LM Volume 3 Chapter 81

Volume 3 / Chapter 81

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[TN: The black ghost….]

As soon as the Black Ghost came down, it hid. Guns do not have much effect but bombs are dangerous, so it is avoiding a face on battle.



Chun Myung Ik and the raid leaders are shaking in fear. It is 15m long but it has an elasticity that makes it 50% longer when it is attacking.

With the width of this room, most of them are within range. Once it propels its body, they would not be able to detect how quickly it protracting and retracting even with their modified bodies.

It also avoids detection with their sensors because it can control its body temperature. It has all of the conditions necessary for assassination.

Chun Myung Ik slipped back without anyone knowing. He must not provoke the Black Ghost.

He moved toward the lever. Even if they are put in a more dangerous situation, that is something to think about later. If they die now, there is no later.

Chun Myung Ik pulled down the lever he had put up. When the door went up, he saw Cha Jun Sung’s group standing there with blank looks.

“What is this asshole doing? He wouldn’t open the door when we asked him to.”

Park Jin Hyuk went outside and put his face in front of Chun Myung Ik’s. Behind him, Park Jin Hyuk saw a mutant resembling a snake and 7 guild members.

Nearly half of the Black Ghost was covered in darkness. It is blurry.

“There are only the master, vice master, and raid leaders. What about the regular guild members?”

He is not asking because he does not know. The superior members sacrificed the lower ones so that they could live. It is sickening. He wanted to kill them.


Chun Myung Ik ignored Park Jin Hyuk and pulled the lever down again and went inside. The door that had gone up about 2m was coming down. It will close in 10 seconds.

Park Jin Hyuk let go of the lever in the middle. The door is open without going up or down. Chun Myung Ik is glaring as if he wants to kill him. Should he dig out his eyes?

“Hurry up and put it down! We’ll die!”

“Let’s get it.”

Cha Jun Sung was watching them and took opposite actions to Chun Myung Ik’s. Even if they get away from it now, they will be tracked. It is better to end it here.

“What about this asshole?”

“Catch him.”

Cha Jun Sung is just as disgusted by Chun Myung Ik as Park Jin Hyuk is. Because he abandoned his guild members?

That is a part of it, but he opened the door without hesitation upon danger when he had not opened it when they asked him to. He cannot just let that go.

“Number 617 Cha Jun Sung?”

Chun Myung Ik recognizes his face. Did he make an impression when he killed the Spectre?

“Hercules, watch him so he can’t do anything stupid. Kill him if you sense anything suspicious.”

“Mission confirmed! Kill on condition!”


Hercules’s arms turned into a vibrating weapon and buster, and went into surveillance mode. He is someone who abandons others. He needs to be suppressed so there are no further damages.


“Koharu and Kyoko, get ready.”


Kyoko is a medic and Koharu was an assassin in the virtual version, but she is now a level D Lifer. It is too much to have her fight against a level 4 when she has only gone through the 2nd stage of body modifications.

Cha Jun Sung turned on the Wolf Kill. Park Jin Hyuk wore the Head Hunter on his shoulder as well.


The Black Ghost hiding in the darkness looked at the both of them and prepared to attack.

“Do you know what it is?”


It is an unfamiliar species to Cha Jun Sung as well. It is something he did not see in South America. There are a lot of mutants in the snake line in Asia. Lifers from that area might know.

He had thought it was a Saman Viper, but he was wrong. It is a snake, so did he get half of it right?

“Do you want to try fighting it?”

“Jun Sung, there might not be a turn for you.”

Cha Jun Sung took a step back and Park Jin Hyuk went forward. He can sense the Black Ghost’s movement. It seems to be watching him. Should he take it through a loop?

Park Jin Hyuk turned around. The Black Ghost did not miss his movement.


The contracted muscles released and it went forward like a spring. It is a tremendous speed. Cha Jun Sung was not able to see the scene clearly either.

Park Jin Hyuk somersaults in place. While he was turning, the Black Ghost’s mouth opened and grazed under his feet. It is grossly large.


Park Jin Hyuk stepped on the Black Ghost’s face and ran, triggering the Head Hunter.

He powered through the shell and created a wound. Blood is seeping out. It is a weak wound compared to its body, but it does get wounded.

“Try and catch me.”

Park Jin Hyuk runs. He jumps over obstacles and rides walls. There is a centrifugal force that creates the perception that he has glue on his feet.

Tang tang tang!

He fires the Head Hunter from that state. He does not make the mistake of falling down. He circled the Black Ghost and showed the essence of firing on the move.

His shots get their hit 100 out of 100 times. Chun Myung Ik’s group witnessed this wonder and were in awe.

