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Volume 4 / Chapter 106

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There is an environmentally friendly park connected to the luxury housing complex that Cha Jun Sung lives in, and it receives fees from outsiders who want to enter.

Unlike open parks, it is stylish and there is a grand dignity to it. There are even security guards installed in each area.

With its safety and amenities for visitors, it is commonly used for residents to exercise or chat in, or for couples as a date spot.

Cha Jun Sung sat comfortably on a bench he purchased as an official.

Benches are divided into public and non-public. Non-public benches can only be used by the residents who purchased them for a certain amount of time along with their families.

They are created in the shape of booths, so they block outside interference if needed. There are also products useful in everyday life like computers and cellphones.

There will not be any reason to, but people could even sleep inside if they wanted to.

“Looks nice.”

Cha Jun Sung looks past the glass.

He does not see very many residents. The majority are couples, and then there are single men and women in their twenties. It is not the case with all, but a few have the same intentions.

Their goal is to become entangled with a rich man or woman in this rich neighborhood.

Even now, pretty and empty-headed women are glancing over at Cha Jun Sung’s booth. Men are looking over with envy.

It does not matter whether he borrowed or bought it. His sitting there itself means that he is a resident. He is not the type to show off, but this is not a bad feeling.

You only live once. You are meant to enjoy it as much as you can before you go. Isn’t it nice?

Cha Jun Sung came out to the park because of the notepad he has in his hand.

He could have read it at home, but after suffering like a dog and using a lifetime’s worth of luck on the Dead Ark, he wanted to get fresh air.

It is the longest he has ever stayed in a mission.

40 days. They had not been going through a mission for 40 days but had been stuck in a gloomy situation for 40 days, which made it harder. There had been the chance that they would never return to reality again.

They cannot even prepare because they do not know when and where a special mission will be initiated. Park Jin Hyuk and Koharu’s group said that they would not even look at a level D mission for the time being.

They said that they barely got through, so they would play in level E missions until their minds and bodies were calmed. Cha Jun Sung also decided to rest for a bit and enjoy everyday life.


The points Cha Jun Sung has accumulated. He repaired Hercules for a few days and put him forward to complete Terrain of Infection Trees after many twists and turns.

Hercules had only been hit once by Red Eye, but its face had been crushed. The cervical alloys connecting its neck and back broke like straw.

The parts he had brought along had not been enough for repairs, so he had to use parts that were on the ark. If he had not done that, the cost to repair would have been tremendous.

When the threat of Red Eye and Parasite King disappeared, the level went down to C. It did not surprise him because it is information he saw on Lifer World.

The favor that Red Eye had thrown at him as a gift brought them 180 million points.

He had been doubtful but no matter how much they looked, there were no mutants. They only found the level 6 infection tree after searching all of Tonga.

The funny thing is that it was weaker than expected. It is level 6, but is not even as strong as a level 5. As it turned out, it is an aftereffect of producing infected fruits.

The infection tree needs to make up for the nutrients it lost in producing infection fruits with infestors. It has become a loner because Parasite King absorbed all of the infestors.

Since there are no infestors to gain strength from, it cannot do anything.

Cha Jun Sung’s group may not know, but Parasite King tried to take the infection tree to a new location. Infected fruits are not common delicacies to come by.

However, Red Eye had come back to tell it to leave the infection tree. He did not show it, but it was his own type of consideration.

Cha Jun Sung turned the cover of the notepad. He opens to the first page that he had looked at earlier.

-[If you can feel that I’m doing you a favor, can you take the PDA off before reading this?]

Cha Jun Sung read this and left his PDA at home before coming out. It is a warning that the content could be scanned exactly if he reads this while wearing it.

Odin said that he wanted to read it and asked for permission, but Cha Jun Sung did not let him. He would read it first and then make the decision.

[I’m sure you’re wondering who I am? Where I’m from. How I know these things. Forget me. This notepad is the end of our destiny.]

He understood it as the writer saying that he must be satisfied with the notepad and not to want anything more.

Red Eye said that he would be able to have his questions answered by meeting with Warlock, but it does not seem like Warlock is the one that wrote this.

The notepad excluded any idle talk and was organized into chapters. Cha Jun Sung’s interest increases. What is it that he wants to tell him?




He opened to Attack. The mission names, descriptions, and attack strategy are written for missions from level C to A. But the strategies are not that detailed.

Simple hints? He was unsure of level A and B because he has not opened those yet, but there are level C missions that he saw on his PDA.

