LM Volume 4 Chapter 108

Volume 4 / Chapter 108

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Cha Jun Sung hit the shins of a Tairoque coming at him from the side.

The legs made of knotted muscles breaks in one blow. It could not believe what it was seeing as its fierce eyes looked surprised. Tairoques are level 3.

It has the intense strength and durable body like a Krollion, but it is appropriately twice as strong because it is of a higher level. But Cha Jun Sung had destroyed it like a bug.


The booster went into action from the battlesuit’s elbow and creates a hole on the Tairoque’s face. It had added strength to his direct assault.

He did not even take out the Wolf Kill. He could feel the fun of beating it with his bare hands. The strong level 3 fell to the ground. It is too weak.

Koharu took her twin daggers and sweeps through hundreds of level 2s. Every time she passed one, its head rolled off its neck.

She pursues a clean battle. Whether she slices them up or cuts their heads off, it is the same that they die. She saves her strength and only aims for the vitals.

There is a sharp sound and something comes flying behind Koharu. It is a disgusting tongue, wet with sticky mucous.

Koharu turns and swings the dagger. The tongue is cut off and spews blood. People do not have eyes on the back of their heads, but battlesuits do.

A full defense sensor monitors the danger of a constant radius and shows this to the wearer on a real-time screen.

Unless they are inattentive, level 1 through 3 are massacred.


“It’s loud!”

“It’s here.”

Par Jin Hyuk looks to where the sound is coming from. The Tairoque’s evolved form, Tairos, comes at them while toppling over any building in its way.

It will be extremely angry because they have killed its subordinates and made its home into a mess. There must be a wife or child among these too.

It is incredibly strong as a true body-oriented mutant should be. On its way, it pulled an iron street lamp. It is going to use it in substitution for a weapon.

“Hold out… for a little.”

-[60% of battle core deployed.]

-[Mutant scan! Height 4.95m, estimated weight 1.5t, judging by the shaking of its muscles, killing it with a blow is difficult and must use the Wolf Kill!]

“If I have to use the Wolf Kill against a mere level 4, what do I use against a level 5?”

He said that and it does not matter whether he uses it or not, but it is a matter of pride. He is sure that he needs to get a level 4 with his bare hands in order to be able to take on a level 5.

Cha Jun Sung approaches the Tairos. It swung the street lamp around so he could not come near. A massive sound tickles his ears.

-[Distance from Tairos 7.6m, it is the distance to avoid being hit with the street lamp.]


Stone powder sprays from a building hit with the street lamp. It would have been tricky to take it on if he had only had body modifications. It is a power that could kill him if he is hit.

-[Repeated swinging, calculating route. Now! Dig through!]

The routes to attack Tairos were marked in blue on the hologram. They are a little different, but most of them wield to the same place.

Odin’s wielding showed a small gap and went a signal. Now is the time.

Cha Jun Sung ran toward the gap. He has not configured the overbooster yet so there was a frustrating feeling, but he does have the battlesuit.

-[Impulse 4.5t! The battlesuit’s left shoulder is weakly broken.]

“Ack! Damn it!”

He had gone in, but it seems he had not matched to the signal well. Cha Jun Sung was hit by the street lamp, flew dozens of feet, and became embedded deep in a building.

“Wow! It’s a homerun!”

“Jun Sung!”

Before the street lamp hit the battlesuit, a mechanical grain in nanometric units strengthened the external elasticity and reduced the shock he received as much as possible.

“This asshole!”

Cha Jun Sung jumped out of the building and ran at the Tairos without looking back. The Tairos thought him stupid and swung the street lamp around again.

“I’ll smash you to pieces.”

The street lamp flying down collided with Cha Jun Sung’s kick. He thought that he would be pushed back by weight and location, so he used the booster for high speed too.

The street lamp as thick as his thigh is bent at a 90 degree angle, but Cha Jun Sung is still fine. It does its 10 million points worth.

Cha Jun Sung leapt. He jumped nearly 8m and leaned his body horizontally to strike from on top of the Tairos’ head.

There is the sound of its skull cracking. Its mouth is shut and a few teeth the size of a fist come out with blood.

The Tairos’ brain was shaken and it stumbled as it lost its balance, and fell to its knees. It suddenly became eye level with Cha Jun Sung.

“It’s not over. This time, I’ll take your eyes not your teeth.”

It does not understand the human language. Even if it could, it could not respond because it is looking at another world.

Cha Jun Sung hit the Tairos’ temple with a high kick. The temporal bone could not withstand the shock, and its eyeballs burst. This is a deadly hit.

The giant collapses. As the bones broke, it wounded the brain as well. It is as good as dead since it cannot function. And it will really die.

