LM Volume 4 Chapter 109

Volume 4 / Chapter 109

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Koharu whizzes by in a zig zag between the hunter’s legs. Light red blood flows out from the places scratched by the twin daggers.

It is thin compared to the body, but the strength is considerable. Even with twin daggers, they leave scratches at best. It might cut off if she saws at them, but she does not have the time for that.

When the hunter strikes its scythe down, it creates a hole in the ground and scatters debris everywhere. Even then, the end did not go out.

The hunter takes its wings out of its back and flies up into the sky. It cannot fly for too long because of its weight but it is threatening in its use to switch location.

If it flies into the sky, Koharu below it becomes exposed. In terms of a game, it is like a pattern that she needs to read in order to catch it.

Koharu did not overdo it in attacking it and used the booster to retreat far enough so she could respond. It is her battle style.

If meeting her as an enemy, it is a frustrating style. Since she is careful in all of her actions, she does not get caught up in a fight of numbers or when provoked.

As the hunter lowered, it settled in a spot dozens of meters away. Koharu ran at it as soon as it landed on the ground.

No matter how large it is, how thick its shell is, and how durable it is, it is not invincible. If it is hit over and over again to create wounds, any life form becomes exhausted.

The hunter however, also has a brain. Is it because it experienced the same attack multiple times? As soon as she came close, it swung the scythes around and walked backward.

It kept her from approaching it and created more distance when she was slowed down. It is an action that she cannot underestimate just because it is slow.

“They’re neck and neck.”

“It’s strangely boring.”

“I would have given it flesh for its bones, but Koharu has the type of personality where she doesn’t want to give anything when she takes. That’s why she was criticized a lot in the virtual version too.”

She does not have a refreshing big hit. She takes the enemy down with an accumulation of damage. It could be seen as a boring fight as Park Jin Hyuk said.


‘But the Empress of Light is different.’

He has never met her for himself, but he has seen her battle videos dozens of times.

Forget dog fights. She is not cowardly, but she mobilizes all methods in order to win. On top of that, she is incredible with a spear.

A spear’s specialty is mid-range. If the opponent comes closer than that distance, she does not retreat and breaks their joints or rips them apart with her teeth.

Empress of Light carries out a battle that people who do not know her would be doubtful of, as if it were nothing. Cha Jun Sung had also been bewitched while watching her.

‘Two days north, a small town before arriving at Volgograd.’

Cha Jun Sung calculated the appropriate time. Empress of Light has entered several weeks before they did. She will be happily killing mutants right about now.

She prefers solo missions. The reason is that she is well acquainted. It takes a long time until completion, but there is a generous reward in exchange for the time.

There are pros and cons to going party and solo. They can receive less points in exchange for safety and swiftness, or they can gain a ton of points by risking the danger and being later.

The interesting thing is that there are people who show greater strength when they are alone. There is nothing for them to take care of so in a dangerous situation, they only need to look after themselves.

‘That’ll be its own type of mission. Going through a level C alone was too much. She’s outnumbered.’

Empress of Light is strong. By her specifications, she does not get pushed back by a level 5.

What she is pushed back by is numbers. She can sweep through the underlings but the burly ones are hard. In simple terms, she is lacking in endurance.

It is impossible for someone acting alone to increase their endurance.

1 person cannot become 2 people. As a mission’s difficulty becomes harder, the mutants also become stronger. It is a never-ending chronic problem.

Bang bang!

As the fight between Koharu and the hunter rises, they only focus on the opponent.

There is less of a burden in a single battle with 1 mutant, but not even Cha Jun Sung has the confidence to take on a progressive mission alone.

According to research, the 500,000 point mission that the World Federation took on had 100,000 to 120,000 level 1 through 3 mutants, 50 level 4s, and 2 level 5s.

Empress of Light has taken on 200,000, which is not even half of the 500,000, and even if they say that it would be 40% of the number, it is not a level that she can handle.

No wonder she has been forced into a corner and has been placed in danger. It is an error of judgment on her part.

The hunter’s thinnest leg is cut off under Koharu’s repeated attacks. The damage is beyond regeneration.

It has been cut off but cannot be seen as great damage to a level 5. Its blood is boiling and blood and flesh is about to protrude from the wound.

Koharu focuses her attacks intensively on the leg that is cut off. Since it is before the sturdy flesh has been formed, it went cut out easily like jelly.

Besides, there is something else she is going after. It is the body’s balance.

When the hunter tried to turn its body to attack Koharu, it wobbled to the side where the balance was cut. It collapsed a small part.

It may not seem like it, but a person cannot walk properly if even a thumb or pinky toe is cut off. Everything has a role for use.

Mutants are the same. Just because a wound is weak does not mean that it does not have an effect on the body. All ends come from a start.

