LM Volume 3 Chapter 84

Volume 3 / Chapter 84

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Kyoko found a dictionary on medical and cytology terms, and looked over the documents. What she had briefly read was interesting.

There is useless content mixed in, but she looked those over once and tossed them. They were unimportant and complicated getting to the point.

She had asked Cha Jun Sung for a few days, but she could tell that would not be possible once she started working on them.

So she extended it by a week. Honestly, Cha Jun Sung would have given her a month if she had asked for it. He cannot force missions on her. She has a personal life too.

She only has to participate in the advance mission. They need to cross over to level C.

-[These documents deal with the onset of the A virus that occurred in the world of Lifers. Pharmaceutical company Empire researched this.]

-[Empire isn’t the one that made it?]

-[No. The method to make it isn’t here. It says that there was a sudden outbreak.]

The A virus appeared out of nowhere. It contaminated all life forms including people, animals, and plants.

Like the top pharmaceutical company in the world, Empire studied the A virus. It is not in pursuit of profit. They were trying to make a vaccine.

The Institute that Cha Jun Sung performed was basically a vaccine manufacturer as well.

-[Is the sample we took the virus or the vaccine?]

-[It’s the vaccine.]

-[If they created a vaccine to combat the disease, why is that world so messed up?]

-[According to this, there are 2 reasons. The first is that there is no life to inoculate, and the second is that they might as well not inoculate if it’s done once someone is infected.]

-[So does that mean that the vaccine was created after the world fell?]

It is understandable. It is not like the A virus is being spread now and it has already spread, so what point is there in creating the vaccine?

-[Are those documents about the process of creating the vaccine?]


The Biology Institute had also been packed with mutants. It does not seem like they broke in from outside, but they were infected while doing research.

They could not manufacture the vaccine as though producing them in a factory. They would need to go under a high degree of manufacturing, but they would not have the manpower to deal with that quantity.

Cha Jun Sung’s group only discovered 1 thing as well. The people who had not been vaccinated were infected, and the people who had not been infected were killed by those who were.

-[Is that place Earth?]

-[When comparing material from Lifer World and the lab, it is the Earth. It seems so from what my sister and I experienced as well. You’re feeling it as well, aren’t you?]

A Lifer went on vacation abroad in reality. He left a mark at a place like a milestone, and went into a mission when he came back.

He realized that the place he ended up happened to be where he went on vacation and when he looked for the monument, he was surprised to find the trace he left behind.

-[What do I think it is?]

-[The Earth is one. It’s just that the past, present, and future won’t be the same. If dimensional movement is possible, we can go anywhere we want.]

Time and space travel. Does that mean that it is the same Earth living in a different world? It is a headache to Cha Jun Sung, who is not fluent in science.

Even when they ask the helpers, they do not say anything except that they are not authorized to discuss it. Do they need to advance to level S for the helpers to tell them anything? They need to go all the way to know.

-[Since there’s nothing we can figure out right away, let’s focus on advancing.]


Cha Jun Sung wrapped up the discussion. Life Mission, which is full of questions, seems to have a lot of secrets but he does not intend to dig in any further.

They had found a small piece without doing anything. If they just go forward as they are doing now, additional pieces will turn up.




Lim Si Hyun and 6 vice masters are gathered in the Seven Stars master room.

They are searching through level D advance missions with the report that the Strategic Planning Department put all of their efforts into creating as a foundation.

Recently, Seven Stars and the government worked together to complete a 18,000 point mission.

There were a lot of victims because 2 level 4 mutants had appeared, but it was a success. If they get used to it by the 2nd half, all that is left is advancement so they must start to prepare themselves.

“This is good for a location that won’t receive interference from outside.”

Lim Si Hyun shared the mission he chose with the vice masters. It is the perfect single mission. They deal with variables to be ready for special missions.

Not long ago, he went to Hocheon to pay his respects to Chun Myung Ik. Even if he was weak, he was the master of a large guild. There is no reason to think that it might not happen to anyone.

Oh Min Ho and the raid leaders were suspicious but it had happened in a mission and it is a personal matter of Hocheon, so he had left it at being suspicious.

“Hm! A battle at sea….. We can prevent a special mission, but isn’t it too isolated? If we fail, it would be hard to escape.”

“A boat will also provide a narrow space for the force to move around in.”

Various opinions are exchanged. Lim Si Hyun had not called the vice masters together to push them like a maverick. He wants to hear all of their opinions.

“Since it is the world of Life Mission, we cannot think about it as an average boat.”

If they read the description of the mission, it says that tens of thousands of people can board. This is a city that is called a boat. It will be tremendous in size.

“And the more narrow our space is, the better it is for our soldiers.”

“Why is that?”

“Are you trying to make the force into party groups for individual movement?”

Individual movement breaks up the power, so it is suitable for elites.

“I’m thinking of inviting mercenaries.”


Seven Stars and the government combined to fill the 100 people. The personnel have all gone through the 2nd stage of body modification and have level D gear, so they are the ruthless elite. Are mercenaries necessary?

“We plan to have 4 mercenaries, and it is someone you all know well.”

“Who is it?”


“What! Is that real?”

The room became noisy. Are they surprised by just the name? Overload has a middle class cyborg. If he joins, it will become a great help to them.

Cha Jun Sung rejected the 10,000 points from the other day, and said that he would help with advancement instead. With his personality, he would have done it to keep his promise.

“Our power will become stronger, meaning the victim rate of the 2 groups will decrease!”

“We’ll have to see the activity, but they will be receiving 500,000 from Seven Stars, 500,000 from the government, 1 million total in kickbacks in exchange.

If he shows outstanding activity, they could even give 2 million, not just 1 million. Large guilds accumulate a tremendous amount of points because they operate buses.

It cannot be said to be overflowing, but that amount is manageable if the executives spread it amongst themselves. They cannot skimp on investments for the future.

Unlike Hocheon, Seven Stars is loyal to Lim Si Hyun and the guild’s atmosphere is free-spirited. It is because he handles them according to his personality.

Even though it seems like nothing, it took a lot of effort on Lim Si Hyun’s part to get it to this place. A tree cannot grow on cement.

“What do you think? Will you go with this?”

“They’re all similar, so we will follow master’s orders.”


“I agree.”

Lim Si Hyun smiled. As long as there are people who trust and follow him, Seven Stars will be famous for all the world to see.


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      1. It’s one piece of information. If anyone in authority takes their word of ‘Here’s what we found, we need to duplicate this vaccine for a disease that will exist in the future, because otherwise our world will end up like in the game’, then they would be taking one hell of a gamble. Financially & politically atleast, and there’s actually guarantee of no sideeffects of this unknown vaccine.

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        1. I mean, if you told anyone of a disease that will spread in the future, and then claimed to have a cure, some would think you’re crazy. Others would think you’re a swindler if you wanted payment for the cure. And even if you told everyone for free of the cure, and gave it to them, only a minority would believe you before the first deaths.

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