LM Volume 3 Chapter 88

Volume 3 / Chapter 88

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Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin discussed with each of their groups’ cadres. Cha Jun Sung neglected it. He did not care where they went because it was all the same to him.

There are over 10 cadres. 5 of the 6 vice masters of Seven Stars participated and it was a similar case for the government. A lot of people in high positions had come.

“She’s familiar.”

“Who is?”

“That woman over there. I have seen her somewhere, but I can’t remember where.”

When Cha Jun Sung nodded toward a woman, Park Jin Hyuk’s eyes followed the direction. It is to where the cadres are gathered. They are just having a droll conversation and there is not much to it.

“She’s pretty. People always think that they’ve seen someone somewhere even if they haven’t if they’re pretty.”


“Woah woah! Did you see her at Seven Stars?”

“I felt the same thing when I saw her at Seven Stars. Have I gotten old too?”

Jung Hye Ryung remains in Cha Jun Sung’s eyes. He has a feeling he can recall. He is not able to remember because they had met in passing to sell items.

He cannot help it because he had only seen her once, and more than half a year has passed since then.

“Forget it.”

He would have remembered if it were important. She must be someone he does not need to know from the way he cannot remember her. It is only a headache to try to force himself to remember.

When Cha Jun Sung turned his attention away, Jung Hye Ryung looked at him.

She had not imagined that he was such a great and famous Lifer. What else could he be hiding? No matter how many layers are peeled off like an onion, they do not get to his core.

‘Maybe he can’t remember me?’

Jung Hye Ryung’s pride was stung. She is fine if he did not have interest in her, but to not be able to remember her after meeting even if it was only one time….that was too much.

She spoke with Lim Si Hyun separately. He had been surprised when she said that Cha Jun Sung completed Field of Meat, but he quickly came back to reality. That is in the past.

She even thought about talking to him first. It is not easy for a woman to do. Since it is not the right atmosphere to do so now, she will try prodding him later when the time is right.

-[We will use the stem to go down. Everyone start moving.]

Lim Si Hyun revealed the results of their meeting. The stem is at the front of the boat. The cadres had made the decision in anticipation of the problems the force could face.

In addition, one of Seven Stars’ vice masters used to be in shipbuilding, and his observation was one of the deciding factors,

“The outside is wrapped like this because the boat’s purpose isn’t what we’re thinking.”

It is bigger than a few aircraft carriers combined, and the outside is protected with a steel barrier. It would be able to withstand even a typhoon.

Did the description say that it had been boarded once it left the infected city? It was created for survivors. It is a resolution with more than the natural features of a boat.

“People involved with the boat like the captain, senior officials, and stewardesses will stay in rooms closest to the stem in order to assure smooth sailing.”

Otherwise? It is inevitable that they will gather to the corner. That is the aft. Due to the nature of boats, complex structures are concentrated in the aft rather than the stem.

That distinction decreases in the lower levels, but the stem is the more comfortable area to move in at the top floor.

If the stem is blocked, it interferes with the sailing. That is why everything unnecessary is pushed to the back. This includes passengers, their rooms, luggage, and freight.

In order to prepare for mutant attacks and to wake the battle senses, it is wiser to go through an easier area than it is to go somewhere difficult.

If they go through the aft, they might have to fight with a lot of mutants at the same time among complicated structures. They need to be smart in their actions.

They did not even consider the center. Once they go down, they would need to choose between the front and back again. If they take the wrong path, they would have to search through the entire boat.

-[We will enter. Cha Jun Sung, please lower Hercules.]


“Go down and check to see if it’s safe. Kill mutants and hide if it’s dangerous.”

Hercules opened the steel floor. A black space welcomed the force. It is so dark that they do not have the courage to go in willingly even with their vision goggles.


Cha Jun Sung linked the PDA to Hercules’ eyes. A hologram came up with a vivid scene. There are some infringements, but it is relatively clear.

The color of the scene changes. Hercules turned on his thermographic and infrared mode. From the outside, nothing can be detected.

“It’s really quiet.”

“Did they all go on vacation or something? How is there not even 1?”

Cha Jun Sung felt like he had become the BJ of a horror game. Hercules is a game character and the force members watching the hologram are the viewers.



“Why are you yelling!”

“This asshole got surprised!”

One of the force members yelled in surprise at the sound of a can being kicked in the hologram. The force members around him calmed their beating hearts.

-[Mutant signal detected in the outer wall of the ceiling! Vibrating weapon! Chang flamethrower!]

Parasites are weak to fire. Cha Jun Sung had taken the buster off to attach a flamethrower. The fire power is so strong that it will melt down in seconds.

The hologram splits in half. It is a fairly spacious room, but something is crawling around in the ceiling. There is 1 on each the left and right sides.

“Infection pocket!”

“Ha! Is it a level 3 from the beginning half? It would have been dangerous if we had gone in as is.”

Dozens of tentacles on a round body writhe like snakes.

It has hundreds of infestors in its stomach, but it has a habit of staying in one place while moving as little as possible. It is a tricky mutant.

The flamethrower spews fire. It headed straight for the infection pocket stuck to the wall like a laser and covered it.


The infection pocket’s stomach burst with parasites the size of a human finger coming out to try to dig in all over Hercules.

The infection pocket’s own power is so weak that it is barely that of a level 2. But it is tricky to handle once it releases the parasites.

They are small and fast. There are a lot of them too. It is dangerous if even one digs into the body, so Lifers avoided it in the virtual version as well.

Hercules ignored the parasites trying to dig into it, and set fire to the other one as well. There is nothing the parasites can do when they are stuck to a machine.

Cyborgs are the worst for parasites. They are basically invincible to mutants that rely on the attack of their parasites.

It has to already be infected or be an outstanding fighter to take on Hercules. If they go further in, more will probably appear.

-[You have earned X2 1200 points and 120 achievement points.]

The parasites fall off of Hercules. It is not because the infection pockets are dead. They realized that Hercules is not a life form.

Hercules cremates the parasites. They become harmful to the force members if left to live. Not a single parasite can get away because they are all caught on its thermographic and infrared mode.

The hologram starts buffering. The scope of linking with Hercules is only up to 1km, but the hologram does not even reach half of that. They need to go downstairs.

-[Search through everything and come back.]

-[Mission confirmed!]

“It seems there aren’t very many nearby. We will need to enter as well.”

Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin sent the force down by party following Cha Jun Sung’s words. A lot of their feelings of resistance were reduced because they checked that it was safe.

“Let’s go eradicate the parasite.”


Kyoko rubs her arms. It is so disgusting she gets goosebumps. If she is surprised by that much, she will faint from shock when she sees one.

Park Jin Hyuk showed repulsion as well. What does gender matter in disliking parasites? Just come close. He will burn all of them with his flamethrower.

The last force member closed the door. It is dark because sunlight does not enter. As in the case with the Biology Institute, the helpers do not turn the power on for them.


The force members turn their vision goggles on. It is a necessary item and they would be treated as idiots if they do not possess it. Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk also used their goggles.

They actually do not need to use them because the 4th stage of body modifications brightened their night vision, but they followed everyone else in wearing them. It is better to hide it if they can.

Hercules’ footsteps grow closer. There must not have been anything to fight after the infection pockets, because they did not hear such noise.

-[Start with the head.]

Han Chang Jin moved the government’s Lifers forward. Since they had received special training, their behavior was lighter than that of the other Lifer’s in such a heavy atmosphere.

This is how they stepped into the Dead Ark.


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