LM Volume 4 Chapter 102

Volume 4 / Chapter 102

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Cha Jun Sung was far from the type of person who was able to convince others. Thus, he left the Lieutenant to Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin. The result was a failure.

Even in a crazy state, he could calculate the pros and cons. He blocked all questions on the ark’s route in advance.

The 7th Lieutenant didn’t show any signs of improving either. What they knew was that it was a mental illness. They couldn’t cure him with medical equipment as it was not a disease or injury.

They worked for 3 weeks to find a solution, but they were just walking in circles.

In that time, they sent a few unmanned surveillance vehicles. They wanted to see how the city looked. It floated from a high position to send the terrain to the ark.

It was devastated because it was underdeveloped and neglected. The number of infected hosts was low as well. They also could not see the infected tree. It must have been hiding somewhere.

The force members worried every day of parasite attacks but fortunately, the ark was peaceful during that time.

As time passed, the time to choose between gathering achievement points and war came closer. They could not sit there and do nothing indefinitely.

After anchoring in Tonga, 1 month went by. Is it said that there was no such thing as chance in the world? It happened suddenly, without prior notice.




A bizarre looking mutant was barely visible in the sea.

From the shadow set by the sunlight alone, its flat shape seemed similar to that of a stingray but its size was greater than multiple large whales.

It was known as invincible in the ocean, a level 7 ocean mutant – Vergon.

“Let’s go faster. If we want to warm up before meeting it, we’ll barely make it.”



The Vergon increased its speed. That was what the owner wanted. The water sprayed as the sound barrier was broken and there was a shockwave – a sonic boom.

If someone had seen this, they would not have realized what had just gone by. The speed itself exceeded the range of living beings.

The more interesting thing was the man who didn’t stray from the center of the Vergon. The friction in the atmosphere from the speed of sound could bend iron.

The man looked as though he was just getting some fresh air and gazed at the island that showed faintly. It was Tonga, a place he had never heard of.

“It is at a cost, but to think of doing a human a favor.”

One day, a human who looked exactly like his father appeared.

The human spoke to the man. If the man listened to his request, the human would teach him the location of where a very strong mutant lived.

The man’s body part changed and spat out a thick notepad. The human said that all he needed to do was deliver this to another human.

The mutant was told that the human he needed to deliver the notepad to was on the island.

Everything said was unfounded but he had gotten involved because of his father who he sincerely admired. His father accepted the human.

His father had not even shown him his attack power, but showed consensus with the human. He was jealous of this new image of his father but he had not shown it.

“If we fought, could I win?”

The man thought for a moment and then shook his head. Though it may hurt his pride, he couldn’t fool himself. He might be able to wound him, but he would not be able to win.

He was a human who was not a human. Could he be described as a mutant wearing the mask of a human?

‘Go and come back.’

He remembered what his father said to him when he was leaving. He did not lose the feeling that he wanted there to be something more behind the indifferent face.

“I guess I’ll know once I meet the owner of the notepad….. We’ve arrived.”

The man’s eyes widened. It was an eerie feeling. It was so red that it looked like rubies were put in. Looking closely, he had a pair of red horns on his forehead.

Vergon slowed down. It left its body to the waves and touched on shore.

The man got down from the Vergon’s back. It had taken a few days to get here from the southern end of Asia. He had been bored seeing only blue for all of that time.

“Hang out nearby.”


The Vergon dived deep into the ocean. It was not common in the sea. It didn’t have any natural enemies in the sea, so there was no need to worry.

“Mother of parasites. Parasite King? Because it’s a parasite?”

The man headed straight for the city. The human said that the Parasite King’s habitat was New Zealand, but it came to Tonga occasionally.

It came to eat the infection tree’s fruits once every few months.

From the man’s standpoint, the fruits were not important. There were 2 things he needs to do. Fight with the Parasite King and deliver the notepad.


As he passed the waterfront and came closer to the city, the man could sense the uncomfortable sounds made by what he guessed were cross breeds of parasites.

“Come out, Parasite King.”

A murderous lust blew out from the man’s body and he simultaneously disappeared. He intended to bother the servants until the owner of the house came out.




The Parasite King, configured of a clear liquid, was eating the infection when it reacted to the murderous lust he could feel from nearby.

“What a bother.”

Gate crashers were increasing. Not too long ago, a stationary ship started moving and this time, someone was making a mess nearby.

It left the ship alone because it did not show much movement. But this situation was different. Something of a similar class had invaded its area.

This was an island. It was not a place where a mutant can come unless it had come here on purpose. They would need to meet.


The infection tree is smaller than most trees, and it was trembling with the sense of the murderous lust. It was scared because it instinctively knew that it was not a match for it.

The size was such that when excluding the fruits, it couldn’t be distinguished from normal trees with the naked eye. It would not be detected by the UAVs.

“It’s okay.”

The Parasite King pated the infection tree and picked off another fruit. Hundreds of parasites were swarming inside the pulp.

Unlike a mixed breed, it was very useful. It could be left for a while to eat.


The gate crasher roared. It was thrilling. It was a snicker, full of confidence.

Parasite King spewed energy. It was a governing king. It would not go to look for the intruder itself. It was a given that the one with something to say would come.

The opponent tracked the atmosphere. It was coming closer. Why had it come all the way to Tonga? It was resentful but also curious.




The red eyes looked over the Parasite King. It was observing before fighting.

“Are you the king of parasites?”

“Who are you?”

“You have learned the human language… as is fitting for the king of parasites who lives off of others.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Asia’s Red Eye.”

The man glared with his blood red eyes. The concentration thickens.

Parasite King felt a strong sense of core from the man. It was pure. There was a desire to fight without any ambition.

“Did you come this far to Tonga just to fight with me?”

“30 points.”

“30 points?”

“Fighting with you is to fulfill my desire, but I need to block you to reduce harm for him and to deliver the notepad.”

Parasite King couldn’t understand what Red Eye was saying. He was not explaining anything and only discussing things vaguely, so it was a definite that he would not understand.

“I won’t kill you. I just need to confirm that I’m stronger than you.”

“You’re arrogant.”

Only Red Eye’s father could dominate him. He had taken over all mutants. That is how he proved his bloodline.

There was no need to talk more. The Parasite King and Red Eye clashed violently. At the same time, Cha Jun Sung’s group was also watching the fight from afar.


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