LM Volume 3 Chapter 93

Volume 3 / Chapter 93

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Pang pang!

The tentacles are great as weapons for attack in addition to infecting others. They split the air like a whip and tickle Cha Jun Sung’s ears.

As soon as it grazed an iron pipe, it cut as if cutting through paper.

He had been saving his points, but also purchased metal armor. It might have been different before, but he does not get cut up from being hit a few times now.

“This thing is only going after me.”

The host is cunning. It knows that Cha Jun Sung is weaker than Hercules. It also knows that he is a living being that can be infected.

So it only goes after Cha Jun Sung. It attacked Hercules as a diversion tactic, but it was not particularly threatening. Their abilities are pretty much on the same level. Since it does not work, their methods are changed from the beginning.

If Hercules is to fight the Destroyer again, the odds are 50/50. Parasites are similar since they can infect. It is a matter of ability.

“This rat!”


The Wolf Kill’s attack radius becomes smaller. He is swinging it short. Since the host is fast, large movements will provide it gaps for attack. Blocking its approach is best.

Parasites come out of its tongue. It is the method it used to infect the force member. Cha Jun Sung put down the Wolf Kill and took care of them quickly with a dagger.

It is the dagger that he received in the tutorial, but he kept it because it came in useful at times.

Hercules flew the buster at the host’s side. This force broke the bone and it fell as its side became depressed.

Pew pew pew pew!

Cha Jun Sung went at the host with the red fire. If it is wounded, it will use its nutrients to try to heal. If they culminate, the host cannot ignore them.

Hercules changed the flamethrower function into a spray and set fire to a wider area. If the flamethrower is left on compression, it is easier for the host to avoid it with its speed.

“Whew! This is exhausting.”

Fatigue from the pressure of becoming infected with just a graze and a concentrated attack was considerable.

Cha Jun Sung hid behind Hercules. He had given it enough wounds. There is still a long way to go. He cannot use all of his strength on this 1 mutant.

“If this is this bad, is the source stronger? Well, I guess it could be a hatchery too.”

Even as an infestor, it is not created out of nothing. Something must be hatching them. They need to get rid of that to restore the ark.

Cha Jun Sung threw a fever shot at the host that was being pushed back. At the right timing, he took Hercules out. If Hercules gets swept, he will need to spend more on parts.


“It’s burning well!”

When the infestors realize that they cannot live in the host, they come out, burn, and die. It is extremely gross. They are worse than cockroaches.

-[You have earned 20,000 points and 8,000 achievement points.]


Was it top level? It must be a level assigned due to the difficulty of attack rather than its body strength. Regardless, it had increased his achievement points by 40%.

It must be because he was active in the battle and he had wrapped it up in the end. If he had done it all on his own, he might have been able to increase his points by 50%.

Cha Jun Sung was about to open the door when he looked at the survivors. They were surprised and avoided his eyes. It did not seem like they would say anything about what they saw.

He told Lim Si Hyun’s group that the battle was over. The inside was taken care of.

In a full day, they rescued 17 plus 2 for a total of 19 survivors from sleeping room 1. They will have to work hard if they are to take care of rooms 2 through 9 as well.


A few hours after the force left, a small change occurred in sleeping room 1. It was such a small change that they would not have realized even if they had been there.

A brown parasite millimeters long, as thin as a strand of hair, came out of the dead level 4 host’s skull. It had endured the heat.

It did live, but it is not completely safe. It had laid an egg as the main body was burned, so its vitality shook like a candlelight.

Helpers are only almighty in the system, and cannot do anything about mutants. They had given Cha Jun Sung the points thinking that they had all died.

They were not mistaken. The brown parasite would die after a few days.

Parasites hang on to their lives as much as they can even if they are barely alive in order to alert the emergence of enemies.


The infestor takes in nutrients. It eats away as it pleases because there are no barriers. It needs to build up its body. It cannot move a long distance in its current state.

The infestor looked around for a way out once it was as big as a pinky. The freezer mode was released. All it needs is a small hole.

The infestor went into a hole in a pipe. It decided on the place that was giving off the smell of its parent object as its destination, and crawled.

It is a far journey for an infestor. As it went, it would find that it is on the wrong path. However, it did not give up. Even if it had to go back, it advanced at least a little.

It is warm. As it gets closer to its parent object, its body grows warmer. It is a place with a temperature suitable for parasites to live in.


As soon as it heard this sound, the infestor felt relief and let go of its lifeline. It had finally arrived where it had been born.

Something approaches the dead infestor. It is a tentacle as thick as a snake. The tentacle absorbed the infestor as though praising its efforts.

Humans relay information through methods like media or language. Mutants? There are various ways that they can do this as well.

When parasites absorb their subordinates, they can read their memories.

They cannot relay the minor details like humans can, but expression of something like ‘A strong enemy threatening the east appeared’ is possible.

They get rid of anything superfluous and take in the main point.


The mutant that absorbed the infestor is an infection pocket as big as a truck.

It is the source occupying the ark. The brown species is the highest level that this infection pocket can produce. It had not produced even 10 over 4 years.

2 were sacrificed when taking over the ark, and 3 are missing. 4 were resurrected to keep with it. They are there to send out when necessary.

But 1 of the missing 3 had come back after 4 years. It had come back dying in order to tell it that an enemy had appeared in their habitat.

The infection pocket squeezed out nutrients and injected them into the 4 brown infestors. The existence of enemies is dangerous, but it is also a relief.

Near the infection pocket, there is a mountain of bones with holes all over them. Even though it is a large space, there are so many bones that it makes movement difficult.

Parasites are living beings as well. They need to eat to live. They used the people they caught on the ark as nutrients instead of turning them into hosts.

Even that is coming to its limits. They do not have enough food. They know that there are a lot of people in the freezer sleeping rooms, but they will die if they enter.

It collected infestors to maintain its body as well. Is the saying that crisis is an opportunity? It is the perfect way to describe the situation for the infection pocket.

The 4 brown infestors shake off the mucus and wriggle. It is a rainfall. They are as big as a human thigh. They had reaped the benefits of the nutrients.



The infestors received their orders and sank into the darkness. The force members who do not know of this, go around the sleeping room and are busy rescuing survivors.


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