LM Volume 4 Chapter 103

Volume 4 / Chapter 103

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-[Variable generated, satellite program operated. Estimated 3 hours until confirmation.]

It is not Hercules’ hard whirring. It is a notice from the 68 Lifers’ PDAs.

Bang bang!

Cha Jun Sung’s hearing rings. It was not just him but also for the force members in the area. They all looked to one place.

There is a smoky dust rising from what is guessed to be Tonga’s downtown area. There is no smoke or flames. It does not seem to be an explosion from gunpowder.

They are far from the city, so they cannot see it even with binoculars.

They would be able to know if they send a UAV from the ark, but the force members did not get involved thoughtlessly. The helpers moved before them.

They cannot have a conversation, but they went into censorship to see if what is happening in the city will or will not have an influence on the mission.

They said something about the satellites and told them to wait 3 hours, so they were planning on doing so.

“Do you think they could be other Lifers?”

“Of course not. Missions can overlap, but entry is suicide.”

Park Jin Hyuk is standing next to him. Cha Jun Sung responds in the negative. A level C mission is of a difficulty that level D Lifers cannot complete.

Unless the limitation to the number of people who can enter is loosened and thousands of people enter, they will have to have gone through at least the 3rd and 4th stages of body modifications in order to proceed with only 100 people.

‘It doesn’t make sense.’

Cha Jun Sung is not arrogant. He does not think that the rest of the world has become stagnant or culled just because he opened up level C missions first.

Even here, there are 66 other Lifers who have opened level C. Looking at the entire world, that number would increase exponentially.

However, there isn’t a group where all 100 people can have that power. This is the same for a world federation that has just been formed and is trying to spread its wings.

‘Even if we say that they are Lifers….. We can’t exclude gunpowder.’

Humans are creatures full of curiosity. This is the same for Cha Jun Sung. If he had 2 lies, he would have gone to watch what was going on.

-[Variable confirmation complete. Fight between high level mutants. Video transmission through PDA.]


The hologram turned on and what was happening in the middle of the city appeared. They can see 2 mutants among ruins that keep crashing into each other.

One is transparent without certain form and the other has a pair of horns, red eyes, and can change both of its arms into any shape it wants.

They clear anything that comes in the way of their fighting, even if that is a building. They moved around as they fought, and even parasites were affected by them.

Cha Jun Sung gulped and watched. The city is becoming devastated.

He is not sure, but it looks like the combat radius will surpass kilometers. Every time there is a deafening sound, a shock that goes over everything comes in under their skin.

They could be level 7 or 8. There is no special mission even though monsters that are more dangerous than a level C mission have appeared. Is it because they are far?

-[It is a battle between the Parasite King and Red Eye of the 36 nightmares. Pending rating variance. Restrict Lifers’ mission progress until it is resolved.]

“What – what? If it’s Red Eye, it’s the son of warlock Aduroque!”

“The translucent jelly is Parasite King?”

“Why have monsters like that come out all of a sudden? This is joke, right?”

The force members kept asking questions, but they still have doubts. They will be left with the curiosity until the helpers resolve it for them.

They cannot figure out the intent, so they did not reject the restricted mission progression. Even if it had not been restricted, they did not have any desire to get involved.




-[Those 2 are battling in Tonga… What’s going on?]

Odin is taken aback. There is the slightest possibility with Parasite King. He is the absolute ruler of tropical islands including Tonga.

They cannot track each mutants’ location, so it is not strange when there is a variable. Mission levels are not static, but fluid.

Red Eye however, is a level 8 mutant who should be in Asia. His being here is not just strange but impossible.

The more absurd thing is that the 2 are fighting. It makes sense for Parasite King because its territory has been trespassed on, but Red Eye is being excessive.

He has nothing to gain from this, so it does not make sense that he is putting his body into it.

-[Special cyborg – no. It’d be better to release the condition with achievement points.]

Honestly, a cyborg is just a nominal presence to a level 7 or 8 mutant. Up to level 6 is a machine’s limit. Going over that is a wall that they cannot get past.

It is an attack that even destroys buildings. Anything that comes within diameter is mercilessly ruined.


68 Lifers’ helpers read the information transmitted by satellite and found out the purpose for Red Eye’s emergence, but it did not matter.

The Lifers needed to have made a decision on the mission within a controlled range. But it has become foggy with the level 8 mutants’ battle.

-[It’s slowly coming to an end. It doesn’t seem like they’re trying to kill each other, so let’s just watch.]

They cannot adjust the mission level as they please. It is starting to cool off. There does not seem to be danger, so they can watch the lapse.





Red Eye goes flying at short attacks like a whip. They finally stopped moving after destroying a couple buildings. Several hours have passed since they have been fighting.

Red Eye brushes his chest off. There are vivid scars. For it to leave scars on his body, it is as humans say, a strong mutant.

“You’ll be stronger than that whore in South America, Evil Queen’s youngest daughter.”

He hates Evil Queen. When his father stabilized Asia and became the disaster, she came to demand his seed.

When he refused, she seduced him. It is crazy.

Thus, she received the seed of the South American bone monster and gave birth to four level 8s. She had opened her legs to create a force.

The youngest daughter is the youngest of the 4, but she has no manners because she is like her mother. Anyway, Parasite King is slightly stronger than her.

“Evil Queen?”

