LM Volume 3 Chapter 82

Volume 3 / Chapter 82

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[TN: Find out Hocheon’s fate]

The lower half of the Black Ghost was cut and the giant toppled over.

There are gashes and bullet wounds all over its body. It is the work of Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk. It has fallen over but it is still alive, gasping for breath.

“Are you okay?”

“Ow! Are you really asking? A few ribs and an arm is broken. It really hurts.”

Park Jin Hyuk went towards Cha Jun Sung, who was sitting against a wall. He cannot stand up without support. He had been hit by the Black Ghost while fighting with it at a short distance.

He flew 10m. If it had not been for the body modification, his guts would have ruptured from the impact of the tail and hitting the wall and he would have died.

Kyoko took a box out of her space compression bag. The outside is plain, but it is a medical device worth 400,000 points for intermediate trauma treatment.


It must have a fingerprint detecting function on it because as soon as Kyoko put her hand to it, it expanded into a box the size of a person. It was like looking at an operating table in an operating room. 2 medical robots the size of a person’s fist and hundreds of medical robots smaller than a millet were waiting.

There is also a computer that check the patient’s state. It shows an MRI and X-ray in real time as a hologram.

“Jin Hyuk, get Jun Sung on the table.”


Park Jin Hyuk supported Cha Jun Sung and got him on the operating table. It is cozy and comfortable. A slight raise over the table is full of machinery.

“Scan the patient.”

-[Scanning….. Scan complete. 5 ribs and left arm broken from impact of crash, minor damages to organs, surgery difficulty 56%. Will you start the procedure?]


-[Alert. Starting operation is impossible. Level 4 mutant associated with parasites harmful to humans and powerful virus detected 30m away. Expedite command.]

It is referring to the Black Ghost. The snake is full of parasites and viruses. It is the worst environment for the medical device that needs to ensure protection for its patient.

“I’ll die. I’m a patient.”


Park Jin Hyuk threw a fever shot at the Black Ghost. The heat went into the wound and went off inside. It became a grilled snake.

-[You have earned 12,000 points.]

-[Incineration confirmed.]

-[Operation starting.]

The medical robots apply anesthetic to Cha Jun Sung’s side and arm, and incise the flesh. He can see the broken bones, but he does not feel the pain.

The bigger robot holds the wound open, and the smaller robots go in to match the bones like a puzzle. They also treated the injuries like fractures.

Kyoko is not staying still either. Like the medical student that she is, she was using surgical instruments that the average person would not have been able to use, in supporting the medical robots.

“What should I do with you?”

Park Jin Hyuk talked to himself and walked toward Hocheon. They cannot move an inch because Hercules is still monitoring them.

“Did you open the door?”

Under a grip strong enough to break his neck, Chun Myung Ik is lifted from the ground. Park Jin Hyuk shook the arm that was holding him up.

Chun Myung Ik tried to use his strength to get out of Park Jin Hyuk’s grip, but he just got dragged around.

“You asshole. You’re selfish trash. I asked if you opened the door. It’s bad enough that you survived after abandoning your guild members, but you have the nerve to abandon the people you abandoned with again?”

The raid leaders including Oh Min Ho put their heads down. They are embarrassed. They know how it feels to be abandoned after experiencing it for themselves.

They must have resented them as they died. Even as they fell endlessly into hell.

“You guys acted so big in the Biology Institute. Cat’s got your tongue now?”

Park Jin Hyuk tapped Chun Myung Ik’s face with his other hand. He had changed from his obedient self as an effect of the body modification.

He is controlling the madness, but a part of his personality has changed. It is not severe, but the change showed when something makes him feel bad.

“You want to die?”

Chun Myung Ik felt the cold in Park Jin Hyuk’s voice. He is sincere.

It is attacking power comparable to level 4. If he makes his move, he cannot live. To die here? He is the master of Hocheon. He needs to escape this danger.

“I’m – I’m sorry about what happened before. I’ll do anything you want.”

Park Jin Hyuk punched him in the stomach. He still has not come to his senses.

-[Operation over!] [The bones and flesh have not healed, so battle is prohibited for a few hours.]

While an inclement atmosphere was rising, Cha Jun Sung’s operation was completed. He endured the pain he felt in his ribs and arm, and got up.

The medical robots that had been moving busily, stopped and went back to their places. Then the operation room folded and became a cube again.

It is a huge innovation in the medical field, but it is really expensive.

“Should I kill him? I think I could kill an asshole like this without a conscience.”

While going through missions, there will be a day when they kill a person instead of mutants. He could even laugh while killing someone like Chun Myung Ik.

“There’s no reason for us to go through the trouble of killing him ourselves. I’m just going to give him a little punishment.”

The Wolf Kill with the vibration activated, flashes. Chun Myung Ik’s hand is cut off and blood pours out. It had happened in the blink of an eye.

“Ack! My arm!”

Cha Jun Sung put his Wolf Kill in the PDA that came off the wrist.

Since the PDA is important equipment that allows the Lifer and helper to communicate, it is strong enough to withstand force but it is not invincible.


After he stabbed it a few times, it shattered. A Lifer without a PDA? Hocheon’s guild members did not interfere with Cha Jun Sung.

“Ack! Cha Jun Sung!”

“Let’s go.”

After exerting strength, his body is trembling. Cha Jun Sung, Park Jin Hyuk, and the others went through the door. Only Chun Myung Ik and Hocheon were left inside.

“Mi – Min Ho. Guys. I’m sorry. Please link the PDA!”

In the case where someone does not have a PDA, someone else can specially link them to send them back to the briefing room. They just need that person’s permission.

“Why should I?”

Oh Min Ho’s tone is cold. The raid leaders were not looking at him kindly either.

“I know why Cha Jun Sung said that he would not need to get his own hands dirty. Vice master – no – master, we will follow your orders.”

Chun Myung Ik thought he had heard wrong. Master? Oh Min Ho is the master?

“I’m the master!”

“If the master is gone, doesn’t the vice master have to take his place?”


Chun Myung Ik started thinking. His older brother is not talented as a Lifer. Oh Min Ho is technically in the Daeho group bloodline. He is a distant cousin.

Oh Min Ho snickered. It is the last of the man who controlled his subordinates with power instead of heart. If Chun Myung Ik dies, he gets Hocheon.

“You – you assholes!”

“You know well too, right? If a Lifer without a PDA remains in a mission, the mission disappears from the list and he is trapped inside forever.”

If he is disconnected from his helper, he cannot live or die. He cannot go back to earth, and must live in the same space as mutants until he dies.

The chance of meeting Lifers completing missions in other zones is like winning the lottery. He cannot even take on a level 3 mutant with his bare body, so he will most likely die before then.

“Try your luck at staying alive, master.”


Oh Min Ho pushed Chun Myung Ik by his chest when he tried to charge at him with his foot. He fell over easily after being weakened from blood loss. How long will he last?

The raid leader lowered the lever. The door that Cha Jun Sung’s group went through, closed.

Pew pew pew pew!

He fires at the lever. Black smoke poured from machinery that had become like honeycomb. This is in case Chun Myung Ik tries to go looking for Cha Jun Sung’s group.

They also considered that Cha Jun Sung’s group might change their minds and go back for him.


The raid leaders quit the mission and returned to each of their briefing rooms and reality. Oh Min Ho stayed until the end and left Chun Myung Ik with the last words,

“I’ll inherit it well.”

Chun Myung Ik passed out at this reality that was making him crazy. His mentality is already weak because of his wound. It surpassed a shock that he could handle.


As he was losing consciousness, he heard Oh Min Ho’s laughter. It is the end.


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