LM Volume 4 Chapter 110

Volume 4 / Chapter 110

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Cha Jun Sung’s group looks over a small town from a high hill. It looks like a place where only dozens of people live. Something is roaring from within it.

Whenever it yells, it becomes quiet everywhere. Everything is scared of this parent object. It is a level 5. How does Cha Jun Sung know? Because the Empress of Light is there.

They would hear the sound of explosive bombs in this quiet. Judging by how they do not hear any, she must be resting.

She will take resting periods often since she is going through this mission solo. It is expected that the battlesuit’s energy will fall quickly and her personal energy consumption will also be that much.

“I guess a special mission is going to ring the second we step foot in there.”

Park Jin Hyuk looks at the town and stroked his arms. Anyone who looks at it can say that it is a level C. He estimated the reward points to be in the hundreds of thousands.

“One day.”

“One day?”

“Huh? I was talking to myself.”

Cha Jun Sung had not realized that he was talking to himself and spoke aloud. The distance was to take 2 days but it had taken 4 because of the mutant. The time they have left is 1 day.

On the way here, they had gotten through 2 level D missions and 1 level C. They do gather a lot of points but they are all one-hits, so they cannot be considered jackpot.

Basic items in the level C store go for around 3 million points. If there is something they consider useful, it can go from 5 million to 10 million like the battlesuit.

Expenditure increases with income. What they need to buy after the battlesuit is level C weaponry. This takes up 7 to 8 million points.

Currently, Cha Jun Sung’s group only has about 300,000 points. They have to go back to the beginning and gather points.

“Jun Sung, should we rest here today?”

“Let’s do that.”

Since they have discovered the town, there is no reason why they need to follow the path. If they jump down from the cliff and go straight, they will arrive in a few hours.

Cha Jun Sung’s group sat anywhere on the ground. As long as they have food, they can sleep anywhere. The battlesuits block all external elements.

Everyone charges their battlesuits. If they want to maintain 100%, they need to get in the habit of doing so. Even if they do not go into battle.

Energy is being consumed even while they are sitting still.

“Kyoko. Once we enter that town, you need to take care of your own body. Got it?”

“I got it!”

“I don’t know how many points it’ll be worth, but it won’t be like Terrain of Infection Trees.”

He said ‘200,000 points’ in his head. There will be 1 or 2 level 5s. With that amount of power, they can take care of it even without Empress of Light.

“Koharu and I…..”

Bang bang bang!

When Cha Jun Sung was about to continue speaking, they heard a series of bombs going off under the hill. There is a weak flash of light.

“The town!”

“Is there a Lifer?”

Cha Jun Sung looked. If it is the sound of Empress of Light fighting, does that mean she is starting to fight now and that her life will be in danger after a day?

“What do you want to do?”

“We have to go! It’s the first time we’re entering another Lifer’s mission!”

He is right. This is the first of this type of instance. It is worthy of excitement for Park Jin Hyuk and the sisters. They think that they could experience something fun.

“If that’s what you guys think. But don’t get in contact before I do.”


Park Jin Hyuk jumped from the cliff. Cha Jun Sung and the sisters threw their bodies right away. They can activate their boosters as they fall and decrease the speed.

“Shall we go meet the Crazy Woman?”

He is excited to see what kind of ranker she is.




My name is Violet Florence. British and 28 years old! A beautiful young lady. You think I won’t be?

Will you be able to look at me properly and say that?

There isn’t a man that I haven’t been able to successfully seduce. I could fill an entire subway with the men who have followed me around and there still wouldn’t be enough space.

We didn’t meet for long periods of time. They peed their pants when they found out who I am.

I’m like a leech? I’m empty-headed? Don’t be so full of yourself! I majored in Administration at Oxford! Until last year, I handled my clan’s ledgers.

I quit that now. Huh? Accounting is really boring. It feels like my eyeballs are going to fall out from looking at numbers all day.

Oh! I’d be grateful if you excuse my language. Our clan is on the rough side.

The clan also wanted me to quit that stuff so I could do something that would help me contribute more. I welcomed it with both arms wide open too because it is what I had wanted.

