LM Volume 3 Chapter 87

Volume 3 / Chapter 87

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[TN: Dead Ark]

800,000 points and 160,000 achievement points were deducted. He is out of points again. In exchange, he got through the 4th stage of body modifications. He can tell his senses are amplified by 16 times.

He felt he could crush a rock with one blow and move faster than a bullet. He thought that he would even be able to sense an ant’s movement.

He easily surpassed the limits of man and advanced to the rank of a superhuman.

-[How does it feel?]


-[You need to get stronger. That is the only way you can survive in hell.]

“You’re nagging again. I’ll be able to do level C if I just get the battle shoot, right?”

-[As long as you don’t underestimate a level 6.]

Mutants’ strength begins with level 7. They are devils that could suck a country dry.

Level 5 and 6 are advanced mutants, but level 6 and 7 are downgrades. If Cha Jun Sung uses the battle shoot, he could even fight the Caicus.

However, a level 6 is too much. He will need at least 2 or 3 people who are on the same level that he is at. Koharu and Park Jin Hyuk will do. It is better the more colleagues one has.

Cha Jun Sung received a notice. It was time.

He could have gone through the body modification earlier, but he had to delay it because he did not have enough achievement points. But he had barely managed to complete it before going into the mission.

-[Dead Ark….. Be careful.]

“If you’re going to tell me, do it freely. What is this?”

Odin is the best at playing hard to get. Once Cha Jun Sung is curious, Odin shuts up.

Cha Jun Sung grumbled, but kept it in mind. If it is to the point where Odin warns him, it must be dangerous. The mission smells fishy. He will need to pay attention.

“Go go!”

-[Approved. You are being sent to level D mission, Dead Ark. Mission start.]

Cha Jun Sung entered the mission. Odin’s monologue breaks the silence.

-[The boat cannot be anchored at the infected city. Please do your best.]

Helpers’ missions advance Lifers. Odin does not want Cha Jun Sung to die. If he dies, Odin will be extremely upset.



It is when Cha Jun Sung entered Dead Ark. It is what happened in the world that he completes missions in, not in the world that he lives in.

“No. There’s no reason for me to listen to the request of a human.”

A man with red eyes scoffed. This man is saying the most unbelievable thing that he has ever heard in his life. And when he is just a human.

“I can’t go. But that doesn’t mean your father can go.”

“You! Who do you think you’re talking about!”

The red-eyed man is in a rage. He is angry that the man dares mention him but to bring up his father as well, it is something that he cannot stand for.

“It’s fine.”


“Think of it as getting fresh air for the first time in a while, and listen to his request.”

The red-eyed man had a look of disbelief. His father’s word is absolute. If his father says it, he listens. He still feels bad though.

“All you have to do is deliver this notepad on the right day. It’s easy, no?”

He wanted to throw his fist in the face that was laughing at him, but he held back. His father is next to him. He cannot be disrespectful in front of his father.



“If you go to the area at the time I tell you, you’ll be able to meet some strong mutants. What do you think? Tempting, huh?”

The red-eyed man showed interest. He has an aggressive personality. He likes battle. He thinks that the only being above him is his father.

“Is that true?”


The red-eyed man puts his forehead in his hand. Beyond the temptation, he has to go anyway according to his father’s orders. He will need to pretend he cannot win and help out.

“You unlucky man. Where did you even come from?”

“The sky?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. When do I need to go? Tell me for certain now because I never want to speak to you again.”

He said the date with a blank expression. As soon as the red-eyed man heard the departure date, he greeted his father and left.

“I would have beat him if he were my child. Should I do it before he goes?”

“I’ll apologize as his father. Don’t worry. Even if he talks like that, he will deliver it properly since I told him to do it myself.”

He naturally needs to do it. Delivering the notepad is the ultimate goal.

“He’ll be really surprised.”

“I’m sure that’ll be fun in itself. I was really surprised at first, too.”

They look at each other. They have a surprising resemblance to each other. Their atmospheres are different, but their overall appearance is so similar that they could be twins.

“Right? It’ll be fun?”

“Fun? You said fun?”

The father could not speak. The man did not ask for a response either. He knew what the father would say.

‘Just do it well, mutant son.’

The silence continues. All he can do is hope that he will get what he wants.




When building a ship for a singular reason, the aims for creating it are bound to show themselves in its design. So much so that the purpose can be determined by looking at it from the outside.

A warship contains all types of firearms and emphasizes practicality.

A ferry highlights the grandiosity that will catch the customers’ attentions, and a cargo ship expands the space to load cargo to create the optimal loading dock.

Even a submarine is shaped for aquatic activities. Not just with boats, but most things appear to be what they are made for.

When they entered Dead Ark and got on a boat to where they thought the ark was, however, the force members were unsure of what it was.

“Is that really a boat?”

“It must be since it’s floating on the sea. Wow! The view for one is amazing.”

There are curves everywhere but overall, it is a huge cubed structure floating in the middle of an open sea. It is ginormous.

If they say that the spot they set foot on is the center, they cannot get a view of the ends. The length is estimated in kilometers and it seemed like it would easily reach over 100 meters in height.

They cannot know because they cannot see the side but when looking from the top, all they could see was a vast steel floor that looked like several gymnasiums combined.

Without exaggeration, they could play soccer without the ball falling into the sea.


Among the force members, Hercules looks at a spot as its eyes light up. It is scanning something that can be seen lightly in the distance.

“Land discovered ahead. Estimated distance 20km, error range is 2 to 3km!”

The force members adjacent to Hercules turned their heads. That is the infected city. If it had been a plane, it is close enough that they would arrive in a few hours.

That place is a different world to them because there is no reason for the boat to anchor there.

-[Master, I found a ladder to go inside on the right.]


A radio came in from Lim Si Hyun. When comparing the boat to a building, the force members are on the roof. There has to be a ladder to take down.

The force members gathered to the ladder. The gentle wind is peaceful. The moment they go down the ladder however, they need to fight with their lives on the line.

Lim Si Hyun told them to see how many ladders of this kind there were.

They split into parties. Since there is no particular danger, there are no restrictions to their movement. After searching for 1 hour, they found that there are 18 ladders.

7 at the stem, 5 in the center, 6 at the aft. The goal of this mission is to remove the source.

If they knew the source’s location, they would be able to end it quickly without bringing warfare, but they need to choose 1 of the 3 regions because they do not know.

They will be close to the source if they are lucky, but they need to go to the farthest place if they are unlucky. They would need to make a full round around a boat the size of a small city.


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