Cha Jun Sung’s hand went into the burst eye, and ripped the brain.

-[You have earned 20,000 points and 12,000 achievement points.]

He had killed it with his bare hands as he had decided he would. They must have been generous with the achievement points because it had been a one-on-one battle. 60% is the limit for achievement points. They do not give more than this.

The lower level mutants run away when the level 4 dies. They fully recognize that these people are stronger than them. They may be dumb, but they know fear.

‘We need to get over the wall, but how do I explain it? Should I just suggest it?’

The wall that Cha Jun Sung needs to get over is the east wall. They had decided on a direction and come this way, but he could not think of a reason to give them.

“This is no fun. Do you want to try going over the wall? Should we try out a level C special mission?”

It is a standard tactic. It is a city where the front is blocked. There is no excuse to climb it.

“Let’s go.”


“I said let’s go. As long as we have the battlesuits, it’s easy to run away. Let’s try it out!”

“Forget you.”

Cha Jun Sung ignored Park Jin Hyuk’s opinion. He is always like that. Cha Jun Sung looked at Koharu and Kyoko. Their thoughts are more important.

“I think it’s okay.”

“I did want to try out a level C, so it’s a good thing.”

He had received permission.




Cha Jun Sung goes over the wall. The height is not really a problem. As long as nothing is blocking them and it is just high, they can even get over hundreds of meters.

There are many ways to do it, whether they climb up or use their strength to break it down.

Because it is dark, it is dreary outside the wall. Strictly speaking, it is the same inside and outside the wall. It is a world where mutants are everywhere.

It is a harsh environment for a weak human to walk around in without protection.

“Odin, location.”

-[932. 35. Setting direction coordination. Setting complete.]

If they go around randomly, they will get lost or be placed in a dangerous situation. It is helpful in many ways to set a direction in advance.

The basic battlesuit raises a Lifer’s attack power to level 5 or 6.

This is just attack power. The additional features are invaluable. In the virtual, nothing had been more important than the battlesuit.

“Let’s not wander off anywhere else, and get on the road. I’m sure something will come out on the way.”

-[A mutant will come out.]

“Are you criticizing me? Why? You should just tell me to die. Keep your mouth shut like you used to.”

Once they open level C missions and purchase battlesuits, helpers’ artificial intelligence is injected and they can speak with Lifers.

Whenever he can, Odin insists on reading the notepad that Cha Jun Sung acquired during a mission. He will not quit even though several months have passed.

Cha Jun Sung’s booster shoots out fireworks. He crosses his arms and leaves his body to the power that pushes him. He went straight out as though he were on rollerblades.

While on the move, he repaired the left shoulder that the Tairos had damaged. He cannot see them, but micro robots are stuck on everywhere.

“We should go too.”


The road is a straight line. The mission area is Russia, the largest country in the world, so the size of the road is incomparable to the narrow ones of Korea.

The surroundings pass by rapidly. The speed is 100km/h. They did not move themselves, but relied on the booster’s fastest speed.

Assuming that there are no obstacles and it is just a straight line, their bodies could overheat and approach the speed of sound. They are becoming living bullets.

Once Cha Jun Sung completed the overmode that he had used in the virtual version, it broke through the sound of speed no matter what whether it was straight or on a curve.

If he attacks while leaving an afterimage with that incredible speed, a level 7 would not be able to respond properly and it would take a level 8 to counter it.

Of course, those kinds of parts are not in the level C store. They would not be in the level B store either. He cannot remodel it even if he sells it using the effect of his body modifications.

If the average person uses even the basic shape, it brings excessive pressure on the windpipe. Everything has a corresponding cost.

Koharu watched Cha Jun Sung going out at the head. He is reliable and cool. He is attractive as the captain of their party and as a man.

She and Kyoko did not say that they would go over the wall without reason. Under that decision is their trust in Cha Jun Sung’s judgment.

Cha Jun Sung does act rather harshly at times, but there is always a reason for his actions. They are actions to advance step by step.

They believe that he asked to go over the wall because he has his own assurance of the matter. If they are his party members, they have to have at least that much faith in him.

‘If it’s the 4 of us, we’ll be able to get a level 6. The time to face it has come.’

The official reason for them to trust Cha Jun Sung is the personal reason in their confidence ‘To beat a level 6. It’s time to face it.’

Excluding non-combat personnel Kyoko, everyone has the ability to take on a level 5 one-on-one. If the 3 of them combine their strength? Then they can take on a level 6.

If they cannot fight it, they can run away. If they run away while wearing the battlesuit, there is no guarantee that even a level 7 can catch them. They will leave it because it is a bother.

