LM Volume 4 Chapter 111

Volume 4 / Chapter 111

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Violet leaned on the sewer wall and sat on the ground. Her sensual figure shows through the impact tights stuck to her body.

Her face is also a work of art. When exposed to light, her eyes are a dreamy purple.

Unless dyed or created with contact lenses, they are hard to find anywhere in the world. She has unique genes. That may be why she seems even more charming.

“I would run away if I could, but they have no intention of letting me go.”

She had tried to get out of the city, but the level 5 had not allowed it. It does not normally get involved, but balances it out when it seems like she has the advantage.

It seems to be playing around with her or experimenting with her rather than trying to kill her. She would just be angry if it is the former, but there is something she is guessing if it is the latter.


It is using Violet as a threat to exercise its power over its subordinates. If this is right, it is an extremely troublesome opponent.

“Ugh, it’s so annoying! At any rate, whether it’s with people or mutants, the ones that scheme need to be ripped apart. So disgraceful.”

This city’s level 5 tends to resort to cheap tricks. The systemic way it controls its subordinates is the same. This type is difficult to deal with even among the ones that use cheap tricks.

-[Appearance of mutant 193m in front!]

“Oh no!”

Violet bolted from where she was sitting, pulled out the spear she had dug into the ground, and ran. She left the battlesuit alone. It would have sent a subordinate first.

The level 5 also knows that she has booby traps set up inside the sewer. It does not know how to work them, but sends down its subordinates to dismantle them.

It requires hard work to set up each trap. They are not meant to be used on level 1 or 2s. They are for at least level 3, with level 4 as the goal.


Malformed monsters with hunched backs bared their yellow teeth at Violet and ran at her. There are about 20 to 25 of them.

The spear’s best attack is to just do it. Laden with a rotational force, it punctures holes in their bodies. She can fight level 4s even without the battlesuit.

Garbage like levels 1 and 2 are barely snacks to her.

The sewer is separated into several prongs and there are a lot of passages of entry.

It is just that she is in a corner. All she needs to do is block the ones that keep coming in. The disadvantage is that it is easy to block them, but it is a cul-de-sac?

“These assholes!”

Skells and other types of mutants keep pushing forward. Violet is getting pushed further back. There are enough of them to pack a huge sewer.

She estimates that there are more than 50,000 mutants living in this city.

If she had been on the slaughtering side, it would have been a sea of points but since she is being pushed back, it feels overwhelming. No matter how many of them she kills, there is no end.


Bang bang!

The booby trap goes off. She made it so they would not overlap but they are being used up so quickly that they could be mistaken as a chain of explosions.

That is proof of how Violet is being pushed back in this concentrated attack.


Violet swings the spear and pulls her hair. She is so angry she could go crazy. If she could, she would rip them all to death.

Bang bang bang!

It had taken her hours to push 193m but the distance was short, so she quickly reached the wall. With that, her patience was gone.

“Fine! Since it’s turned out like this, I’m not running away! Let’s end it! Gaia!”

Battlesuit Gaia changed into human form and opened up an entry. Violet goes inside. It’s all or nothing. She is going to turn it all over.


-[Battlesuit 70% deployed! Booster output rate 50%, creating a path!]


Violet made herself into a human missile. She held the spear forward, put her trust in the booster, and went forward. It was like looking at a bulky rhino rush through.

A few mutants died on the spear. If she turns her body once, dozens of bodies go flying. It is a terrifying battle strength.

She went forward while piling mountains of bodies. She avoided them because she knows she could die, but she the circuit spun. She is going to go outside and destroy the level 5.

Violet lifted her head. Moonlight seeps in through the open manhole. Mutants are using the ladders on the walls to come down.

All 6 of the battlesuit’s boosters turned on and she shot up.


She bumped the edge of the manhole on her way up but rather than falling, she smashed it. Violet looked around the area while dozens of meters up in the air.

-[Field scan! Mutant search! West, confirmation of mutant matching conditions!]

As soon as Gaia was done talking, Violet flew without even looking. She can look as she goes. It is cunning. She does not know when it might run away.


It is stuck to a spire. Brown with a bubble covering its entire body. It is over 4m tall. It saw Violet and quickly created more distance.

It has sensed something weird. She would normally try to run away, but she is chasing it now. It needs to be careful because she is a powerful opponent.

Bang bang!

When the spear struck down, it fell under the power. Violet increased the booster’s output of power. She does not care what happens as long as she can kill this level 5.