Koharu stepped on the back of the helper that lost its balance, and went up. She ran up and brought her twin daggers down on its big eyes.

Insects’ eyes are compounded. Their sight is wide, so they can detect attacks from behind without trouble. The hunter did not miss that moment either.

The hunter’s joint folds abnormally and it falls down. There is a deluge of scythes. If hit, one can be skewered from the head.

She takes steps. Left, right, front, back – Koharu dances. She is avoiding attacks that could grind whole cars by a sliver.

Koharu stabbed both the hunter’s eyes and quickly jumped down.


“Koharu! It’s dangerous!”

Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko scream. The hunter put up full defenses. It could switch direction if there is any place to take a step, but it is the air.

-[Reverse booster activated! Output rate 30%, distancing from enemy field of command.]

The booster attached on her arms and legs turned to the reverse and instantly flew Koharu up. An afterimage appeared, and the hunter ripped that afterimage.

There are 2 boosters on her back, 2 each on her elbows and ankles, for a total of 6.

It is possible to transform to the desired direction, so if the power output is fully activated, she can fly in the air but it is ineffective to use this continuously.

There would be nothing they could do if they need to create a dogfight for whatever reason, but they need to save their energy in case there is a ground battle like the one they are in now.

Koharu retreated and used all of her strength to throw the twin daggers.

The hunter brandishes its scythes. It missed one of the daggers because of a pain of its eye ripping, and the other dug back into the eye.

The vibrating function is on. The dagger in its eye kept shaking and widened the wound. They cannot imagine how painful it is.

It cannot regenerate until the dagger has been pulled out. There is no point in its trying.


“What is that?”

The hunter lifts its scythe and digs out its own eyeball. Koharu was trying to pick up the dagger from the ground, and was surprised. She did not know that it would go to such lengths!

The hunter becomes angry and struck down at Koharu’s back. It can only see the woman who caused it great suffering. It is half out of its mind.

Cha Jun Sung interfered. The booster with output rate of 100% moved him above the hunter’s head within moments. It was almost like teleportation.

The Wolf Kill penetrated through the thick shell and bones to stab the brain. She had been surprised when she saw it digging out its own eye, but she did not let her guard down and moved out of the way.

While it was stuck in the brain, Cha Jun Sung moved the Wolf Kill forward so it emerged, splitting the hunter’s head. It still does not die and is only in a craze.

“Took you off guard, didn’t it?”


“I didn’t know that it would dig its own eyes out either. It might have been able to act in response because it could watch the battle.”

Koharu went to the hunter, sprawled out and trembling in anger. Letting her guard down is one thing, and she needs to end it now. Of course it would die even if she left it alone.

-[You have earned 120,000 points and 40,000 achievement points. You have earned 100,000 reward points and 50,000 achievement points for completing the mission.]

220,000 and 90,000. Is this the class of level C? It is incredible considering she caught 1 mutant. Everything had been possible because they had the battlesuits.

The hunter is in the lower ranks of level 5. Koharu did not show it, but her pride was hurt. She struggled this much with a lower rank.

“You can win, right?”

“There is 17% left of the battlesuit’s energy level. 2 would be difficult.”

She can win if they fight again, but 2 of them is too much. She could do something about it if she puts her life on the line, but beyond that is impossible.

“We can fill in whatever we’re lacking slowly by upgrading. Don’t be discouraged.”

Cha Jun Sung would have finished it faster than she did. The Wolf Kill’s power could get through the hunter’s shell more effectively than her twin daggers could.

Koharu only has one disadvantage. She has trouble getting the upper hand against mutants with strong defense. She will need to change her weapons to something more powerful.

Koharu takes a square object out of her space compression bag. It is a disposable charger for her battlesuit. If she leaves it plugged in, it will supplement.

Pew pew!

“What are you doing?”


Park Jin Hyuk shoots the Head Hunter at the hunter’s corpse. The explosive embeds in the skin and makes blood splatter out, but the wound is not deep. It is just a scratch.


The bomb goes off and a part of the corpse becomes sunken in. A large piece of flesh falls off. Even still, Park Jin Hyuk’s frown remains.

“Hm. I would have suffered if I fought this too. Look at its defense. It’s like a turtle.”

The hunter puts all of its trust in its scythes and sturdy shell, and does not take defensive behavior. It starts by attacking and ends by attacking.

Cha Jun Sung scratched his cheek at Park Jin Hyuk’s complaint. Even if he says that, he would have been fighting ferociously.

“It’s a bit boring for a level C, so shall we go around and earn points?”

The destination is already decided. They can warm up until they meet Empress of Light. If they want to complete a 200,000 point mission, they need to get fired up.


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