LM Volume 4 Chapter 113

Volume 4 / Chapter 113

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Violet’s big eyes became round. She is speechless and can only point at the two of them.

Overload, 1st place ranking. The only Lifer who succeeded in a level 9 raid.

“The one who beat Brayburke?”

“Who is that?”

“You don’t know his real name? The strongest ranker you fought!”

The strongest ranker? All of the rankers he fought had been strong, but there had been 2 that were particularly difficult. 2nd place ranking Weapon Master and 4th place Blood King.

The former was ability and the latter because of his proficiency in PKs and his gear.

But if he has to pick one…

“Weapon Master?”


He had made a guess because it did not seem like she was talking about Blood King, and it seems he was right.

“Weapon Master Brayburke Venter. He’s the firstborn of British Duke Venter’s family.”

“Are there any normal people among the rankers? Koharu and other people. There are models and actors, now royalty.”

“There’s one here.”

Cha Jun Sung is a completely average person. There is something to what Park Jin Hyuk said though. Violet is also far from being average.

According to the notepad, she is the daughter of a famous mafia family in England.

“You changed your weapon.”

“It feels good in your hands.”

“Just from appearance, you look more like Asia’s Chamma Sword rather than Overload.”

“I guess I do.”

“Did you know he’s in the World Federation. They have 14 or 15 rankers.”

He knows. He heard from Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin. When he looked over the list of people who joined, they were all people who were recognized for good in the virtual.

The people who like freedom like those here are going solo and the sinister ones are going around together. Circumstances are the same in reality and the virtual.

“Violet, are you personally acquainted with Weapon Master?”

“We ran into each other a lot because our area of activity and nationalities are the same. He is in the World Federation with the royalty, and offered me a deal to join.”

They are moderately acquainted, but Violet finds Brayburke burdensome.

Their two families are yin and yang, so they cannot be compatible. One side is the top royal family in England and the other side is the top mafia clan in England.

Brayburke told her that if she joins the federation, the royalty and Venter family would help her go through the missions safely.

But with the emergence of a business, Life Mission, she gave up illegal work and rejected the offer as she did not have a reason to accept.

‘Everyone is running to the top from each of their own positions. I have to work harder.’

“Is this a solo mission?”

Koharu asked. If Violet had entered with a party or force, it would be normal for her to be sad. There is nothing like that. Cha Jun Sung only watched.

“I thought I could do it.”

“A level C 200,000 point solo mission….. There’s a limit to the battlesuit too.”

“I’m not going to do it again.”

She is being totally honest. From now on, she will not be taken over by conceit and will make sure to get a party or force together to enter missions. She had really been hit hard.

“Let’s move. We’ll realign and put our strength together to complete the mission.”

Even if they became safe for a moment, they are in the middle of a city teeming with mutants. The battlesuits have fallen to half of their energy as well. Violet’s is below 5%.

“Let’s go somewhere high.”

“Over there!”

Cha Jun Sung’s group and Violet went to the top of the highest building in this city. High places are the best to watch while resting.




-[Congratulations. You have cleared a land dominated by a level C mission.]

The completion notice comes up and they receive reward points. Cha Jun Sung accepted Violet as a temporary party member. He did not extend a formal invitation.

He must first let her get a feel for what their party is like. They are not as big as a large guild, but they are not outdone in comparison.

Cha Jun Sung’s plan worked. This party configured with just 4 people sweeps through the highest level missions. They are not complicated and they match well together.

Lifers who go around alone are bound to dislike groups.

Is uncomfortable the right word for it? It is the same for Cha Jun Sung’s group and for Violet. She is a bit used to being in groups because she receives support from her clan.

‘If I’m included, it’s 5 people in 1 group?’

There are 3 rankers. Park Jin Hyuk, that big kid, is also good enough to be a ranker. His sniping skills reminds her of one of the 36 rankers, Light Shooter.

The medic in a battlesuit and 5 million point cyborg under Overload’s possession support the party at appropriate times.

‘I don’t know anything about these people. It’s too early to join their party.’

They are appealing, but it is not a decision to rush. It would be okay to do so if it were a one-time party, but she needs to be careful with deciding on a fixed one.

‘Is it insufficient?’

Only Cha Jun Sung knows that she is a candidate for the party. Everyone else is reading between the lines. She is waiting for the bite.

“Mr. Cha Jun Sung.”


“Can you give me your contact information? I’d like to repay you for saving my life.”

Repayment was Violet’s joining the party, but Cha Jun Sung did not make it obvious and told her how to get in contact with him. The party members were not suspicious either.

“Mr. Cha Jun Sung, you said that your helper’s name is Odin? Mine is Gaia.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“I’ve been in this mission for too long. I’ll be going back first.”

It is a matter of gaining someone’s approval. Cha Jun Sung did not show impatience. Since they have exchanged helper names and contact information, there will be another opportunity.


Violet goes back. She ended with the party members on simple courtesies.

“We should go back too.”

“We have to do the game we didn’t get to do!”

Park Jin Hyuk is excited by the thought of the game and dances. They are going to start refraining from levels D and E. There is time before they make an attempt at level C.

‘Closed Area. We’ll have to recruit Violet by then, or get her help.’

600,000 points. The mutant they have to kill is top level 5, Caicus.




There is no such thing as an update in the game. When Life Mission was its virtual version, there were timely updates.

As it became reality, the element of it being a game and the updates disappeared together.


The first change happened through the helpers without the Lifers knowing. Before application, it is a step that the operators need to take.

-[Currently, there are over 10,000 people who have opened level C missions. Application conditions established.]

-[Only level C Lifers who have achieved the conditions are updating….. Update complete. Sending coordinate movement to Mechanic City. Dimensional gate off.]

The Lifers did not notice that something was going on with the PDAs. There was no difference when just looking at it.

As always, they looked through the store and then went into missions. From their point of view, the PDAs have not changed at all. Even when the application is complete.

Only a few people noticed the change. Only the Lifers who opened level C, whether it was with their abilities or tricks, felt the changes that happened to them.

-[Welcome, Lifers. You are now able to enter Mechanic City, where you will be able to rest and where the store headquarters will be.]

Even when they heard this notice, the people who opened level C were doubtful.

They were not sure this meant about the headquarters and Mechanic City. But it did not take them a long time to understand.

This is a revolution. Just like when Life Mission was revealed to the world in the virtual and reality versions, it brought a strong gust of wind over the world.


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