It could be disobliging, but Cha Jun Sung thought that this much is adequate.He might have been disappointed if every single thing had been explained.

One cannot advance by just leaning on others. There is no growth without hardship and adversity. But that does not mean that he wants to face a crisis of death.

“I’ll have to do the overall on my own. If I dig into the hints well enough, there will be less risk.”

He will accept an appropriate amount of help. He cannot pack lives in multiples as if they are clothing. He must keep this in mind. It is okay to rely on strategy a little.

Cha Jun Sung was buried in the notepad for hours. If Attack gave hints, Colleagues separated into targets of recruitment and avoidance.

There were unexpected people mixed into both sides, but recruitment has more gravity of importance and avoidance has well-known figures.

-[Some aren’t in the avoidance group just because they are bad people. That is the case with the majority, but there are people who unintentionally harm the party.]

-[Once Mechanic City opens, you’ll run into him often even if you don’t want to. I hope you won’t create a bond. There is no benefit in conversing with him.]

-[Even though I say this, it is inevitable that you will meet. Then I’ll say it again. Kill him on the spot. Don’t keep your humanity. Don’t you need to eradicate the pests?]

There are also routes to contact recruitment targets. There is a motley of methods. It says that these people will not betray their colleagues and protect them.

Cha Jun Sung read this part with concentration. It is better to have more allies. Even better if they are allies that he can trust. They are more valuable than points.

“This is weird. I’m sure it’s been matched to me since it was given to me, but it feels like I wrote it.”

He said it, but he did not take it seriously. Who on earth would think that their future selves in another world sent something to them?

Cha Jun Sung did not imagine that kind of thought in the first place.

Information had the type of things that Lifers would miss. There were more than what Cha Jun Sung knows like the activation of special missions and conditions of helper intervention.

The 3 chapters filled in the gaps of what Cha Jun Sung knows. This is a big deal. He could understand why the helper was excluded.

Helpers are Life Mission operators. This notepad, which breaks the rules, is a bug. It is obvious that the helper would try to fix this bug.

That world is also reality, so he does not know how they will fix it but that is not his problem. Placing any type of restriction is a penalty in itself.

-[Don’t even try a level C mission if you don’t have a battlesuit. You’ll die.]

He was thinking that anyway. He cannot face it while placing all of his trust in his body modifications. He was certain now. Making a blind attempt is a suicide mission.

-[There’s something that Lifers are mistaken about, but buses, parties, and forces can only help you advance to level C. Anyone can get up to there.]

-[Starting with level C advancement, there’s a thing called level of contribution. Without this, it isn’t considered mission completion even if someone goes along with others.]

It means that Life Mission will not give the opportunity to people who are unnecessary. It is a good thing.

Cha Jun Sung is not gloating that those people are not able to advance. It is a worse hell the higher they go, so it is better to settle in a place that is to their standards.

All around the world, hundreds of Lifers die every day. Indiscriminate advancement increases the harm. How many more people will die going forward?

-[Once over 10,000 people reach level C, Mechanic City is opened.]

-[A few months after that will be the 3rd selection of Lifers. I’m sure 100 million people will have died, though it’s okay since the population of that era will be over 10 billion.]

He is more curious as to how someone knew all of this rather than who wrote it. Has this person come from the future or something?

That could be it. Life Mission itself is a system that does not make sense.

Every way of thinking becomes different by the approach they take to it. Denial is denial and acceptance is acceptance. The important thing is where the affirmation is.

“I’m sure there will be a tremendous amount of information after Mechanic City, contribution, and 3rd Lifer selection, but I’ll leave it for fun later.”

He had tried to peruse it, but he did not even get through half of it. He barely paid attention to the parts regarding levels A and B, and looked carefully at the information on level C.”

Cha Jun Sung skimmed through and reached the last page. He wanted to see if he could find a reason why someone would personally write this out for him.

-[Think of the notepad as an item. I lost everything because of Life Mission. You might know what that means one day.]

-[I hope this becomes a good luck charm against the unhappiness that will come to you. I’m done with what I have to say. I just hope that you don’t become like me.]

There is little on the private history of the writer. It is obvious that he does not want to reveal his identity. Cha Jun Sung respected that.

“What do I start with?”

Cha Jun Sung put the notepad down and decided on an order. He must purchase a battlesuit. He does not care about the accumulation of points because he just needs to wander around in level D missions.

If he wants to make an attempt at a level C mission, he needs colleagues. Now, he is against joining large guilds for whatever reasons.

“I’ll decide on the first party member to sign on and the level C mission.”


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