He is firing his gun while moving at that speed and hitting his target. They could not dream of this kind of movement. He surpasses the speed that a human can move in.


The Black Ghost’s tail flies toward Park Jin Hyuk’s stomach. It did not aim exactly, but its precise sense showed it where its enemy is located.

When Park Jin Hyuk avoided the tail, it hit the facility’s wall. It is a disposed strike.


Not even the Head Hunter’s force can penetrate the muscles. It would die if he hit it with hundreds or thousands of bullets, but his stamina would not be able to handle that.

He may act relaxed, but he is not really. He is fighting with all of his power, paying attention to avoiding it while concentrating on attacking it.

Even if his stamina has increased, it will drop because it is not just replenished.

“It’s doable?”

“Its coat is the problem! Ugh! I’ll need to use an explosive bomb! Stand back!”

Park Jin Hyuk launched an explosive bomb. The space is narrow so fragments will fly, but he needs to use a bomb if he is to wound the Black Ghost.


The explosive that is embedded in the coat goes off and its flesh splatters. It really is strong.

The level 4 mutant’s regeneration heals the wound. Park Jin Hyuk used all types of bombs to wound it, and used a small advantage to disturb its attention.

“If it was just a little wider!”

They estimate that the Black Ghost is rated low. It is not strong. If the space to battle was not the size of a gym, he would have won a long time ago.


Park Jin Hyuk is no longer a sniper who attacks from one place. He is a versatile Lifer who can create a melee with his excellent physical ability.

“I won’t be able to win either.”

Cha Jun Sung is laughing. It is an impressive development. He can tell how hard Park Jin Hyuk worked on himself over the last 2 months. Even if he is weak, he can fight with a level 4.

He would be able to put up in level C as well. Of course they do not intend to attempt level C until they have their battle shoots.

Bang bang bang!

The battle is becoming fierce. The Black Ghost accepted Park Jin Hyuk to be on his own level. It gets slower as it is wounded. Its stamina has reached the limit.

“I’m ending it.”

Cha Jun Sung took his Wolf Kill and leapt high. He jumped about 3 or 4 meters in the air.

He brandished the Wolf Kill at the Black Ghost’s neck. It felt something behind it, tensed the muscles in its neck, and turned its head.

When Cha Jun Sung looked next to him, he saw a mouth full of blood and flesh coming towards him. It is a strained situation.


A bullet flies by the Black Ghost’s eyes. It stops its attack in surprise.

“My heart.”

“Its senses are good because it’s a snake.”

Snakes are naturally gifted hunters. Since it has become a mutant from that state, it may as well be a murder weapon.

“Support me.”

“We need to annoy it.”


He is only aiming at its face. Cha Jun Sung held the Wolf Kill and faced it from the front. The Black Ghost is getting pushed back because they have combined their strength.


Is that possible with the D class store? It does not make sense. There is no way they are level D. Level C? There are Lifers who have already gotten past the advance mission?

Chun Myung Ik looked at Hercules guarding him and the Koharu sisters waiting in the rear. Do those women also have similar abilities?

And what is this cyborg? Was Cha Jun Sung so great?

‘There’s someone named Cha Jun Sung who went into a mission with Hocheon, right?’


He remembered his meeting with Lim Si Hyun. He had been looking for Cha Jun Sung. He had received a small reward for giving him information. Why was he looking for him?

It is complicated. If they kill the mutant, will they leave him alone?

“Respiratory symptoms discovered from heart and pulse rate! Wavering pupils indicate increase in the probability that he will show adverse reactions! Closely monitored!”

Hercules who had been monitoring everything, focused on Chun Myung Ik. It had detected that he is having other thoughts by his external reactions.

‘That’s a function that isn’t in lower level cyborgs.’

There are a few lower level cyborgs in Hocheon as well. They are useless in battle, but they are often used instead of the manpower they lack.

If the function is not in a lower level, middle? If he is a Lifer who has a middle class cyborg?


He knows that Overload is Korean. He saw the blog occasionally. There have been rumors on Lifer World recently that someone is operating a bus with a cyborg.

Then it was true? Is that why Lim Si Hyun was looking for Cha Jun Sung?


Embarrassment is washing over him. Everyone is so impressive. They are taking on the Black Ghost on their own when he had not been able to do it even with a force dying around him.

He wants to slander Cha Jun Sung, but it is hard to do because he is being monitored. The reality that he must sit down and wait until the battle is over was painful.


The Black Ghost screams. All of its intestines were spilling out. Judging by the flow of events, it would be caught in no time. As expected, the battle ended soon after.


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