LM Volume 3 Chapter 77

Volume 3 / Chapter 77

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It is a static space. 3 Lifers are waiting in a comfortable spot for the time they had promised to meet. It is not long now.

No one spoke first. They will bring it up once everyone has gathered.


A summons gate appears with a resonance. A Lifer in black and a Lifer wearing a red sword appeared.

“You’re here. Dark Side, Hell Sword.”

Bloodshot welcomes them. They are on time.

“How about Tyrant?”

“He said he’s busy. 5 people are it.”

Death Spear responded to Dark Side’s question on Tyrant’s behalf.

“It’s not bad for a first start.”

Blood King is the one who had gathered them all together. Since those that are alike play together, these 6 people helped each other even in the virtual version.

They spent their time with PK. And they are doing the same thing in reality. What could they do? Hunting people is more fun than hunting mutants.

“Bloodshot, you said you met Glare Fire?”

“I told him a few things to get information on the world federation. It’s just what it sounds like. I didn’t get much out of him, so I just grazed the surface.”

Blood King and Dark Side, Hell Sword and Death Spear, Bloodshot and Tyrant who is not there, they fall short as a power compared to the world federation.

However, it is bigger and stronger than any large guild. They have already gathered guild members over the past few months. All they have to do now is to get together.

If it all works out well, they will reach over hundreds of thousands. Like Blood King said, it was not bad for a start. They can build up their influence with time.

“If the individual is going to fight with the group, all that’s left is skill.”

“I’m sick of the little guys. I want to hunt those guys as soon as possible.”

By those guys, he meant the other 36 rankers. There is nothing better than killing someone similar to experience bliss. There is as much joy as there is risk.

They are confident that they would not lose against most of them in a one-on-one fight.

“The world federation will have gotten past 10,000 point missions. Let’s slowly get to it as well.”

“That’s why we got together.”

The 5 people got together to discuss certain issues, but they also mean to get over the 10,000 wall. It is enough even if Tyrant is absent.

“They slowly started to move.”


“Overload, Weapon Master, Nine Tails, Empress Light.”

“I saw that Overload was operating a bus. Ha ha ha! Does he not have enough points?”

“He got a middle class cyborg. If we only look at the gear, it’ll be top class.”

4 people spoke while Blood King watched and waited for them to stop. Bloodshot must have been bored because he cut them off.

“Are you watching?”

“Keep talking.”

“You met with Overload. You have to tell us what happened. Did you lose to him again?”

When Bloodshot held his stomach and laughed, Blood King’s eyes slanted into a glare. He looked like his glare could kill, but Bloodshot did not back down.

“It’s true. You’re going to fight me too?”

“No. I’m thinking if I should kill you. But I’ll hold back. I’m against splitting.”

Bloodshot smiled when Blood King spoke. He does not fall behind in murder or PK. He wants to reestablish an order.


Death Spear was watching them when he stopped them. They did not meet to do this.

“The atmosphere is overheating for no reason. If you have the strength to fight each other, we should go ahead and complete a mission. Since we have a grasp of each guild’s system, let’s stop and go.”

Hell Sword stood up. Everyone seems to be antsy. It is a waste to fight amongst themselves. They will just have to spend their efforts on killing mutants.

Blood King and Bloodshot stopped facing off and left.



-[Congratulations. You have cleared the ruins collapsed in a level D mission.]

Cha Jun Sung was lying on his back among the rubble. He is exhausted and without strength.

A few meters away, there are 3 monsters resembling moles that are dead and ripped into pieces. Hercules was also sitting against a wall.

“We broke it.”

He completed a 7000 point mission solo. 5 level 3 mutants came out, but he and Hercules took them all without anyone’s help.

How could this be possible? The answer is time. 2 months had passed since he met with Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin. He evolved to develop.

Points are important, but his experience is in a halfway state. Rather than wasting time here and there, he decided to focus on one thing.

Lim Si Hyun thought it a pity that he had rejected, but respected his decision and did not push it further. Instead, Cha Jun Sung promised to help with the advance mission.

