LM Volume 3 Chapter 85

Volume 3 / Chapter 85

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Cha Jun Sung went to Seven Stars again. Lim Si Hyun said that he would meet him wherever it was convenient for him, but Cha Jun Sung just decided to move himself.

He does not do much when he is not completing missions, so he does not get out much.

Seven Stars is far away, but it is quite fun to get fresh air and go as exercise. He does not have the aim to go see beautiful female celebrities.

On his way, Cha Jun Sung picked Park Jin Hyuk up. Since he is a party member, he has a right to hear what Seven Stars has to say and what conditions they will present.

They were originally going to meet inside the mission. Koharu and Kyoko need to meet with them as well. But they said that they did not want to be bothered with it, and left it up to Cha Jun Sung.

“Dead Ark? Is this the mission that Seven Stars wants to do?”

“That’s right.”

“It’s the marines.”

“If we leave the routed field, a special mission appears. We need to find an extinct kind in order to avoid this, and that was this.”

-[Level D Advance Mission: Dead Ark] [Goal: Attainment]

-[Description: The people who boarded the ark leaving the infected city were relieved with the belief that they have left hell, but they were mistaken. The people who were running away, are facing another hell. Remove the source of occupation and return it to its normal state.]

-[Reward: 20,000 points. Lucky box.]

The description is long and it is not ordinary. There are a lot of hidden meanings in it.

The aspect that bother them most is the infected city. The people boarded the ark to leave it. It seems that they were trying to escape the dangerous zone when the ark became contaminated.

The ark is level D. There is a high chance that the infected city is level C or B.

Then is it the A virus infection? Cha Jun Sung did not think it was so.

If it were referring to mutants, did it have to use the word infection? The word may be the same, but he had a feeling it would be different.

Cha Jun Sung guessed Lim Si Hyun’s hidden intent through the mission.

He is trying to gain information in the Dead Ark to get to the infected city. He is planning a linked attack.


“Of course. You guessed it.”

“I felt that it was ineffective to create a plan for each time we complete an unassociated mission. That’s why I changed the way we are thinking.”

He is looking for a mission that is associated. Dead Ark has all of the consistent elements. The context is like the Closed Area or Underpass.

He faced the Caicus while fighting Kawods, and had faced a Blood-Sucking Evil while fighting the blood-sucking insects. This is association.

It is a matter of difference in difficulty but with everything in consideration, the mutants they need to fight and the environment must be similar. If they need to go into a mission, this aspect will be comfortable.

When Cha Jun Sung had gone in the mission with the Blood-Sucking Evil, he had been linked by going in the Underpass. That is a safer way of facing the danger.

“Dead Ark. Can you think of a mutant that is fitting for the mission?”

Can he think of one? He can. It is one that is annoying and tricky. They will suffer if they put down their guards. They might witness a scene where a Lifer becomes a mutant.

“Infection….. Parasite.”


Parasites do not distinguish between people and mutants. All life forms except kin are parasitic targets.

A variety of parasites exist in the virtual version, from level 1 to 8. The last level 8 is one of the 36 nightmares, and is truly frightening.

Like a level 8, its basic efficiency is excellent and its parasitic capacity is unmatched. If it erodes the brain of a level 9, it will go to the limbs.

Taking Evil Queen as an example, the body would be ripped into thousands of pieces before encroachment but that is how strong the grip on life is.

“So a flame thrower is absolutely necessary.”

“We are preparing a lot. It is difficult to bring damage with guns.”

The way to hunt parasites is just to kill the parasites in the host’s brain. If the host is killed, the parasites will just jump out and look for a new host.

Setting them on fire is more effective than aiming at each one with a gun. Even with bombs, fever shots are better than grenades.

“Ugh! Parasites.”

“Cheer up.”

Cha Jun Sung comforted Park Jin Hyuk. Looking at parasites digging their way out of their hosts makes them want to puke. Beyond its cruelty, it is disgusting.

“We’re leaving in 1 month. We will give you whatever item you want as compensation.”

Cha Jun Sung said that he understood. They will not do it willingly. They will not like it, but he needs to relay the conversation to Koharu and Kyoko first.




Cha Jun Sung is writing on a white sheet of paper with a pen. It is full of numbers that do not make sense. He calculated the urgent points.

There is a little less than 1 month left until they enter the advance mission. During that time, he compared the points they hoped for to the possible points.

“Should we try asking him to pull it forward? It’ll be okay if we just figure out the D class energy core.”

A C class can be produced with a D class. 3 to 7 are consumed in production. The more there are, the higher the possibility of success is. He can gather whatever is lacking until they enter.

However, he cannot catch all of the chickens. It means that he will need to give up either the 4th stage of body modifications or the C class energy core.

This is the same as taking someone else’s to complete my own. That is why he thought of the item he would get from Seven Stars and the government.

It is only a matter of time once Hercules’ energy core is resolved. He can ask the party members for help and Lim Si Hyun for an advance?

Cha Jun Sung is weak in these types of matters. He is confident if he is asking for a fair price, but he is asking for money before doing work in this situation.

“It’ll be revealed once we enter the mission anyway. Should I tell them it’s an advanced cyborg?”

It is actually not a middle class cyborg, but an advanced one. Once he purchases the parts, its power will show. So he needs to get an advance if he is thinking about the force’s safety.

Sometimes, taking it head on is the silver bullet. He is just revealing something that would come out, a month earlier. If they keep asking, he can just lie a bit.

Cha Jun Sung opened a chat room in the PDA and invited the party members. It is presumptuous, but he needs to discuss the Dead Ark.


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