Lifers constantly go between life and death during missions. But there is that certain point where they can say ‘That moment is most dangerous.’

Most people will say it is the advance missions. They are not wrong, but it is ambiguous to say that they are right. Then when is it the most dangerous?

It is when they quit what they are used to and make an attempt at something new.

Take a look. Lifers gave up on their normal lives and attempted level E.

They tried out level D as soon as they got used to it, and then level C as soon as they got used to that. From now on, this kind of phenomenon will come about repeatedly.

The way Koharu sees it, it has been a long time since their party has passed the ability to take on level D. It makes sense because they could each complete it alone.

It is a wonder that they have not yet attempted level C, but they mean to do their best since they have decided to go in no matter how anomalous it is.

Cha Jun Sung was going without hesitation in the front when he stopped the booster all of a sudden. The party members following behind him had no choice but to stop as well.

“We’ll have to keep our guards up.”

“What is it?”

A large and dark figure is blocking the middle of the road. There is 1. They sped up for some time and the mission changed twice.

Special missions are applied when the difficulty becomes harder than when they first entered. It has not been applied until now because the changes have not been more difficult.

If a mission is changed, it is updated to a new version so it is possible to have an infinite mission as long as they do not return. However, Lifers do not use it often.

They can gather a lot of points, but the level of danger is high because they need to go around to a lot of places. If they make a mistake, they can be put in a situation that is impossible to deal with.

As the mission was updated, it triggered a special mission. This means that the mutant in front of them cannot be placed on the border of level D.

-[Mission update, level C special mission ‘8 Scythe Hunter’ has been activated.]

-[Level C mission: 8 Scythe Hunter] [Goal: Annihilation]

-[Description: The Hunter of darkness who has 8 scythes lives in West Russia, Volgograd. It enjoys slaughter and is wandering around alone again today, imagining the blood it will get on its scythe.] [Reward: 100,000 points. Lucky box.]

It is an unexpected special mission. Rather than feeling strained, Cha Jun Sung welcomed it. Level Cs go from 100,000 to 2 million points. 8 Scythe Hunter is 100,000.

It will be over once they kill one level 5 without having to go through a difficult process.

He had said that he could fight a level 5 but had never done it before, so this is his chance to practice without interference from others.

“It’s a 8 Scythe Black Fox.”

Its overall movement is slow but the speed it swings its 8 scythes with is murderous. It is a mutant with an attack focused on defense.

It hides during the daytime and only leaves its home at night when it can take advantage of its protective coloration. Even if it is not hungry, it kills for fun.

It must be at least 8m. To the height of its head alone, it is half a size larger than the Tairos.

It resembles a praying mantis so its body extends straight out to the back and the dozens of legs sustaining its body makes it seem larger.

“Jin Hyuk, you want to try fighting it?”


Park Jin Hyuk waved his hand and refused. Because he is scared? Not a chance!

If he uses the battlesuit for a ranged combat, he could dry it out and kill it. Scythes might be a weapon in close encounters, but appearances are deceptive.

“Looking at how thick and sturdy its shell looks, it’ll be too much trouble to kill it with explosive bombs. It’d be better for you or Koharu to take it.”

He could win but the problem is that it could take a long time.

“I’ll try it.”

Park Jin Hyuk whistled. The person to take a step forward is Koharu.

When she was falling behind in body modifications, she had not been able to behave fittingly for her name, Amhu. She will prove her strength with a battle against a level 5.

The 8 Scythe Black Fox looked at Koharu and raises its scythes. Its arms are in different locations, so the directions of attack are also different. She needs to pay attention to 8 lines of defense at the same time.

“Artemis, scan it and analyze its actions in real-time.”

-[Mutant scan! Height 8.2m, estimated weight 8t. Analyzing state.]

Battlesuits may be excellent, but it is not capable of doing everything. It cannot find weaknesses just by completing a scan.

It gains information during battle and analyzes that to find solutions.

Battlesuit Artemis finished all of the preparations it could do itself. After this, Koharu needs to face it and figure it out for herself.

-[Battle core 80% deployed! Full defense sensor, booster, defense equipment at full capacity! Enemy systemic muscle contraction! 100% chance attack upon entering!]

It is a staggering level 5. Koharu turned all of the battlesuit’s battle systems on. There is severe energy consumption, but she cannot fight if she saves on it.

Cha Jun Sung went behind the hunter. Even if it acts alone, he is watching in case another mutant appears. Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko also left the combat radius.

“Give it your best.”

“Don’t worry.”

Koharu looks at Cha Jun Sung and laughs. The party members cannot see her smile because of the helmet, but they can sense it.

The explosion from the booster that received 80% energy goes through the silence in the dark. At the same time, she disappeared.


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