“You don’t know? I guess it makes sense that you don’t know since you’re buried in your islands.”

Red Eye is not wrong. Parasite King is satisfied with this life. It does not know about mutant affairs and does not care to know.

“I changed my mind. It’s a waste to leave you in a place like this. Come with me.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I’ll recognize you as an equal being and give you territory. I came because of that human, but I gave to gain something too.”

Movement in Europe these days is a bit suspicious. They show signs of wanting to unite with Africa and if that happens, it is hard even for his father to handle it.

He needs to recruit useful allies. That is why Evil Queen has united with the bone monster. Asia is in the lowest ranks in terms of power.

Father is indifferent to force and taking territory. He just somehow became the power in the area because there was nothing to oppose him.

“I’m not interested.”

“This world is the law of the jungle! If you refuse, I’m going to kill you now.”

Since he changed his mind, Parasite King is a potential enemy if it does not become an ally.

Woo woo woo!

Red Eye’s body became half his size larger, and he pressured Parasite King.

The eyes that look out at the world are red and the pair of horns hold up the sky. In contrast, the brown body squirms.

Red Eye resembles the devil. It is like a mutant that has achieved the highest level of evolution. There is a clear difference in his appearance from mutants of lower levels. He is complete.


Parasite King spits out infestors. ‘There is a difference in intensity, but it is a mutant of the same class as Red Eye’.

Red Eye changed both of his arms into sharp knives, and hacked at Parasite King. It has created hundreds of millions of infestors.

Parasite King may seem immortal, but there is nothing it can do if every single infestor is dead. Red Eye could feel that every time the number of infestors decreased, Parasite King’s strength was also reduced.

It is not as easy as it sounds. Even if Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk used battle shoots and worked together, they would not even be able to graze Parasite King.

This is something that is possible only when they can go beyond their opponent’s abilities.

“You split the main body into pieces. Each of those infestors is you.”

If even 1 infestor lives, the Parasite King can stay alive. In terms of vitality, it is above Red Eye like a cockroach.

The battle seemed to be on even footing in the beginning but as they kept fighting, the win leaned toward Red Eye. Mutants are also living creatures, so they have the ability to learn.

He had fought the warlock whenever he had time, in order to hone his skills.

He also has abundant experience fighting with level class mutants. That is why Parasite King, who has lived contentedly, cannot win.

Parasite King’s body becomes smaller. Red Eye thought that the pattern is fastidious. It is to the point where if Parasite King had a bit more experience, he would not be able to win.


“You’re going to eat my body?”

A green infestor the size of a fist is cut in half. That small guy is a level 5. After that, there were repeated efforts to infect Red Eye.

If Parasite King encroaches on Red Eye, he will become a mutant comparable to a level 9. There is a way to bringing out the potential power in a living being.

“It’s the end.”

For a moment, Red Eye’s muscles inflated. A chance to attack has appeared. There was a wind pressure and in the blink of an eye, he swept by Parasite King.

The shockwave separated the air and made anything within a meters radius into powder.

At the time, a few yellow infestors dug at Red Eye’s skin.

“I’ll crush you.”

He flexed his muscles and an incredible pressure popped the infestors.

Red Eye consumed the dead infestors to make up for the energy he lost in battle. He does not need to eat them through his mouth. He is a mutant, not a human.

“Do you still need more reason to come with me? What if I say that I’ll give you the body of a strong mutant?”

Red Eye makes a deal. The same level is hard, but he can give Parasite King a body that is stronger than the one it has now. How will it come out? Will it reject the offer?

“What if I refuse?”

“I’m sure I told you earlier. I’ll kill you.”

Parasite King called the scattered infestors back. They were not even, so it called all of the infestors living on the island and absorbed them.

It is seriously wounded. The remaining strength it has is not even 20% of its normal strength. Red Eye is also wounded, but it is in a fairly healthy state. If Red Eye acts, Parasite King will die.

There is no living creature that wants to die unless it has given up on life.

“I’ll accept.”

“I’ll give you all of the Philippines in territory. I’ll move the mutants living there to a different place. I’ll give you time, so lead your subordinates and move there.”

“Forget it.”

Infestors are parasitic. If they have targets, they can get stronger. It is better to leave them where they are instead of moving them.

“You spare your words.”

Parasite King is reserved. Infestors can be sympathetic, but they cannot communicate. They have become like this from living alone for so long.

Like people, mutants have various personalities. Not all of them are sneaky and cruel. These will not cause trouble. Red Eye has gained a great ally.

“Is that a problem?”

“No problem. It was a compliment. Since I’ve warmed up, shall I go look for him? There’s somewhere I need to go. Wait here for a moment.”

Red Eye’s body disappeared. His destination is the west coast of the shore that the ark is anchored on. It will not take a long time. It will only take a few minutes for him to get there.


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    Either way, it doesn’t add up to say that machines top out before the human body, especially when you have access to true ai to run it and super tech to power it. No matter how much you upgrade flesh it can’t output the power of a micro nuclear or fusion plant, it can’t be as tough as titanium or carbon allotropes like nanotubes or graphene, it can’t react as quickly as a computer. The only way to achieve these things are to make the flesh ape such synthetics, or to outright cyborgize the body and add in such features removing the flesh below skin level. Either way you’re not going to surpass a purely designed product like a combat android.

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