LM Volume 3 Chapter 94

Volume 3 / Chapter 94

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The acrid smell of burning bodies fills the sleeping rooms. The hosts locked up in the capsules were held by flamethrowers. If the flamethrowers were fired, they died.

It only took a few days to get through rooms 1 through 8. It is because they were being directed by the lieutenant who knows the ark’s layout well.

Other than the frozen parasites, there were not many of them. They were weak enough at levels 2 and 3 that they could be captured without issues as long as the force members were careful.

The parasites in the sleeping rooms are basic infestors and brown infestors.

On their way to room 8, they had come across 2 more brown infestors. Since they had experienced the brown species once before, they were not provoked by unusual objects.

They took care of them by calling Hercules before the infestors could mutate. They gave 1600 points, but it seems they were judged highly because of the danger of infection.

They moved busily, but fortunately no one died after the first member. They are even suspicious that this really is a level D mission.


There are 73 rescued survivors from room 8. Just as the capacity is large with 3000, there are also a lot of survivors. That also means there were as many hosts.

Excluding the lieutenant, with the 73 people from room 8 and 242 people being protected in the bunker, there is a total of 316 people, exceeding the first prediction of 200.

Encroached with intense fear, they all show signs of mental instability. The people experiencing severity are delirious. They have gone insane.

“So we’ve saved all of them.”

“I think so.”

“We need to find the source….. Where are the warm places?”

It is the same in the virtual and reality versions, but parasites like warm places. How many places like that would there be on this vast ark?

The lieutenant says that right before the captain was frozen 4 years ago, he adjusted the main system to leave only the basic power and cut off the rest.

There will not be many warm places because though there is a central heating system, it is inevitable for the chill to seep in unless it is a location deep in the ark.

It would have been good if the captain had survived, but there were only 2 survivors among him and the 7 lieutenants. 1 person had even become insane with fear.

Due to this, the only commander level person who could dictate on the ark realistically, is the lieutenant.

“If you activate the main system, you will be able to locate the source.”

Inside the ark are sensors to detect intruders and CCTVs. If that function is restored, it will be easy to find the place where the source is hiding.

‘It’s unstable to leave the ark to them. Strictly speaking, isn’t the lieutenant crazy as well?’

Cha Jun Sung is thinking. Even an aircraft carrier is tiny compared to the ark. It is a resolution and a complete strategic weapon with the force of a nation.

To hand this over whole? Cha Jun Sung and the force cannot claim ownership over the ark, but they have the right to help or not.

There is a point to restoring the main system as the lieutenant said.

But Cha Jun Sung thinks it would be better to look everywhere even if it takes more time and is crude. He can pretend to be fine, but a crazy person is a crazy person.

Among the 316 survivors, there are also 70 soldiers. They supported 3 parties from the force and brought out weapons from the armory.

The force is currently divided into threes. 3 parties are protecting the survivors in the bunker. With the level 4 in mind, Park Jin Hyuk stayed behind.

Another 3 parties took the role of carrying weapons, food, and other necessities to the bunker from storage, along with 50 of the sane soldiers.

Lastly, the 4 parties with Cha Jun Sung had been in the role of rescuing survivors from the freezer, but they were returning after saving everyone.

They had told them that they would create their own armed forces and lend help in repairing the ark over time, but they cannot say that they are allies outright.

If their opinions do not coincide and they become enemies, there will be a 3-way battle between the Lifers, survivors, and mutants.

“Oy. They’ll figure it out for themselves.”

It is a headache. Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin are not stupid either. Rather, they are smart and wise. They will make a good judgment.



Bunkers are normally thought of as large public spaces that can only hold people, but the bunker on the ark is not like that.

It is a space that is blocked off on all sides with sturdy walls. It is large as well. The difference is that the inside is divided into hundreds as though they are apartments.

To describe it? A hive? Yes, it is like a hive. It is indeed a bunker, but it is state-of-the-art to optimize it for people to live in. To put it simply, it can be lived in.

“It’s split in half.”

“There are pros and cons to restoring the main system and searching the ark. It is iffy to decide what is good and what is bad. Opinions are divided as well.”

Seven Stars is saying they should search the ark even if it extends the time until the mission is completed.

On the other hand, the government wants to restore the main system to open up a way for the survivors to live. Since they already started helping out, they wanted to do it properly.

The lieutenant is not here. This is something that would not be good for him to hear.

“Cha Jun Sung, what do you think?”

“I am also reluctant to leave the main system in the control of a crazy person.”

He responded honestly to Lim Si Hyun’s question. But Han Chang Jin did not go over it simply.

“Are you saying that you will return right away once the mission is complete?”

That is right. Han Chang Jin is looking at the end. He is at the crossroads of helping the survivors or abandoning them once the mission is over.

He wants to restore the main system at one time instead of going back and forth multiple times. Then they will be able to return comfortably.

“Isn’t this a case of do you like your mom or dad?”

“Let’s just divide into search, restore, and protection parties to distribute roles.”

Jung Hye Ryung speaks up. It is a good idea, but it would break down their power too much. If the parasite attacks one place, they could be annihilated.

“If this situation continues, it is better to divide as that woman said.”

Neither of the groups are willing to give in. They are both saying, ‘You give up.’ If they are going to drag this out, splitting up and moving separately is the shortcut to reducing friction.

“Let’s have Seven Stars search the ark, and the government restore the main system.”

“Who will guard the bunker?”

Jung Hye Ryung pointed to the armed soldiers outside.

The force cannot protect them forever. They need to know how to protect themselves. Since anything can happen, wouldn’t it be okay to have 1 party remain?

“Should my party stay behind?”

“Cha Jun Sung, you need to join in either the search or the restoration.”

Lim Si Hyun said that he cannot. He sees Cha Jun Sung’s abilities as similar to their own. Therefore, there is no problem to have him out.

It is just that they need to take Hercules no matter what, since it is able to fight against a level 4. This is of direct relation to their lives. They cannot give it up to the restoration party.

“Hercules will support the search, and I will join the main.”

It will be temporary, but Hercules will obey someone else’s orders if they are input into the system.

Lim Si Hyun feels assured. No matter how they look at it, the search is more dangerous than the main. They need to kill the source if they discover it. That is difficult to do with 40 people.

“If that is the decision, the government will leave 1 party behind.”

Once they each gave in a little, the meeting progressed smoothly. They decided to go in half a day, and Cha Jun Sung continued to keep Park Jin Hyuk at the bunker.


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