The chase is in a high place so the lower levels just watch and the mid levels that can climb walls chased her.

The mutants come swarming at the level 5’s roar.

They look like a swarm of ants come to catch a giant prey. There must be over 10,000 of them.

No matter how weak they are, there is no chance of winning against such numbers.

“Come on!”

The battlesuit’s sensor becomes saturated. There is no use for it to mark that any one thing is somewhere because the mutants are everywhere. Everywhere she looks, is an enemy.

“Ha ha ha!”

Violet belted out a hair-raising laugh and swept the area she decided on. It seems reckless, but she is Empress of Light who is called a crazy woman.





Park Jin Hyuk arrived first and made an interjection. Looking down from the building roof, the neighborhood below is 5 minutes from chaos.

Tens of thousands of mutants are running at something.

They are covering the floor and building. The only thing they cannot spread out over is the sky. Cha Jun Sung has never seen so many mutants in any mission he has been in either.

Skilled Lifers depreciate level 1 and 2 mutants as underlings.

But can they say that when they see this? The battlesuit’s energy and stamina from body modification will run out before they can annihilate the mutants.

“Aha! Die!”

The spear’s trajectory goes through the air and that siege spreads in waves.

“Who is that woman? She laughs while killing mutants. She must be crazy.”

“How would I know?”

Cha Jun Sung feigned ignorance when Park Jin Hyuk asked him. This is to be his first time seeing Violet as well. He cannot act like he knows who she is.

‘She’s getting pushed back.’

Violet is being overwhelmed. They had come running as soon as they heard the explosion, but it had taken a few hours. It seems like the battle has gotten pretty far along in that time.

The amount of corpses around her is increasing. It is like they are piling up. But more came running at her, stepping over the dead ones.

“Empress of Light?”

Koharu watches Violet with her sharp eyes. She recognizes her. Her incisive spearmanship and anomalous attacks, even her flaming madness.

On the premise this is a woman, this can only be one person.

Cha Jun Sung pretended to be surprised enough. He has poor acting skills, but Koharu did not notice. He could not handle doing something he was not used to.

“Woah! I’ve heard about her. She’s the top female ranker.”

Koharu glared. Park Jin Hyuk flinched and pretended to do something else.

Whether with men or women, no one likes to be compared to others. Though indirectly, he had noted that Violet is stronger than Koharu.

“How dangerous. She’s a candle flame in front of wind.”

“We’ll have to help.”

They are looking for opportunities with levels 3 and 4 mutants.

If they launch a surprise in this chaos, they will be driven to defense at once. Park Jin Hyuk knows how to read a war situation as well. When he looks at it, it is dangerous.

“The mutants look like some kind of human army. They’re moving systematically.”

Cha Jun Sung was thinking the same thing. It may be dizzying, but it is in an orderly fashion.

Mutant is an umbrella term that humans have named them. They too are of different types and take prey or attack. They need to consider the possibility that there could be mutants that take command.

“Odin. Search for a mutant showing unique behavior. You guys too.”

It is more effective to have all 4 people do it rather than doing it by himself.

-[Northeast direction 120m, there is an unidentifiable signal coming from a mutant on the facade of a towering building. It seems to be of the systemic family.]

The helpers check the location. It comes up on the screen inside their helmets.


Cha Jun Sung saw the mutant and said its name. It is weak in battle, but it is a tricky one to deal with. Higher levels cannot withstand its control.

“It must have put in months of work to control such a large scale of mutants?”

There are several tens of thousands. Not even a level 6 would be able to get all of them under control in an instant. Since it is lacking in ability, it has worked with time and effort.

“Jin Hyuk. Check the mutants on the roof. Shoot and kill as many as you can.”


Park Jin Hyuk stares at the battlefield. It is a horde. The entire city is a target. There is no issue for Kyoko, who is not a sniper, either. They will hit their targets even if their eyes are closed.

“Koharu, kill the level 3 and 4s.”

“What are you going to do?”


Cha Jun Sung put the Wolf Kill over his shoulder. People should by all means do what they are best at. If roles become warped, it would be better not to do anything.

“Wreak havoc. Hercules, block anything coming at Jin Hyuk from the center.”

“Mission confirmed!”

Cha Jun Sung flies up. The impact from his departure cracks the roof. Koharu looked at the remaining 2 people and dove in among the mutants.

“Kyoko, do you know how to snipe?”


“Just shoot.”

Park Jin Hyuk took the sniper rifle he used in the beginning out of his space compression bag. The power is okay. This is enough to take out this swarm.


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