LM Volume 3 Chapter 79

Volume 3 / Chapter 79

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[TN: Will they find Hyocheon?]


The gate spits Cha Jun Sung’s group out. They are relaxed. It is a confidence that comes from talent. They are one of the top powers of the existing parties.

“Is it a room?”

“I thought we’d be starting in front of that door again, but I guess not.”

Park Jin Hyuk is right. Normally, they should have appeared in front of the door. That is what would have happened if Chun Myung Ik’s group had not created chaos in the mission.

Cha Jun Sung’s group was summoned to a small room. A bunk bed, table, desk, and cabinets – it is a small space where 2 people can live.

“Jin Hyuk…..”

“He he. It’s changed a lot, right? I was really surprised when I first looked in a mirror too.”

Park Jin Hyuk scratched his head in embarrassment. He has not just changed. Cha Jun Sung had seen him once after the 3rd stage of modifications, but he is unrecognizable now.

His image as an adolescent is gone. He has the charm of a man.

He is chiseled enough for people to think that he is Cha Jun Sung’s friend. Koharu and Kyoko were already accustomed to the change in Park Jin Hyuk.

-[Level D Mission: Bio Sample Takeover]

-[Goal: Attainment]

-[Description: Empire Biology Institute’s linked mission. Get inside the sample storage room that is full of darkness and anger, and take the bio samples.]

-[Reward: 12,000 points. Lucky box.]

Cha Jun Sung read the mission description. The keyword is ‘full of darkness and anger’. It means the level 4. There is nothing out of the ordinary.

“Hercules, go.”

“Mission confirmed!”

Hercules ripped the iron door open. Hercules was going to open the door gently, but it was rigid after being unused for so long.

Hercules took the head with Cha Jun Sung and the sisters in the center, and Park Jin Hyuk taking the rear. It is the optimal formation in case of a surprise attack from the level 4.

“It doesn’t look like the beginning or middle. The configuration is different.”

Park Jin Hyuk spoke. It helps to get their grounds because it is an area they have been to. They cannot be sure, but they seem to have been summoned to an untargeted area.

“We’ll have to go out to a wider space.”

“What are you going to do about mutants? Ignore? Don’t you think we need to kill them?”

They chose to annihilate the mutants. If they find the path and get the samples, it is over.

Cha Jun Sung is thinking that they need to catch the mutants. That would give him peace of mind. If it was a place that they could escape easily, it would not be worth 12,000 points.

After completing various types of missions, he can expect the obvious situations. It is likely that the mutants’ habitat is nearby. They could run into trouble while trying to avoid it.

It is not conceit. It would be better if they do not have a run-in, but what if they cannot avoid it?

Rather than suffering a surprise attack, it is wise of them to create a situation that is advantageous to them and wait. It is a method that Lifers actually use often.

“It’s okay if there is just 1, but it’s dangerous if 2 come out with the underlings.”

It is naive to think that the point value decides the mutants’ strength and numbers. Even if it is based on difficulty, it is not an absolute.

Here, the entire process is included. The difficulty could be evenly divided as 12,000, or concentrated in one place as 12,000.

Slayer’s Prison is a mutation. The male made the mission a mess.

He had been lucky, and it cannot be said that Cha Jun Sung completed the mission under normal conditions. If it had not been for Hercules, they would have been wiped out.

“A Destroyer is too much, but I can take on most mutants by myself.”

“Did you?”

“I went into 10,000 point missions with Koharu and Kyoko a few times. There was one that gave 12,000 points, but it died when I got the shot to his head with the rifle.”

Park Jin Hyuk and the sisters had secretly gone past the boundary. Would they have done it blindly? There was a reason for it.

“Jun Sung, you’ve never seen Jin Hyuk fight before, right?”


Kyoko calls his name in a friendly manner. At some point, it had become easy to address him.

Cha Jun Sung had been so busy operating the bus that he had not been able to go into a proper mission with his party members. They only warmed up a bit occasionally.

“He only shoots his gun when you’re here because he doesn’t need to get involved, but he swept the mutants when it was just us. He’s not the little kid he was a few months ago.”

Park Jin Hyuk yelled ‘Kyoko, what do you mean a little kid!’ and she stuck her tongue out at him. There is no hesitation in their actions. Their relationship has become that close.

Cha Jun Sung asked Koharu if what Kyoko was saying is true.

“You’ll be surprised when you see for yourself. Don’t think of him just as a sniper now.”

Even Koharu is praising Park Jin Hyuk’s ability to battle. He is curious. What had been happening while they were apart? What is he fighting like?

“Heat detected 62m in front! Command access if you would like confirmation!”

Cha Jun Sung came back to reality. Hercules must have discovered suspicious matter and is waiting for his permission. It is like a moving sensor.

“Go armed.”


Hercules strengthened its shell and used the metal armor. It turned its left hand into a vibrating weapon and left the right for analysis purposes.

Cha Jun Sung waited slowly. There is no rush. If the silence is maintained, it means that Hercules did not detect a mutant on its sensor.

-[Analysis complete! 100% probability that it is human! Estimated time of falling is 10 minutes ago!]

10 minutes means that it was right before Cha Jun Sung’s group entered. They must have left it as Cha Jun Sung and his group entered.

Cha Jun Sung went where his party and Hercules were. There were no danger signals and he did not catch mutants with his superhuman senses.

“It’s hard. A few minutes later and it wouldn’t have been detected with heat sensors.”

They had been able to discover it because it still had a weak heat. If it had been a little late, they might have just passed by it because it would have become completely cold and hard.

“It’s weak, but the wind is blowing the other way. That must be why we didn’t sense it.”

Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk’s senses should have been able to pick up the smell of blood 62m away. The smell grew farther from them because the wind blew it in the opposite direction.

“It’s going somewhere.”

Cha Jun Sung traced the blood. It is not pooled, but continuing somewhere. If they follow it, they would be able to find the wounded or dead.

“Someone entered.”

“And they must have failed.”

A re-entry had occurred. If they had completed it, the mission would have disappeared.

“Could it be Hocheon?”

“They would have come around now, but it’s weird if 100 people came and were exterminated. Is it that strong? Or….. it could be a unique species.”

Cha Jun Sung glances around the area. It is dark. It does seem like the helpers increased the power, but it is so dark that it is difficult to get visibility.

“I guess it uses its head.”


Koharu gave her opinion. She gets a vague idea of the mutant.

As it is a familiar environment, it is perfect if hunting under protection.

“You said that something that uses its smarts is weak so it’ll be easier to take on than something that has bodily strength.”

“Should I say that’s a decompensation? Even if it’s intellectual, it’s a level 4. It needs to fit some kind of standards to be assigned that title. If there is a big difference, it becomes more particular.”

It is easier for Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk to take on a mutant that uses its head to hide itself rather than something that uses bodily strength. It is still weak.

However, it is the worst case scenario if anything appears in front of a normal Lifer. The mutant uses its intellect? Even if they know its attack, they do not have the potential to follow through.

“Let’s follow the blood.”


They need to find the path that goes to the sample lab. They would rather not just walk around blindly. They need to look into the issue regarding the blood first.


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