He needs to complete the advance mission even if it is for the Koharu sisters. It will be much easier if Seven Stars and the government combine their strength.

They had to sacrifice dozens of people, but it meant completing 10,000 points. They intend to rest for a few months and then make an attempt at an advance mission.

Cha Jun Sung brushed off the dust covered his body and went to Hercules. It is still leaning against the wall and does not stir. The aftermath of the battle must be severe.

“Get up.”

“54.3% of parts damaged. Of these, 39.5% is focused on the lower body. Self repairing! In 5 minutes, 12% will be repaired and movement will be possible.”

Hercules is reporting its own damage situation. It is lacking a lot of things, but it achieved the intellect of a higher cyborg because of a C class artificial intelligence function.

Outside of that, it was given basic arms and a D class energy core, restoring the Wolf Kill to Cha Jun Sung.

How many points had he used? 2 million? Regardless, he had invested a tremendous amount.

If he can just replace Hercules’ D class energy core with one that is C class, it will be completely worth its 5 million points. He is excluding arms because they are additional options.

Cha Jun Sung cleared away the wreckage that was pressing Hercules down. He is lifting rocks that weigh over hundreds of kgs with ease. It is the muscular strength of the 3rd stage of body modifications.

He cannot invest all of his points solely on Hercules. He as the Lifer needs to become the subject of the missions. He stopped at a reasonable level.

“1.2 million for the 4th stage, 2 million for a C class energy core. That’s 3.2 million combined.”

That consumes 640,000 achievement points. Calculating it, it will take a little less than 3 months. When that time comes, it will be much easier to purchase the battle shoot.

He is the one who had made Hercules perfect and gone through the 4th stage of body modifications. A 20,000 point mission gives around 40 to 450,000? He can put his focus there.

Around then, Lim Si Hyun will be in contact regarding the advance mission.

“You made the moles into rags. Hey, 5 minutes are up.”

They ripped at its metal armor and shell. Since its defense crumbled, it had been inevitable that it was attacked.

Its synthetic skin is hanging off of it. Hercules’ mechanical legs are visible. If it had been human, it was so severely damaged that its limbs would have had to be amputated.

Parts were repaired through medical treatment within minutes. An advanced cyborg starts to store a small medical robot and auxiliary parts in its body.

Since this could present a shortcoming by itself, Cha Jun Sung also kept a few things in his space compression bag. If he buys something, there is always somewhere to use it. He never buys anything unless there is a purpose for it.

“Repair complete.”

Hercules used its arm as a support to stand up. Its walking is somewhat unstable. The mutants they fought this time played cheap.

They were weak for level 3, but they only attacked from underground without showing themselves. They were limited in ways to attack the mutants, so it took a lot of effort to kill them.

They need to be visible to attack, but the mutants would hide for a while if they felt the situation was not beneficial to them. Guns are of no use, and bombs did not work either.

If Hercules had not acted as bait, they would have run away.

“Let’s go get the parts.”


On their way here, he had discovered a couple computer shops and car centers. He stopped in a few of them, and there were quite a lot of useful parts.

A special mission to take everything appeared as it had at the Biology Institute, but he had left it. The mission does not go away. There is plenty of time to complete the mission and go back.

Cha Jun Sung upgraded his space compression bag one step. It had been the size of a small pond until yesterday, but it was now like the bathroom of a normal family home.

-[You worked hard!]

-[Thank you!]

-[I will return now!]

The bus riders in his force went back. He is operating his bus right now. The day that all of Hercules’ flaws are gone is when the operation will be shut down.

“Let’s put these in.”

He wants to take everything, but it is multiple times the space compression bag’s allowance. He will put in as much as he can fit. Calculating by points, it will come out to about 2000.

Whenever these special missions occurred, Cha Jun Sung went back and took the bonus without hesitation. Even this turns out to be rewarding if he keeps at it.

“Even if I gather millions of points, I use all of them.”

His points do not last when he buys this and that. Because of his continued efforts, the end was near. All he has to do is get over a few more mountains.


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