LM Volume 4 Chapter 105

Volume 4 / Chapter 105

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It happened once a good amount of time passed after Cha Jun Sung returned to reality.

Over 1 month, Parasite King gathered all parasite kin in New Zealand together, and migrated to Asia and Red Eye. Migrating was not difficult.

There are thousands of abandoned boats on a perished island. None of them are in use, but it was easy to operate them because they were not damaged.

Warlock gladly welcomed the new members to his family, but Parasite King felt like it had been stripped of its soul the second it laid eyes on him.

Even with the knowledge it gained while absorbing humans, it could not think of the words with which to express Warlock’s presence. Warlock is a true supernatural being.

If Warlock is like that before awakening, he will be a monster capable of overturning the heavens once awake. It is difficult to believe that there are 5 other mutants like him.

On top of that, Parasite King heard that there are dozens of mutants on its own level on 6 continents. As Red Eye said, Parasite King must have been trapped on a small island.

Red Eye gave the Philippines to Parasite King as promised. He has the authority to do that much. Warlock does not have interest in land.

The Philippines will be noisy until the parasites completely settle in, but it is the law of the jungle. It is a given that the weak are taken over and eaten.

That is that and since he has taken care of the favor, Red Eye must tell Warlock what happened.




“Is that so.”

“He was so weak that I couldn’t tell why you and that human are so worried about him. A weak human – he couldn’t even match up to the guards in our territory.”

Warlock laughed bitterly as he listened to his son’s report full of thorns.

A weak human. If he had not been infected with the virus and had not succeeded in evolving, he would have been an existence worthy of that same expression.

“Did he look like me?”

“Yes. It’s just that he looked more like the human form of you than you as a mutant.”

Red Eye looked at the human leaning against the wall. They are similar, but the human resembles the man more in nature.

The difference in species. No matter the rhetoric, there is a difference in the essence between species.

“You can go now.”


Red Eye bowed and went outside. He could not understand his father whenever he came here. It is a small house.

He is left wondering because his father will not tell him why he sticks to this house.

“Is it done?”


A human wearing a strange machine armor spoke,

“I still can’t believe you.”

“Is the proof I showed you not enough? I think I showed you plenty.”

“I can believe that you, him, and I are the same. I can’t believe this all happened because of that and that we were all acting under someone else’s hands.”

“Is it pride?”

“I’ll just say that it is. But you, how is that you came here? If it is as you say, doesn’t your existence distort the balance?”

To Warlock, the human in front of him is an alien existence. He just believes that they are the same from the strength and evidence that he showed him.

“As someone who has gone almost to the end of Life Mission, I can only curse.”

“For example?”

“Shall I say it goes around and around? It’s even questionable whether there is an end. Living for hundreds of years, the only thing I gained is strength.”

Everyone left his side. He does not have any colleagues or friends.

Starting with level B, it really is a living hell. Of course levels A and B would be easy in his current state, but everything is relative.

“Are you saying that you’ll change his future?”

“My future has already been decided to be in the gutters. I can’t reverse it. I’m sure he won’t change either, but I’d like to give him a good environment.”

If he could, he would like to make Cha Jun Sung give up Life Mission. But it has been a long time since Lifers have become slaves. Him in that time and him in that place.

He cannot quit it. It is a drug. If they just fight mutants, they can get what they want. He is someone from a distinctly different world, so he needs to keep his distance.

“So what is it you want to tell him by giving him that paper?”

“To protect.”


“If he can’t quit, to protect himself and his friends instead of regretting it later like I did. That’s what I want to tell him.”

“It would have been easier to tell him yourself.”

That is true. If he had told him himself instead of sending Red Eye, his message would have been delivered clearly. They would also have been able to form a consensus.

“I can’t do that. If I get too involved, it’s not good for either of us.”

“I can’t understand.”

“Why? I’m you and you’re me. You really don’t know why I’m doing this?”

Warlock interprets the man’s words. If it had been him, what would he have done?

“Do you want him to do it himself?”



“Anyway, this house. It’s been a while.”

“Don’t you have one too?”

What good is it if he has one? He cannot go back. He had gone against his helper and countered time and space. He cannot stay anywhere because time has been tangled into a mess.

There are a lot of unfamiliar words to Warlock. But he kept note of each one in his head. Even if they are in pieces, they might come into use someday.

“Since you’ve gotten the notepad to him, what’s the next plan?”

“I had several colleagues. If Red Eye had not gone to infection tree this time around, Koharu and Kyoko would have died.”

He cannot express in words the loss he felt at the time. It was really horrible.

“I met Lifers I worked well with after that, but they died in levels B and A as well. Jun Hyuk, the first person I met and who made it to the end -”

Cha Jun Sung’s eyes become sad.

“Level S mission….. He died in the Evil Queen raid. In my place.”

“The whore of South America.”

“Hah! I didn’t know you would use such a word. We’re the same but the environments we grew up in are different, so you have a heavier personality.”

“It’s just offensive.”

“I thought you would win because you’re the opposite. But you’re stronger than you were when you fought in the game. So this time, I’m going to fight more carefully.”

Warlock narrowed his eyes. He found the hidden meaning in the man’s words.

“You’re thinking of killing her.”

“Yeah. I’m going to kill her before she goes looking for a Cha Jun Sung living in another world.”

“She has 4 children next to her. Work with me instead.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Why not?”

“It’s been a long time since I came to be by myself so I wouldn’t need to live anymore. If I work with you, the chance of my surviving only increases. I need to be in an extreme situation to become more earnest.”


“It’s spitting in my face.”

Cha Jun Sung straightens his back from the wall. It is time to go. A battle shoot overbooster moves over him completely like a muscle.

“You won’t see me again.”

This is Asia. It will be a long journey to South America.

“I’d like it if you died if you can. If that happens, I’ll become much more comfortable.”

“I’ll try.”

Cha Jun Sung sweeps the wall and gets on the road. It is Warlock’s house, but it is also his own house. This is a feeling that he wants to cherish for as long as he can.

“He’s gone.”

Cha Jun Sung disappeared from Warlock’s senses. He came and went like the wind, but Warlock did not have the human feeling of sorrow.

“It’s annoying that I’m playing into someone’s hands.”

A terrifying energy shakes the area. It could become an endless race like a watermill as Cha Jun Sung said.

“I’m sure it’ll be revealed one day if we wait and see.”

The Cha Jun Sung of this world speaks in a similar manner to Cha Jun Sung of another world.


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