LM Volume 4 Chapter 118

Volume 4 / Chapter 118

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After calling Cha Jun Sung, Violet and her clan cadres went to zone D area 5. Training rooms are in the top areas 1 through 5.

It is weird for 100 people to be moving together, but number of Lifers they come across could be counted on their fingers. Everyone is busy, so they do not acknowledge each other.

-[Targets are moving to zone D area 5. Current location is area 6.]

-[Did you say that it’s 1 force, 100 people?]

-[Yes!] [The woman wearing a battlesuit killed 2 guild members with a spear?]

A Lifer follows Violet while communicating with his supervisor. He saw his colleagues have their balls cut off with his own eyes.

He was hidden in a far away place, so he was out of the battlesuit’s range.

-[That’s right.]

-[So we meet Empress of Light here. Does this mean that all 36 rankers will meet in Mechanic City? How fun. Is it a reappearance of those days?]

The person speaking to a murderer of Blood Kingdom is Hell Sword.

He, Dark Side, and Makung, newly recruited by Falvi Blood from China, are residing in the city with hundreds of guild members.

They had been wondering why they had lost connection with 2 of the guild members, but it was figured out. They had been hunting Empress of Light, but had themselves been hunted down. It is an inevident outcome.

-[Goal, entry to area 5.]

-[We’ll be there soon. Be careful you don’t get caught, and quickly report anything that’s off.]

Hell Sword intends to take care of Empress of Light. They need to get rid of any rankers who do not join them early on.

If he had been alone, he would have planned while taking the risks into account. But there are 3 rankers here including himself, and she is only one.

No matter how strong Empress of Light is, she cannot take on 3 rankers.

The murderer hid himself even more upon Hell Sword’s command. He only focuses on the role assigned to him. All he needs to do is watch the opponent’s actions.




Violet waits for Cha Jun Sung in front of the training room. She sent him her coordinates. The clan’s cadres gather somewhere and rest.

If Blood Kingdom is active in Mechanic City, acting alone is dangerous unless at ranker level. To be precise, rankers are in danger as well.

It is the same here and there – groups are at more of an advantage than individuals are. It seems like something, but the need to go along with it.

“Wow! All of the houses in such a large city are all empty.”


“Isn’t the family focusing on Life Mission these days? I thought about how it would be if the clan established a chapter here.”

With more incoming personnel, it will become a city made for Lifers.

As more people gather, the commercial will develop and there will be money. This is where points come out. It is possible to hold deals with items purchased in Mechanic City.

If they could see into the future….. It is beneficial to gain area.

“I was thinking the same thing, but you said it first. Suggest it during the clan meeting. There’s nothing to lose, so they will allow it. I’ll push for you if they oppose it.”

“I’ll trust you, Miss Violet, and speak up a bit to the elders.”

Violet is one of the heirs to the Florence clan. A woman cannot become the head, but her talents are so remarkable that she breaks tradition.

There is no heir in the clan with more influence than Violet has. The 98 cadres who entered Mechanic City were basically raised by her and Bolton.

It is possible if the two of them put their power together. If they come to know that there is no limit to the real estate here, they will go at it without restriction.

Superiors and subordinates will be divided by force according to occupancy.

There are only a few Lifers who know this information, including Cha Jun Sung. It is information that is easy to come by, but the helpers do not tell them first.

-[Light purple eyes….. The beautiful Empress of Light’s trademark.]

While Violet and Bolton were in discussion, Hell Sword’s group narrowed the encirclement. Violet and Benson did not notice because they were moving secretly.

The cyborgs knew this but did not say anything. As long as they do not create problems for the city, they do not interfere in Lifers’ fights.

“What is that?”


“That faint light reflecting from the glass. What’s in that direction?”

A Lifer in the clan looks at the building with outer walls of glass. He felt like he could see a faint shape projecting from the glass and moving.

His colleagues focus on the glass. As the shape became clearer, they could tell that it is Lifers just like them. But there is something strange.

It does not look like they are moving from inside. It looks like they are stuck to the walls. Mirrors act in reverse from reality for a shape like that to come out.

“Holy shit!”

“Damn it!”

The Lifers created a circle. It is to watch the surroundings while protecting Violet and Bolton. They both felt that something was off as well.

Violet prepares for battle from the center of the circle. The clan’s cadres are trustworthy, but there is no better shield than the battlesuit in this situation.

Hundreds of murderers show themselves from their hiding places. It seems they have been targeted because of the guys they killed earlier.

“Blood Kingdom – this trash dare crawl out in front of me?”


The weapon’s vibrating function is turned on and creates a strong vibration. There are a lot of them, but they can win if they stand at the front and their subordinates support them from behind.

“I’ll make you regret it.”

-[70% of battle core deployed. Booster output rate 70%. Scanning the field.]


Violet’s body goes up into the air. Her flying body with the long spear pointed out in front of her is reminiscent of a sharpshooter’s arrow.

“It’s been a while, Empress of Light.”


Violet turned her spear at the sound she heard from the side. Vibrating weapons collide and the silence in Mechanic City broke.

The power of the first violent collision is similar. Neither pushed forward or were pushed back.

“Are you….. Red Paint?”

“You recognized me right away?”

“You’re the only person who would dye proper gear red, you idiot!”


Violet pretended to recollect her spear, and jabbed at Hell Sword’s side with the handle. Hell Sword strengthened the battlesuit’s wrist and blocked it.

“Ke ke! You still underestimate others.”

“Shut up!”

Bang bang bang bang!

It is a dogfight. The Lifers only watched the two of them fight, and did not willingly get involved. But this flow does not seem like it will last. Because…

“You really are lively.”

Bang bang!

The bowstring that seems to be tied up in wire becomes taut. The Lifer aiming a bow at Violet from the building roof is Makung of the 36 rankers.

He is the only ranker who deals with bows. He is an expert in ranged combat and is also proficient in sniping. That does not mean he is weak in close range combat though.


The arrow surpasses the speed of sound. The arrow arrives before the sound does.

Violet broke away. The battlesuit’s search caught a danger signal. But Hell Sword did not leave her alone.

He approached Violet who was trying to avoid it and hit her head with the back of his sword. Her body plummeted to the ground from the impact.

Violet activates the booster right before colliding, and settles herself on the road. There is another one. The one shooting arrows.

“Makung is here too? You’re the only one to use such weird arrows.”

Makung smiles. His arrows do not look like normal arrows. They are semi-automatic sniper rifles that are masked in all types of gear to look like arrows.

“Are you here to get revenge?”

“We were just going to send the kids but the guild member watching you sent us a description of you. And what do you know? It’s Empress of Light. So the three of us came.”

“…… Three?”

Violet felt something wrap around her neck and moved her body backwards. A giant scythe swept by where her neck had been.

“Long time no see.”

“Dark Side! Oh, these crazies!”

Dark Side, ranking 8th. He has the second most evil reputation for PKs after Blood King. It is a horrible situation for Violet since even he is here.

‘Can’t he come quickly?’

She was hoping for Cha Jun Sung to come.


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