LM Volume 3 Chapter 83

Volume 3 / Chapter 83

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[TN: This one’s a short one 😛 but you learn a bit more about the purpose of this reality version of the game….]

“Jun Sung, you’re not preventing it?”

“Are you an angel?”

“He he!”

He had made the decision after drawing up a rough picture. Cha Jun Sung felt strong hostility in the way Oh Min Ho and the raid leaders were looking at Chun Myung Ik.

He did sin, but it is difficult to see as something that it worthy of dying over. That is why he broke his PDA and threw him to the wolves. The wolves would dispose of him.

They could save him, but the probability of that is very low.

Even if they stop resenting him, they will not lose an opportunity. If they kill him, they take Hocheon. Honestly, Chun Myung Ik and Oh Min Ho’s group are the same type of people.

The only difference was whether they wronged them or not.

It is all well-earned punishment.



Time is passing. It has been 3 days since Cha Jun Sung’s group entered the mission.

A mutant appeared once in a while, but most of them were level 1 or 2 and there were not many level 3. Even those were weak as the Black Ghost’s offspring.

It does not seem like there will be more level 4. It would be okay to just send Hercules.

“If it’s not here, it means that it’s in a secret location.”

“That’s probably right.”

They are searching through everything because they do not know the location of the sample lab. Over a few days, places that seem plausible showed up once in a while.

“Hercules, break it.”


Hercules is beating the door. It does not have a knob. Since they do not know how to get in, they can only force entry. It must not be a very solid door because it broke quickly.

“Found it.”

“Looks like it.”

“Wow! It’s packed with samples like it is in the movies!”

When they went deeper inside, there was a motley of samples stored in a cool frost. They do not know how the freezer is on.

They do not want to know either. All they have to do is complete the mission and get the points.

“What’s what?”

-[It is the 3rd blue bottle on the top left, 4th row.]

What has gotten into it? Zephyrus spoke to Park Jin Hyuk. It is really quiet, but it is being friendly and telling him which sample will allow him to complete the mission.

“Odin, is that the goal?”

-[That is right.]

When Cha Jun Sung asked for confirmation, Odin responded immediately. Normally, he would have said ‘Figure it out for yourself’ or acted like he is invisible.

-[You have attained the samples. You have cleared the sample takeover.]

“Is it complete? Hercules, look around to see if there are any items that would be worth points.”

Once Hercules returns, they will go back. It would be good if it came back with something.

Hercules looked around outside and came with a strange locker. When it put it down and they looked through it, it was just full of documents in English.

“Let’s go back.”

“Hold on.”

Kyoko is reading the documents. Is there something interest in there? As she is interested in the medical field, she has a lot of curiosity regarding the mutants and Biology Institute.

“Aphrodite, is this true?”

-[It is true.]

“What is?”

Park Jin Hyuk asked Kyoko. She did not answer, and kept reading. There is so much of it that she cannot take it all in at once.

“I’ll have to take this back to read it. Give me a few days.”

“Huh? Sure.”

Cha Jun Sung spoke without concern. He could probably translate it if he put his mind to it, but left it to her thinking that there is no point.


They are returning. They felt uneasy about the ordeal with Chun Myung Ik, but they finished safely without problems. They could increase the difficulty.



When Cha Jun Sung’s group was returning, the helpers were discussing the documents they had taken.

-[Odin, shouldn’t you have made it so they couldn’t read the documents?]

-[All they can find out with those is just the tip of the iceberg.]

-[The world is different too.]

-[The world is different at the tip of the iceberg too, but we can hide it.]

-[As long as Life Mission has been created, the secret will be revealed. We cannot block everything. Even if they take a guess and find something out, it will be buried quickly.]

It is all for the Three. Since they are Lifers who have opened level C, it is okay to reveal a small part of the secret to them. They deserve that much.

If Cha Jun Sung had heard them talking, he would not have known what it was about.

What is what? Three? Secret?

-[Will the 36 rankers be able to develop to level S? Or even level A?]

-[It’s not if they can do it. Get rid of any suspicion. They need to do it since the purpose of creating Life Mission was to kill them.]

-[The one chance to rally for one mistake. We are only given one opportunity! We cannot afford anything else. It is the end if we fail. Keep that in mind.]

The helpers are silent. It is so. The rankers need to die for this war to end. It is already too late, but that is the only way if they are to fix the situation.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Little confused as to why the 36 rankers are the ones that need to die, and why the PDAs couldn’t set up their deaths with false information and such.

    1. Might be something of a morale issue. If the 36 most famous, skilled & renowned fighters are killed, then the population will probably put up less of a fight afterwards.

    1. Not necessarily a direct boss, but they’re probably meant to guide the rankers to a certain point at a certain time, and then have them die or something. It would make sense.

  2. This is dangerous ,,, the mcs trust their helpers too much, yeah? These things could give bad information and kill the players easily~~
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    At least odin has a dang conscience though~~
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    1. Uhm, now that you say it, at the start I thought their purpose was to kill the 36 rankers but I think that it might actually be like training some elite troops to help them eliminate some target or enemy?

  6. i think it isn’t really right that the helpers want to kill the rankers, but just that the wording used was misleading on purpose, as in life mission was created to kill them(lv 9, 8 mutants) and only the rankers can do it, if they fail they die and so there is only this one chance(the last alternate earth).
    Well that is how i understood it. My theory is that the reality version is on an alternate version of earth that became mutant ridden, only very very few survived, so they don’t have personnel to deal with the higher mutants, and after advancing their technology they are using the other alternative earths to try and save their earth.

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