What do I like to do? Do you know about a game called Life Mission? This Violet is pretty famous – no – really famous as a ranker.

Among 36 rankers, in 1st place of the females. 3rd place even when looking at the entire ranking. This game was my only lifeblood. And then that happened.

One day, Life Mission suddenly became reality. There is no way to figure out the cause, so I’ll skip explaining the process.

For the first few months, the clan, Lifers, and I all wandered. It doesn’t make common sense or scientific sense.

Anyway, the situation gradually stabilized and I started revving the engine. I’m Empress of Light. My pride wouldn’t allow me to fall behind others.

I mostly did solo missions but if I was lacking in power, I would enter missions with people from my clan. There’s no reason to do it with people I don’t know.

My brothers and uncles are not averse to killing mutants because they live in a world where they shoot guns often. And we work well together.

I went forward little by little, completed the level D advance mission, and even went into level C. A lot of people died, but I think that there was nothing to do about that.

‘The gains are as much as blood is spilled’ is my clan’s motto.

I opened level C missions but didn’t dare try them out? So I did manual labor and succeeded in buying the battlesuit about 1 month ago.

My clan supports me with most of the basic gear, so it was easy to gather points.

Was there a bliss from experiencing a new world that I had only been able to see in virtual reality, in real life? I completed the level D advance mission in just 1 day.

And then I made a try at level C. The clan said that they would get a force together and that I should go in together, but I just went in saying that I could handle it on my own!

Because of that conceit, I faced the greatest danger in my life. I don’t regret it though. As a result, I was able to meet them.





Violet curses. Her face is covered by the helmet, but her current psychological state is that of nervousness and anxiety.

She had not underestimated the mission. She had not even thought that she would be able to complete it easily. But this level of difficulty was beyond her expectations.

“Should I have entered with a force? No. I’m pretty sure we would have all died together.”

Violet is certain. Level C cannot be handled with quantity. It needs to be resolved with quality. Even if she had been in a force, the outcome would not have been different.

The clan’s talent is made up of people who are good enough to come into level C.

Immediately? No! They need time before they can do that. If they are pushed into a mission before they are ready, they will die before they can do anything.

Violet sets up a booby trap. It is a time when she can use anything.

A few weeks ago, she had entered thinking that she can quit the mission if she cannot complete it. Levels 1 through 4 do not pose problems. It is because of the level 5.

It is weak for a level 5, but it is very intellectual. It is almost at human standards. It commanded the mutants in the city.

Hitting and retreating is the strategy that Violet needs to use but here, it is the strategy that the mutants use. They distributed the power and cut down on the battlesuit’s energy.

There is no way they know that, but it seems they are trying to drain the opponent of her strength. It is working. Anything that came at her died, but she only has a few chargers left.

Beep beep!

She finished setting everything like the Claymores up. Violet has been hidden away at the end of the sewer for a few days. The odds are against her on the ground.

It is not a situation where she can go around and find mutants to kill. She lasted as long as she could and waited for a chance to counterattack. It is a small relief that the attacks have diminished.

The battlesuit has finished charging. She knows because she has experienced it. If she leaves the battlesuit fully charged like this, she can last at least a day among even merciless attacks.

“I’m going to go crazy. The mission is blocked. At this rate, am I really going to die?”

The mission needs to be opened up if there is to be re-entry. If it is blocked, it means that the helpers think there is still a chance for Violet.

“Gaia, can’t you open up the mission for me? I can’t get through this alone.”

-[It is impossible. With Lifer Violet’s skills and items, you can last 3 more days. It may be possible to open up the mission then.]

You damned girl!

3 days? She would be able endure until then. After that? She needs to receive help whenever she can. She does not want to do it when her life is on the line.


Violet took the battlesuit off. The compactly configured lines folded and went into the alloys making up the shell’s defense.

The folded shape is strange but it looks like a backpack.

Of course, it is not the size of the average backpack. There is no way that could happen with the volume. It is just a way to describe it. It is almost twice the size of a person’s body.

“Only leave the sensor on.”

-[Sensor activated.]

Violet looked at the battlesuit and sighed. She has to go to such lengths to save energy. This is making the Empress of Light lose face.


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