LM Volume 3 Chapter 78

Volume 3 / Chapter 78

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[TN: Park Jin Hyuk changes appearance!]

-[Ha ha! Today, I completed the 4th stage of body modifications and purchased the level D set!]

For the first time in a while, the PDA was full of buzz. The party members have gathered to discuss. They had developed just as Cha Jun Sung had.

Park Jin Hyuk does not have a cyborg. He invested his points in body modification and D class items. No matter how he looks at it, C class items are a long-distance haul.

There is a limit to trying to withstand it with E class. It becomes destroyed just by touching a level 3 mutant.

If he skimps on points, he will die. He used 500,000 points to get metal armor and to enhance his existing equipment.

Currently, Park Jin Hyuk is going in and out of 5000 point missions as if he were at home. Enhancing his physical ability by 16 times made him a superhuman.

He is superior to Cha Jun Sung in terms of physical ability and gear.

-[How far did you extend the lifespan?]

-[By 18 years. The fire will burn if we keep going like this. It’s already been extended by 26 years.]

From the 3rd stage of body modifications, it is more than a mere force of strength. It is optimal when the lifespan is extended and the appearance is the most voracious.

Cha Jun Sung does not see a big change because he is 31 years old, but Park Jin Hyuk is different.

He quickly changed to the appearance of someone in his mid 20s while going through the 3rd stage of body modifications. He grew almost 10cm and along with that, his weight and body grew as well.

When Lifers open the level C store and go through body modification, there will be as much buzz as there was when the reality version first started.

An old man waiting to die could go back to being in his 20s.

It is different from catching a disease. Even if they can treat a disease with medicine from the store, they cannot find their youth again. It is not a value that can be compared.

This is the true devil’s temptation. There is the condition that they must open level C, but it is worth risking their lives. If they succeed, they will live a new life.

The helpers say that it is different by stage, but the 3rd and 4th stages increase the lifespan by 10 to 20 years. Cha Jun Sung also went 9 years.

-[I grew a little taller too.]

-[….. That’s similar to me.]

Cha Jun Sung felt sad. His small and cute friend had become big and gross.

As the Life Mission ranking went up, surreal events happened as if they were nothing. What would they be surprised with beyond level B?

-[We didn’t have anything to get in level D, so we each saved up more than 1 million.]

Koharu and Kyoko stay in level D. Since they cannot go through body modification, they just purchased gear, saved points, and went over 1 million.

-[Leave it for level C. As soon as we go up, there will be a drought of points.]

They will get stuck at the normal points if they do not have achievement points, but it is better than not having them. It is wise to save them up as much as they can.

Koharu bought twin daggers with vibration, and Kyoko bought intermediate trauma medical devices. They also had metal armor as their basic protection.


Cha Jun Sung was certain that the party members were ready. At this rate, the 5 of them including Hercules could take on 10,000 point missions.

-[Let’s go to a sample takeover.]


Park Jin Hyuk yelled into the PDA. The time had come to proceed with the sample takeover in the Biology Institute, which they had been pushing off because Cha Jun Sung was so busy.

-[Is the sample takeover you’re talking about the 12,000 point mission you did with Hocheon?]

Koharu learned about a lot while being in a party with Park Jin Hyuk. Of that, she knew that there was a sample takeover as a linked mission in the Biology Institute.

-[There is a high possibility that mission will be over in one shot like Slayer’s Prison. It’ll be dangerous, but it is perfect to test the party’s power.]

-[With our current state, we would be able to take on 2 level 4 mutants, so we can do a sample takeover.]

Cha Jun Sung agreed with that. Judging by the points, he could expect 2 weak ones or 1 strong one. If the proceedings are simple, it will be the latter.

-[There’s no reason something like the Destroyer will come out, so if we just stay vigilant we should be fine!]

Even if a mutant at that level appears, they could take it with a concentrated attack.

-[Did you figure out what it is inside?]

-[I have guesses, but I can’t point out exactly what it is.]

-[Which one is the most likely?]

-[Saman Viper.]

-[A snake? Ack!]

It is not a desirable animal. It is bad to have prejudices against animals, but most people do not like snakes. Cha Jun Sung’s group is the same.

As soon as Park Jin Hyuk showed revulsion, Koharu and Kyoko also expressed their disgust. They do not like normal snakes, but it is a snake that has changed into a mutant. They cannot know until they have seen it.

-[When do we go?]

-[When do you think will be good?]

-[Since we’re on the topic, should we go in tomorrow? No one has gear to get or anything.]

They have been ready. They just need to fill up their necessities and go up against them.

-[I don’t care.]

The sisters are also in agreement. If they want to strategize, they can do it after entering the mission as well.

He said that an iron door was blocking the way and the mutant was trapped inside. If they start to hesitate, there will be no end. They need to push forward.

-[We’re going tomorrow at noon! Sleep well and let’s meet refreshed.]

Resting is as important as battling. They need to soothe their minds and bodies for tomorrow.



Chun Myung Ik and the guild members ran without looking back. After completing the Biology Institute, they thought about it for a few months and attempted the sample takeover after finishing all preparations.

Seven Stars is playing in the mid to high 10,000 area. Other large guilds passed the early 10,000 missions a while ago. Hocheon is in the lower ranks of the large guilds.

As late as they are to entering level D, it is not easy to catch up. They normally would have gone up from 10,000, but they skipped 2000 because they were feeling so rushed.

That was a big mistake. Of 100 guild members, around 70 died. There are 12 members following him. The other 17? They are missing.

They had become like this within days of opening the iron door and entering. This is all because of that level 4 mutant.

-[We’ll go back to the original summons area and quit the mission!]

-[What about the rest of the guild members?]

-[You’re saying you want to stay here?]

Oh Min Ho wiped his forehead with the back of his hand at Chun Myung Ik’s words. He is sweating profusely. He did not think it through. If they stay, they will die. They need to survive in order to plan for the future.

The summons area is getting closer. If they pull down the lever once they get there, the door will close. Then they can return. They cannot quit right now because they are being chased.


-[Block it so we can close the door!]

None of the guild members listened to the order. Block it? This is the same as saying, ‘You need to die for me to live. So go die.’


That mutant senses people’s temperature, so there is no point in using the odorless spray.

It can find them even if they hide. They will be caught in this state where they are sweating and their body temperatures have gone up. They need to go somewhere where it cannot enter.

Chun Myung Ik exchanged looks with the guild cadres. They need to buy time.


A few cadres shot the general guild members that were following behind them. They did not kill, but injured them. As they would not block the mutant, they are being forced to stay behind.


Flesh and bones are being chewed. The sound itself is torture enough to drive them crazy. Chun Myung Ik ran to the door with the sole thought of living and pulled the lever down.


Bang bang!

The mutant is banging on the door. It is angry that it lost them and will not stop.

“We are quitting.”


Chun Myung Ik and his cadres rushed to quit, but it did not go as they planned.

-[The angry Black Horn is looking for a different way to get past the door. You cannot quit the mission until it stops trying.]

It is despair.


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