LM Volume 4 Chapter 120

Volume 4 / Chapter 120

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Park Jin Hyuk flattened himself on the ground as if sliding. An arrow swept past him and went through a building behind him. Its strength is an eyesore.

An arrow that finds its target? It even penetrates concrete that is several dozens of centimeters thick from a couple hundred meters away. He has countless types of arrows.

They matched the situation they were needed for, exploding, freezing, rotating, becoming transparent, creating smoke, and more. Somehow, it is trickier than ag un.

Ping ping ping!

Park Jin Hyuk is also experienced in shooting on the move, but he is clearly being pushed back.

The performance of his enemy’s machine bows is impressive. The only things that the Head Hunter has only that bow is power and range. The rest falls behind.

He could not tell when far away, but the bow’s advantages come out more and more as they become closer. Beyond a nuisance, he is now annoyed.

If he is to catch him as Cha Jun Sung told him to, he needs to get close. This is where the problems arise. The Head Hunter is a complete far range sniper rifle.

He switched the scope for medium range, but that is only makeshift. It is not a weapon that can shot by eyeing in the first place.

“Since it’s become like this, I’ll just go into hand to hand combat. I’ll beat you to death.”

He will find a way to get in front of him to fight. If the Head Hunter and bow are to become equal, he needs to create a distance where they cannot do anything.

Makung hides behind a large sign and aims his bow. The framework is the shape of a bow, but it is a monster with machinery attached to it.

There is a laser scope attached to it to improve accuracy and range. It is possible to control the distance with a switch, and it can be reduced to close-range when brought down to the minimum.

Arrows are flown like normal bows where the bowstring is pulled.

Machine bows have triggers like guns since they are Hybrid Demons. If the trigger is pressed while the bowstring is pulled, the power is multiplied.

The bowstring can also be controlled freely, so there are a lot of uses for it. The Hybrid Demon is a C class weapon worth 2.5 million points.

Hybrid. A cross, mixed. It is a lethal weapon that preserves 100% of a bow’s functions and mixes in some functions of a gun. It is 6 times the price of the Head Hunter, worth 400,000 points.

It is much better than a D class weapon, but it is mid-level among C class. Park Jin Hyuk could also buy a weapon worth millions of points if he wanted to.

He is just saving up for what he really wants because it is more than 9 million. In this state, it is better to get a really great weapon in one go.

But if he had known this were to happen, he would have just bought something else.

“What an obvious scheme.”

Park Jin Hyuk focused on narrowing the distance rather than on engagement. Makung realized what he is trying to do. He intends to go into combat since he is at a disadvantage when at mid-range.

He understands. The match is not ending through sniping. It is nothing more than attrition warfare.

If they had been common soldiers instead of sniping Lifers, they would have hidden themselves and not moved from their positions.

The fight between Lifers is different. Furthermore, it is stupid for people with battlesuits to hide in one place. They are super people who can avoid bullets.

Unless they come out with cover, they just waste time.

If they want to reach a conclusion, they need to go within a detection radius. Both of their radii are on the fringe of 100m. At this point, the moment either of them makes a mistake is the moment of death.

“Will he be able to come?”

He could create as much distance as Park Jin Hyuk comes forward, but he does not do it. It is out of pride. He has the confidence to block the enemy’s advance just by checking on him.

Makung strokes the Hybrid Demon. Its convenience cannot be explained in words. Who said that a bow is not as good as a gun?

The surroundings are visible because vision is open even while looking in the scope. It is easy to carry and possible to take sniping and shooting stances in any situation.

With sniper rifles on the other hand, vision is blocked once the eye is on the scope, and only the target is visible. It is good for focusing, but it is lacking in corresponding responses.

Unless it is a machine gun, the accuracy is off if attempted to be shot by eye like a bow. This is where the bow is advantageous in mid to close ranges.

Their current distance is 200 to 250 meters. It is the optimal distance for Makung.

Park Jin Hyuk looks toward the sign. Makung is aiming at the hiding place. If Park Jin Hyuk shows himself, he will shoot his arrow. Park Jin Hyuk needs to get moving, but it is not easy.

“Fine. Whether I cook or boil them, I’ll cover for the points somehow.”

