LM Volume 4 Chapter 107

Volume 4 / Chapter 107

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If they take in a lot of members at the same time, they could end up not being able to handle it.

Due to this, he repeatedly considered who to decide on but choosing the level C mission was relatively easy. It is something he had been resolved to get done.

The Closed Area, where he had felt the fear that he could die during the tutorial!

Caicus is at the top of level 5 and there are 600,000 reward points. The hints also summarize what he needs and what he needs to be careful of.

Apparently, 4 or 5 Lifers with battlesuits were plenty to take it on.

“Empress of Light.”

Of the 6 female rankers, she is the strongest and in 3rd place of all of the 36 rankers. Her other nickname:

“Crazy Woman.”

Crazy Woman, Empress of Light.

She never lets go once she gets a hold of something until death – no – even after death. The notorious Crazy Woman is the first party member who Cha Jun Sung is going to enlist.

It is written that she tries to go through a 200,000 level C mission by herself and is put in danger. The date that is written is in a few months.

It says that if he appears then and helps her, he will be able to gain her goodwill. She only knew about Cha Jun Sung through rumors because she acted mostly in Europe.

It tells him to go into the mission however he wants to, whether it is by going into a blocked mission or going through a nearby mission. However he decides to do it, his first person to recruit is Empress of Light.



Lifers appeared in a wide open summons gate. 2 men, 2 women, and 1 cyborg. It is Cha Jun Sung and his party.

Cha Jun Sung did not look around as he normally did and left the safe area without hesitation. The party members did not show any wariness either.

It seems like they did not even think that there could be a surprise attack from hidden mutants. From their behavior alone, they had no nerve.

“Level D is dull. Would Kyoko also be able to complete it with just weapons?”

Park Jin Hyuk spoke with his arms crossed. There is no tension to be found in him.

It is not a normal level D, but a 20,000 point advance mission like with the Dead Ark. He is so calm he is about to yawn.

“I think it’s a successful conclusion. Level D and E won’t come unless absolutely necessary.”

The amount of points obtained starting from level C is unimaginable. The lowest reward points is 100,000 and they can gain up to anywhere from 2 million to 2.5 million.

Though there is a difference between levels D and E, there is not a huge deviation in points. Completing a level C in one try guarantees an enormous amount of points.

They had crossed a boundary where they could no longer beat the quality in quantity.

The Terrain of Infection Trees that Cha Jun Sung had happened to complete had 1.8 million reward points. If it had been done under normal circumstances, it would have been worth 9 million.

It is a suicide mission if the Lifer’s abilities do not match up but if they do, it is more effective than going through dozens of lower level missions.

From the point of completing Terrain of Infection Trees, a whole season whizzed by.

Cha Jun Sung and the surviving Lifers’ abilities advanced as much as well. Not too long ago, the World Federation was targeting 500,000 points.

The members are incredible. There are 15 out of the 36 rankers. Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin are included there as well. They both possess battlesuits.

Achievement is not counted in reward points until level D but from C, achievement points are distributed with mission completion as well. Terrain of Infection Trees had a great effect.

The offer came to Cha Jun Sung too, but he had refused it. The large guilds of each country are trying to make attempts at level C missions but they were getting fully ready.

However, they had not been able to move the preparation into practice due to the absence of the battlesuit.

Not even large guilds can acquire battlesuits easily when they require 10 million points and 2 million achievement points. It is on a different level from the items they have seen until now.

Cha Jun Sung turned down the proposals because due to the notepad, he does not have to rely on large groups. If he makes up his mind, he can try a 500,000 point mission too.

It is true. Cha Jun Sung and all of his party members have battlesuits.

Park Jin Hyuk purchased it first out of the 4 of them. It is a definite result because he only gathers points without having to invest in Hercules like Cha Jun Sung does.

Park Jin Hyuk bought a battlesuit and repeatedly went into level D advance missions with Cha Jun Sung. He only watched in case of emergency situations, and pushed all of the points to Cha Jun Sung.

The party’s power became excessively strong. Level D missions are not pleasing for Park Jin Hyuk any more. Like the World Federation, he wanted to try out a level C.

‘If you want to meet Empress of Light, it’ll be good for you to leave the area of this mission.’

Cha Jun Sung went into a level D for no reason in order to meet Empress of Light. D-day is in 4 days. He needs to find her in that time.

He did not tell the party members about the notepad. It is not because he does not trust them. It is just easier to keep the secret if he is the only person who knows about it.


-[Battlesuit interlocking complete. Connecting helper, connection complete. Starting field scan.]

When the helmet wrapped around Cha Jun Sung’s face, his vision changed computationally.

The battlesuit connected to the helper’s artificial intelligence and relayed to him the information of everything Cha Jun Sung could see.

The distance from objects were marked numerically and his physical ability magnifies by multiples as it has received assistance from the machine. The world looked easy to him.

There is a small hologram of Cha Jun Sung rotating in the corner so that he can check on his own state at any time.

This parascientific creation that is arranged scrupulously like muscles is protecting Cha Jun Sung’s body like iron. A bullet cannot even leave a scratch.

Even if he is hit with a bomb of low firepower, it will be blocked by lowering impulse or increasing external strength. This is what the battlesuit is.

-[Completed field scan of up to 200m radius. Transferring map.]

Cha Jun Sung checks the map. There are red dots marked everywhere. Mutants. The goal of this mission is to find Empress of Light.

-[Zephyrus, Artemis, and Aphrodite are transferring map information.]

“Combine them and show me.”

It became much bigger when the 4 were combined. If the notepad is right, they need to climb the wall and get out of the city. That is where she is.

The front of this city is surrounded by a wall that is 10m high. It was supposed to block mutants, but it had ended up trapping the citizens as well.

“Shall we get going?”


Cha Jun Sung steps off the ground. It leaves a clear mark on the concrete ground and his body is pushed forward. He flies out dozens of meters with every jump.

He could not control the battlesuit at first and had to go through trial and error.

Forget fighting, he was having difficulty controlling his strength. It has been a few weeks since he has been able to control the battlesuit freely.

“I’m Superman!”

“Are you a kid?”

Park Jin Hyuk follows Cha Jun Sung in a Superman pose. Kyoko scolded him for being immature and Koharu was quiet.

Is it because they were making too much noise? Ugly mutants start showing up from everywhere. It would have been better if they had remained hidden, but they had just shortened their lives.


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