire and smoke cleared. One of the level 4s is on the ground. The other one… on the ceiling.


The infection host on the ceiling spits out infestors. Lim Si Hyuk took the automatic pistol and revolver from either side of his hips and aimed at the infestor.

Lim Si Hyuk takes position. He is Ghost Gun, who keeps the enemy in check with the automatic pistol’s rate of firing while using a big hit from the revolver to kill the enemy.


The host fell to the ground and started mutating. The infestor that came out of its brain grew to almost 1m and vomited hundreds of infestors.

“Party 1 and 2, infestors! Party 3 and 4, we’re taking on the host!”

The party split. There is no reason to overdo it. If they just hold out until Hercules kills the infection pocket, these guys are also dead.


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