It is too late to approach him in normal ways now. He handed over the initiative for the fighting spirit, so offense and defense have been decided. If he wants to change the flow, he needs momentum.

Bang bang!

Park Jin Hyuk takes a deep breath and runs. An arrow embeds the place he passes.

He changed his route. He leapt up with strength and broke through the building glass to go inside. Hundreds of points are deducted. He has disappeared from the enemy’s sight.

‘Over there.’

He goes through 3 buildings and covers 200 meters. The next is a skyscraper with a sign on it. A Lifer holding a bow is looking down.

“Does he have an excess of points?”

Makung is mumbling in surprise. He must have lost 100,000 points with what he is doing. It seems he has chosen an extreme method because his path was blocked.

Park Jin Hyuk runs along the wall of a skyscraper as though running on flat land. A crack forms with every step he takes and the glass breaks.

Ping ping ping!

Makung shoots arrows down. Park Jin Hyuk runs in a zig zag, strengthens the outer shell of the battlesuit, and blocks arrows with his Head Hunter.

‘Why are there so many arrows!’

He is barely reacting even with the battlesuit. It is concentration on concentration. The outer shell is going to be destroyed if he lets a single one through. He needs to avoid them as much as he can.

“I finally caught you!”

“You’re seriously mistaken.”

Caught? He let him catch him. He could create distance if he wants to. He did not because of his pride and something else.

There is no change in his attack power regardless of the distance.

If the opponent is strong, he will catch him and kill him even if the distance is widened. If the opponent is weak, he is just midday prey. Only those inferior focus on the little things.

As soon as Park Jin Hyuk settled on the roof, he went for Makung’s legs. There is wind pressure. It is going for the legs in words, but it is really a low kick meant to destroy his shins.

Makung lifted his leg and stepped over it. Then, he used Park Jin Hyuk’s rebound to rotate his body and give a strong high kick.


“You’re pretty good.”


Park Jin Hyuk clenches his jaw. He wants to destroy Makung’s mouth. If he could use the booster as Cha Jun Sung does, Makung would not be able to say such things.

He tried to learn, but he cannot control it once the booster releases power. He falls when he tries to kick and flies forward when he tries to punch.

Tang tang tang!

He rampaged the front with the Head Hunter. It is such a close range that one would be hit if standing in the direction of the muzzle. Makung is moving conversely to the muzzle.

The movement of his body is incredibly fast as an archer should be. His step is as light as a feather.

Makung turns a ring on the bow and scratches Park Jin Hyuk’s neck with the string. It is a weapon that can even cut through stone because it was smelted with special alloys.

Park Jin Hyuk went back half a step. The outer shell is cut and a faint line is engraved on his neck. It would have been dangerous if it had been just a few centimeters deeper.

“A knife!”

“It’s better than a knife with its cutting force.”

Bang bang bang!

It is truly a splendid combat. Park Jin Hyuk never formally learned martial arts, but an instinct for fighting mutants is awakened in him.

He is not used to fighting Lifers, but he definitely has the basics down.


He always feels it, but it is laborious to fight someone with a battlesuit. There is no way to quickly overpower them if they know how to use even half of the functions.

Moderate attacks are detected by sensors. Because of that, they are able to avoid or block. There needs to be an accumulation of damages or one big hit.

Bang bang!

A smoke arrow explodes and smoke covers the roof. Park Jin Hyuk activated his senses. He does not need to be able to see with his eyes. They are super human.

There is a flood of attacks from several directions, but he took care of each one without falling to the surprise. After a few minutes, the smoke melted away.

“Is it because you’re Overload’s party member even if you’re not a ranker?”

“Eavesdropping like a little rat.”

“At times like this, it’s called just listening.”

They can hear each formations conversations through the radio. They can identify the situation without having to ask. Overload is Empress of Light’s reinforcement.

‘He’s strong. Makung? There are 36 rankers like this including Jun Sung and Koharu?’

He thought that he would have the upper hand in a close encounter battle, but Makung brandishes the bow like a sword.

He put the Head Hunter forward whenever he could not avoid it, but a scar formed each time. If it does not recover adequately, he has a feeling it will be broken to pieces.

“Why are you fighting so vigorously? Is there a reason to overdo it? Even if you are reinforcing Empress of Light, you’re just getting involved in someone else’s affairs.”

There is not enough motivation. Unless oneself or the party that one is in is in danger, it is a loss to risk their lives. At least, that is how Makung thinks.

“You don’t need to know that.”

“Is that so?”

If there needs to be a reason, shall he say that he does not like the flow or atmosphere of Makung and the murderers? He is understanding with his heart rather than his head.

“Let’s end it. I need to help them over there.”

“Says who….. Ack!”

The Hybrid Demon has a cylinder as thick as an arm attached to a special part by the trigger, that does not block vision.

There are 10 spokes, each a half size larger than a chopstick, inside the cylinder. They are not shot with bowstrings, but with a special device that controls the shots.

It is so hidden that unless one read the Hybrid Demon manual or owns it, they would not know that it is there. Such a thing went off right from under his nose.

It happened in a moment. Park Jin Hyuk could not avoid it. A spoke went through the battlesuit. It did not go through completely because of the reinforcement of the outer shell, but half of it is embedded.


It is not over. An electric current of tens of thousands of volts went off in the part that it dug into, and paralyzed his whole body. If he had been the average person, he would have been electrocuted.

Makung pulled the bowstring all the way to the end and shot with the highest power of penetration.

An arrow goes through his shoulder. Park Jin Hyuk is embedded on the wall by the pushing force. His feet are off of the ground and he is hanging like a doll.

“I’m a murderer with more than 500,000 kills in the virtual version as PKs. Even if this is reality, that know-how is all here.”

Makung taps his head with his finger. Life Mission is a virtual game that left the keyboard behind and used EEGs. He had done PKs as though his life depended on it.

When Cha Jun Sung was Overload, he did not enjoy PKs but also killed 100,000 through similar contents of PVP and while taking care of all types of bastards.

It is the same for Koharu. In that sense, this is where Park Jin Hyuk lacks experience as someone who only did Life Mission for a short amount of time. He has the talent, but he is still developing.

Park Jin Hyuk lifted his hand to pull the arrow out. His arm will not reach above his chest. The electric current continued and prevented normal recovery for his body.

“It’ll keep up for 2 minutes. I won’t give you pain.”


A laser aims at Park Jin Hyuk’s head. He intends to get him with a single shot.

“That’s… funny. You think you’re the only one with a wild card?”

Tang tang tang!

He tried to hit him with the Head Hunter, but the shot did not even get Makung’s foot. A bullet flings out from between the two of them. His arm does not go up.

“What a pity.”

“It’s a trick.”


Park Jin Hyuk pretended to shoot a bullet and set off an explosive bomb that had been loaded. Makung is startled and retreats. That is when he set it off again.

Bang bang bang!

Park Jin Hyuk had shot it to under his foot. It cannot move with magnetism, so he is going to find assistance in fire power. It is dangerous, but he has no choice.

The wall he is hanging on collapses and he falls to the bottom of the building.

-[Battlesuit breakage rate 35.5%. Falling. Lifer’s current state is of paralysis following electric shock. Transforming to automatic pilot mode, activate booster.]

The booster turned on right before crashing and reduced the speed. If he had collided as is, he would have died. He still cannot move his body.

“Is it a grenade? I could take a real hit if I underestimate him.”

Makung looks down. It seems he is still paralyzed. All he needs to do is fire one shot. But everything needs to be done when the opportunity is there.

Pew pew pew pew!

Guns are firing from somewhere. Makung quickly ran away. Looking carefully, something appeared next to Park Jin Hyuk and is attacking him.

Cha Jun Sung had sent Hercules.


He had heard that Overload has a toy. Makung aims his bow. At best, it is a high level. It can be finished with a few shots.

-[Makung, we’re retreating.]

-[What? I’ve got him. I’ll kill him right away and go help you.]

-[No, it’s just a retreat. The situation isn’t feasible. We’ll explain later.]

A radio came in from Dark Side. The murderers seem to be disorderly, but they follow the rules that they have set well. Rashness is unnecessary.

“You’re lucky.”

Makung retreated. Hercules identified the enemy disappear, took Park Jin Hyuk, and went back to Cha Jun Sung. There was no order to pursue.


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